The highest level of life

In my opinion the highest level of life should be when you memory what happened before, no regret no pity no feeling of guilty....

The highest level of life would be no any desire no any wanting...

The question is who can reach this level?

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Fifth March,2010

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I dont know of anyone that comes anywhere near being able to reach that level .And all the people that claim they can are trying to sell someone a trruck load of s..t to someone or maybe everyone. In this immperfect world everyone has that big question WHAT IF in the back of there minds
In my opinion, the highest level of happiness is just wanting nothing and desire nothing....

Just like a a nunnery...lolgrin

I wish I could be a nun in a deep moutain with clear river water and clear fresh air and pure mind....sigh will I be a good nun who can obey those strict rule very well....

I rather doubt it....grin grin
Sometimes giving up means a lot...not always cowardly....
I just want to make my heart more calm and quiet...
The Spring Festival made too much noisy, I need a clear quiet mountain river to cool down my heart...

I can live without love, I can live without job, I can live without fashion clothes, I can live without fashion hair style..
But I can't live without a calm quiet heart....I can't live without a pure mind...I can't live without .........


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