Spirituality is a very personal matter


Spirituality is a very personal matter which can be visible for others through one's deeds for the society, towards his family, for oneself, towards his profession. We must know the essence of spirituality as it's not merely an act to be performed but a concept to be understood in its depth. All worship places are overcrowded 24x7 and people have great competition in boasting their spiritual accomplishments ie visit to a worship place, donation, attending sermons and putting hours for worship etc.
Above all, unconcern, detachment from all the avoidable suffering, injustice, and violence constantly is inflicted on the great majority of our fellow human beings. In simple words, people are not involving in the welfare of others without any materialistic return back from the act. In offices, even after getting good salaries, majority of people are not only shunning their duties but are also creating problems and discouraging people those who are a little bit ready to work for the society and do justice to their duties.
These all are the results of pseudo spirituality prevailing in the masses at present. Some symptoms by which pseudo-spirituality may be recognized are sentimentality, premature group formation, proselytizing, fanaticism, holier-than-thou delusions, superstitions, spiritual tourism.
Pseudo-spirituality is attractive only if we don't experience true life.
Pseudo-spirituality seeks growth from establishing false boundaries, ways of guaranteeing spiritual growth. The boundaries we establish are often highly visual but relationally superficial practices that allow ourselves a modicum of security in regards to being "spiritual". Pseudo spirituality is not a matter of differentiating out any religion but is same irrespective of religion.
The question 'What does it mean to be human?' is the vital, the central, one to which all other questions and problems, spiritual, ethical, economic, and political are secondary. 'To be human or not be at all' is the question at this millennial shift. We are pseudo-spiritual if our spirituality is not resulting in us becoming more like God.
Our spirituality is inauthentic if we become less approachable human beings as our responsibilities in life increase.
How do we guard against pseudo-spirituality? By recognizing it's ugly presence, not in others, but in ourselves. Pseudo-spirituality occurs when we seek the appearance of being spiritual. We can tell it's root system is growing deep in us when we become judgmental, exclusive or proud. Everyone wants to feel like they are "spiritual", but without doing any real work towards it. Conditioned by instant drinks and push-button remote controls, they think the same logic applies to spirituality and want, as my mother says, "to just add water and powder" and take the easy route. The easy route tries to deny the reality of pain, of suffering, of evil. Pseudo spirituality cannot take human beings out of fear, greed, dishonesty and thieving. Real spirituality takes work to connect with soul, to keep your contact with soul, and to rejuvenate your soul when woundedness and trauma impacts upon you or your loved ones or others.

"Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning." Mahatma Gandhi


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"Spirituality is a very personal matter"

So why Write an article on a dating site

Do you want to be acknowledged as a Believer,
If so your faith is shaken.

Do you wish for me to say you are Insightful and have opened my eyes,
If so you condescend.

Are you feeling lost and looking for help.
If so just ask.

Your statement "Spirituality is a very personal matter"
needs no explanation. To do so merely creates a paradox. Proving only one of two things.

a. Your a hypocrite.

b. Your a philosophical genius about to bring man kind to a new way of Thinking.

After reading both your article and your profile I tend to put you in category a.

Ps Can you see the irony of your Folly
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