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First Date Dos and Don'ts

First Date Dos and Donts

First dates can be hard for some people. The fear of 'screwing up' can be paralyzing and blow our chances of there being a second date.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some tips that may help you have a smooth first date.

Don't be late

Being late can give the impression that you don't care enough to make it there on time. Even worse, your date might feel embarrassed and leave, thinking you stood him/her up! If you're going to be late, make sure you let your date know, or at least have a really good excuse.

Make your date feel comfortable

Feeling anxious and nervous? Your date is feeling the same way. Have an ice breaker ready to open up the conversation and reduce the stress that you and your date are probably feeling.

The fear of making the wrong move or saying the wrong thing is what prevents many people from sharing or showing interesting aspects of their personality. This is the main reason why many first dates fail.

Be prepared with something of mutual interest for you both to have something to talk about. Be a good listener and ask questions that show that you are actually paying attention to what is being shared. Use this opportunity to learn more about your date.

Enjoy their jokes

We're not suggesting you have to fake loud laughter at every lame joke. But keep in mind that your date is looking for validation, just the way that you are. So if you hear a funny joke, have a blast. This will show your date that you are interested.

Keep the conversation alive

You know those situations where nobody can come up with anything to say, and there is an awkward silence, making you both feel uncomfortable? Here is an idea to avoid that: jot down some questions that you would like to ask your date. Learn the questions, don't actually carry the list with you. Ask one of these questions when you feel when you are entering one of those uncomfortable moments of silence.

Show interest

Remember that you are there to get to know your date, so show interest. Ask questions, and pay attention to the answers, and ask more questions. If your date tells you that they love reading, ask them about their favorite author, or any favorite titles in that genre. You get the idea... show interest in what your date is talking about, and the conversation will flow more easily.

Be creative with your date location

You don't have to go to the movies and a restaurant, you know? Be creative. There are hundreds of alternatives, original ideas that you could do when planning your date. Don't go for the obvious. (But remember that it is your first date, so choose a public location where you can both feel safe).

Be confident

A person with confidence is a lot more appealing than someone who is insecure. You are telling your date a lot when you are acting insecure. Do you really want to communicate that to your date? Show confidence, and you will both have a good time.

Going on a first date and meeting someone in real life for the first time is not the easiest thing to do, and it can be stressful for some people. Hopefully the tips in this article are helpful. Go out and have fun. If your expectations for the date are realistic and you simply make having a nice time your goal, you can't lose, even if the person you meets turns out not to be The One. If the date was fun for both of you, you have gained a nice experience and your time was not wasted. Hopefully, years from now, you'll look back at this date and laugh at how nervous you were and how fun it turned out to be after all.

Got any first date tips, ideas or stories?... post them in Comments below.

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I certainly hope you aren't on the CS payrole for your writing ability.Was this written for knowledgable adults,elementary students or the mentally challenged?It's simplistic nonsense!Anyone here who needs such rudimentary advice hopefully isn't representative of the members here.However,after reading in these forums,perhaps I shouldn't speak too quickly.laugh
DO brush your teeth, take a shower and wear clean clothes.

I used to think that one only needs to tells this to kids, but...
Things not to talk about...

Your ex's...cause this will make it sound like your still hung up on them.

How much money you make or have this will just make your sound shallow.

And a really big no no one first date's don't over do the the compliments cause this will make you sound fake.

marriage talking of this will make you date think your nut's and will have them running away at high speed.

And if you have kids great :D but try not to talk about them to much or your date will be feel that your not interested in him/her

Follow these guides line and you should be OK really
great advice wayneheart wings
It's horsecrap. None of that works.laugh
Good advice, but I would add for ladies, "If you choose a cafe etc, then why not arrange for a couple of friends to be at another table - far enough away not to here what is said, but near enough to give you the confidence of not being alone with a strange man".

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