10 Reasons to Avoid Dating a Married Man

10 Reasons to Avoid Dating a Married Man

Dating a married man should be avoided at all costs. Still, sometimes the temptation to do so feels like it is more than a woman can stand. However, there are very good, solid reasons to fight such temptation and here are just a few:

1. You deserve top billing.

Every woman deserves to be number one in her man's life. While a married man may tell his mistress that she is his number one, the reality is that he will keep her a secret from his parents, his children and most of the other people that he most respects.

2. Dating a married man breaks respected social boundaries.

Many women will justify dating a married man by pointing out that he made vows to his wife and, therefore, he is the only one who is doing something wrong by breaking his vow of monogamy. However, these vows are made and publicly recorded so that everyone is aware that there is a mutual agreement in place and that a marriage bond exists. It is made public with the expectation that all members of society will respect the relationship and the boundaries that it sets.

3. Dating a married man damages a woman's reputation.

Women who date married men are frequently perceived to have low self-esteem or to be women of loose moral character. Seldom are mistresses believed to be trustworthy individuals or deserving of public respect.

4. Unavailable men are just that: unavailable.

Women who desire to be married or to raise a family are frequently unable to do so with a married man because he is unavailable for such a commitment and does not share these goals with his mistress. Although he may say that he does, statistics show that married men seldom leave their families in order to marry and start over with a mistress.

5. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Relationships that start out as secret affairs rarely grow into relationships where each partner trusts the other. Many believe that a man who cheats on his wife, as well as the woman that he cheats with, is subject to start affairs with other people, as well. Simply put, although there are instances where a married man leaves his wife and marries his mistress, rarely are the new husband and wife able to wholeheartedly trust the other. It's like the old adage says, "If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you" and vise versa.

6. Dating a married man breaks the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So, would you want another woman sleeping with your husband?

7. Cheating hurts children.

When children discover that a father has had an affair on their mother, the result is often hurt, mistrust and bitterness that can last a lifetime. In cases where their dad leaves to marry a mistress, rarely do the man's children grow to love and respect his new wife.

8. Dating a married man can be a lonely existence.

It is likely that a married man does not want to become too close to his mistress' friends and family. It is also likely that he will want to be with his own family on important occasions, such as holidays and special family gatherings. This can leave a mistress feeling very isolated and lonely on days when she should be creating happy, lifelong memories with the one that she loves.

9. It's a waste of time.

Time is the one thing that can't be regained once it has passed. Too often, women who engage in long-term relationships with married men find that doing so has served to waste a good portion of their prime dating years while blocking any potential for new love relationships.

10. You deserve better.

While he may seem like the man of your dreams, in reality he is deeply committed to someone else. Is this what you dreamt your life would be like? Every woman deserves a loving relationship that she can be proud of and an exclusivity that she can look forward to sharing with another for the rest of her life.

The next time you or someone you know feels a growing attraction towards a married man, review these very good arguments on why dating a married man should be avoided and quickly abandon any thoughts of entering a relationship with him. Instead, keep yourself open and available for someone who will commit to you while offering you the exclusive love you desire and deserve.

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I have a few questions here: maybe a woman could enlighten me? Firstly; - why is "the temptation to date a married man (perhaps) more than a woman can stand"? (I quote directly from the above article). That is to say, why can't she find her own man?

Secondly, if this temptation is so great, is she a home wrecker?, or a gold digger - or both? Is it in the feminine psychology to compete for a man, because she knows (or thinks) that he is getting some from his wife - and this makes him desirable?

Perhaps it is a combination of all (or some) of the above reasons? Ladies, please enlighten me (even if you are not this way inclined). Or is it perhaps, because the man is a good provider (to his wife/family etc, the other lady (mistress) gets jealous, and wants some of that "action" for herself? As I said - please enlighten me on this topic.
I like the article. All true.

Add Reason 11: If there is ever a conflict between the mistress being sick and his wife being sick or some conflict where he's needed in both places, guess where he will go. Home. The mistress will always be left alone when comes to shove.

Reason 12: If you marry and the spouse passes away, the widow(er) gets a pension. A mistress gets nothing.

I'm sure I can think of a few more reasons if I try hard enough, but all in all, a married man is totally out of the question, no exception.
I agree with all the points this article above says but:

It is very Black and White and leaves no room for love, and circumstances beyond a person's control.

No one really knows how two people feel or whether a man loves his wife more than another woman he meets.

