love and madness

It is said that all the qualities and feelings the people had a meeting one day. For a long time but they were sitting around in silence and were bored, because nothing happened. When the boredom had yawned for the third time, beat the madness - and shrewd risk-averse as ever before -: "Let us, playing hide!" All listened. The intrigue raised eyebrows interested and curiosity could hardly restrain himself. Excited, she asked: "Hide what that is?" The madness all said the game and the enthusiasm and euphoria shouted with delight, because they liked what they heard. The joy made so many leaps in the air, convinced that they also doubt and even the indifference - otherwise known, can elicit nothing behind the stove - wanted to join one exception. But not everybody liked the idea: The truth, for example, preferred it not to hide. "What's the point?" She asked, in the end they would see anyway. The pride felt condescending, it was a stupid game (He was angry but only that he had not come himself to this idea) and cowardice, it preferred to risk anything. It could go wrong! After they had all understood the rules, cried the madness out, "count I want to count, I will!" and since nobody was crazy enough to want to seek the insanity later (Who knows where the have hidden?) No one was against. "One, two, three .....", the madness started and the characteristics and feelings are sought their lairs. The first was the laziness, which, as always, was no great difficulty: She dropped just behind the first stone. Faith rose up to heaven, where he was repealed best and the jealousy hidden in the shade of triumph who had managed to climb to the highest tree top. The unselfishness, however, it had little success, to hide, because they each hide, which she found more thought it is better to own one of her many friends: A crystal-clear lake - a wonderful hideout for beauty; a dark cave - the perfect hiding place for fear; the wings of the butterfly - the best of luck; a gust of wind - perfect for the freedom ... They even hid finally a ray of sunshine. The selfishness, however soon found a suitable place airy, cozy and comfortable - but only for him! The lie told to all that she was hiding on the seabed, But in reality, she hid behind the rainbow! The passion and the desire hidden in the interior of volcanoes and forgetfulness -? (Oh, dear, I have forgotten where she was hiding, but that is not so important!) When the madness had counted almost over, all had that played a role, found a hiding not only the love. (This must not surprise us, we know how difficult it is to hide the love!) All seats seemed to be already occupied, until she finally discovered the rose bush and decided to crawl into one of his flowers. "I'm coming," cried at that moment of madness and he began to look for the others. The first, which was discovered, was the laziness - just behind the first stone! After that they found the faith: He discussed loudly in heaven with God on theological questions. The desire and the passion in turn could be heard vibrating in the volcanoes. In an unguarded moment of madness was the envy and so of course the triumph. The egoism he did not need to seek then came all by itself out of his hiding place. It had turned out as a hornet's nest! After much running about the madness got thirsty and as he approached the lake, he found beauty. With the doubts he had it even easier he found him sitting on a fence, because he had still not been decided, which side he should hide. By and by took the madness all his teammates, the hope in the green grass and the fear in the dark cave; the lie behind the rainbow (No, not true, she came out from under a stone, of her threatened to break his neck). The forgetfulness was the madness effortlessly because that had already been forgotten, that they play hide and had been walking unconcernedly. All were found, only love appeared nowhere. Where could she just stuck? The madness she was looking everywhere! On each tree, on every mountain, every stream in this planet, he looked and wanted to give up, because he helped the betrayal! The fact whispered to him, he should see time in the rose bush. Slowly started the madness, the branches of the bush to slide apart, rang out when suddenly a shrill cry. The thorns of the roses had stung the eyes of love! Oh, what a wailing and lamentation to hear now? The madness was perplexed and knew not what to do. He began to weep bitterly, and tears he vowed, he would never leave the love and always be by her side. And so it is done! Since that time, since the first time on earth was played hide, love is blind and the madness of her companion!

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Wow! Needs a good translation to English- but Wow! Very good.

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