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What to Say When You Run Into Your Ex

What to Say When You Run Into Your Ex

Many of us have had to deal with that awkward moment when we run into an ex- partner we'd rather not see. Whatever the reason for wanting not to see your ex again for a very long time, sometimes fate has other ideas. So how do you deal with the situation?

First, remain calm at all costs. If your ex was the one who ended the relationship and you're still not quite over him or her, you may have thought about this moment – and spent hours planning what to say. However, it's a guarantee that all those smart one-liners you've been practicing will desert you as soon as you lay eyes on your ex. In most situations, it's usually best to say little, especially if you feel that you just can't bring yourself to be civil. In this case, smile sweetly, ask your ex how he or she is doing, keep the conversation light, and, most importantly, don't touch on any topics that may ignite your fuse!

If the relationship ended because of bad behavior on your part, it's understandable why you may dread bumping into your ex. However, it's probably best not to rush up to him or her and beg for forgiveness, as you could leave your ex feeling a whole lot worse than you did when the relationship ended. Try to focus the attention on what your ex is doing now. Ask how work is going, or whether his or her golf or tennis (or whatever your ex's sporting interest is) has improved. Again, keep the conversation light and don't venture into anything too "deep." This is especially important if you bump into your ex when you have your current partner in tow. You don't want to risk looking like a demented serial dater whose every relationship turns to disaster. Nor do you want to look like someone who can't move on from his or her ex, which could very well be the case if you put a lot of effort and energy into bitching or arguing with your ex.

Keeping a level head in this situation will almost certainly work in your favor and limit any damage that could result from the encounter.

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