I have never gone out with a married man because of the reasons above.


I do believe that there are some men who really fall in love with another woman and the above very ridged reasons for staying with his wife could destroy both of them.

I don't want to go against another person's beliefs but I am just saying don't be to ridged in your views as love does not follow anyone's beliefs or follow any rules or regulations like a church.

Keep an open mind and don't be to ridged in your views in might happen to you then how will you feel

Dating a Married Man.

There are many reasons why a married man dates other women or one woman.

Why he expects her to stay the othe woman I don't know does he think he is just so appealing that she will stay his concubine for ever of until he wants to try another woman.


Does he really fall in love with another woman because he was so young when he married he had no idea what responsibility and love was.

This I think is one of the main reasons for infidelity, as the man grows older and wiser he matures in many ways and find the wife he chose is no longer his equal in anything, they were teenage lovers and he has grown out of that scope of his life.

What should he do:

Stay married and unhappy or just have the other woman on the side because of his children and parents hers and his or make the break and let everyone get on with theie lives.

I don't think a man just plays around in some cases because he he wants to hurt anyone but he cannot help it if he falls for another women who suits his maturity and place in life.

Stay Married and Stay Unhappy both the husband and wife:

If he has achieved as much as he is going to and the feeling is not going to happen again what should he do????

By the feeling I mean he is not going to get bored again and go through it all again I think the whole family would be better off with honesty and living in a household of love no anger and bitterness, A person cannot go on living in dishonesty for ever.

This scenareo can happen to the wife as well so she might have the same problem and date a married man.

Life is so complicated and nothing is just black or white, the person might really love the married man and he might really love her so let's not have another person go down the road of Princess Margaret.
Would ye really need 10 reasons , one reason is enough for me if a woman is married grin
Great arguments pro and contra dating married man here! rolling on the floor laughing Only I did not like the pro commentators rudeness against the contra commentator! rolling on the floor laughing
only woman who was in love with a married man in the past..would understand and empathise like how she overlooked all the resaons not to fall for married man(very easy sometimes when you see real emotions sometimes)..and ofcourse all those reasons are true and then hopefully she comes out of that experince little bit more wise and mature to not do the same mistakes again..
great article..
Ten reasons to date a married man:

1. He is not desparate, which means he doesn't act desparate. He makes up for the woman's loss of social respectability by being and acting dignified.

2. He is well fed, but not fat. He does not live on beer and pizza, and he has no visible signs, either physical or behavioural, of starvation syndrome on long week-end Mondays.

3. He knows how to please a woman. Any man who doesn't, is not married. Pre, post, or widowed, but never married.

4. The married man has a good job and lives a respectable social lifestyle.

5. He looks elagant. His wife's taste touches off on him. He won't come to a date with unshaven hair and a dirty tee. Or in his underwear on a hot day.

6. More imporantly than being elegant, he is clean. No days-old reeking of under-foreskin odour. No jam between toes. Never. He is... clean.

7. If the woman does not tell her mother or her girlfriends, or people at work that her boyfriend is married to another woman, then nobody will find out. He is not going to tell. I wouldn't think he would. So the dater woman does not risk at all any sort of reputational damage if she can keep her clapper shut. I know it's impossible to do, I am asking for too much, but don't blame the nice man for your inability to keep a secret.

8. The married man drives safely.

9. The married man gives to beggars and leaves huge tips to service personnella.

10. The married man is the last one to cheat on you. A cheater is a man who is commited to you, and has a lover on the side. In this definition, he can't cheat on you. He is cheating WITH you, so there is no chance in hell he will cheat on you. Try anything else, you stupid goose who put up the post in the name of Connecting Singles: Try marriage, resepectable lifestyle, virgin til you keal over, and your lovers will always cheat on you. Not him, not the married guy.
This ridiculous article reminds me of that joke...

"Baby, you know how I feel about you...I love you!"

"But what about your wife?"

"Ahh, she thinks you're a tramp."

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I agree with you. About 2 years ago I was dating a married men and he always says things that "I love you","Be mine" like this and I never believe him. Few months later we was argumenting and he said to me that he will never be with me applause,he loves his women and he will stay with her forever. Ah another liar men!!frustrated

Keep it up...nice postthumbs up
Well I could haw sad all that and more...grin
I just thought that your spelling and grammar would be a little better than mine... professor wave
Great post...we agreeconversing
tvangsgift: "Look at my profile..."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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