Sewing: It's Not Just for Granny Anymore

Sewing Its Not Just for Granny Anymore

Recently, a new trend has taken hold of America. More and more people, women in particular, but men as well, have taken up sewing, either as a hobby or as a means of empowerment. At its simplest form, sewing allows you to create small gifts, potholders and napkin sets and change purses.

If you discover that you have an affinity for sewing, however, a whole new realm of possibility opens up. You may choose to take sewing classes, or receive lessons from a sewing friend. Or, for the brave of heart, you might decide to sit down with a pattern and a list of definitions (what is a "dart", anyway? How do I "topstitch" a seam? How do I make a buttonhole?) and learn as you go. Whichever path you choose, expect lots of mistakes and lots of laughter from the experience.

Sewing can also empower you. If you can't find clothes that fit, or if you have a body shape that doesn't match that of whatever mannequin all the clothes on the racks were designed for, sewing can easily become more than a hobby. When you sew your own clothing, you sew it to fit yourself, not some mannequin.

The abundance of beautiful patterns ensures that you can find one to suit your particular taste. It's easier to work from a pattern than it is to make your own clothes without. But in order to make a pattern fit your particular body shape, you need to be able to adjust it. This is not difficult if you can find someone to walk you through the process of adjusting patterns. Simplicity™ patterns give basic instructions for alterations, but even so, an experienced seamstress will be better able to show you the steps.

Common patternmakers include Simplicity™, McCall's™, and Buttericks™. Of the three, McCalls™ has some of the loveliest patterns, but Simplicity™ is by far the easiest for beginners to use.

Sewing is becoming a hobby and more than a hobby among the young, the hip, and those desperate for a good fit.

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