Why Women Pick the Bad Guys.

Why Women Pick the Bad Guys

Have you ever watched the woman you want go for a man that you know is a waste of space? If this is something that's happened to you, perhaps you wondered why on earth an intelligent woman would make such a poor choice. This article explains why women pick unsuitable men to date and offers hope to the good guys out there.

You may have noticed that certain women always seem to go for men that treat them badly. If you're a decent guy, seeing the women you want go for complete losers time after time can be rather exasperating. So why do some women waste their time with bad guys? After all, the vast majority of women are able to spot a bad man when they see one. There is actually more than one reason why women tend to make poor choices when it comes to dating men.

Dangerous Excitement

Bad men do not spend their evenings in front of the television with a mug of hot chocolate. Instead they go out, get drunk, flirt with several women, sleep around, and maybe even break the law. While definitely not advocating any of those things, one would have to admit that the lives of bad men are anything but boring. In fact they can seem very glamorous. This sense of danger and excitement can make unsuitable men seem very appealing. Dating a bad man makes a woman feel that she is a little bit wicked and naughty too.

A Challenge

Unsuitable men don't usually want to commit to one woman. They are womanizers, and they enjoy playing the field. Thus this type of man represents a challenge to a woman. She thinks that she'll be the one to transform him into a faithful and loving partner, but she won't. She also believes she can change him, but she's wrong about that too. Nevertheless, it's human nature to long for what you can't have. Nice men do not present much of a challenge to women. That's because decent men are usually open and upfront about their feelings, and this can make them seem too easy to have.

He Seems Confident

Because bad guys are usually players, they tend to have a lot of experience with women. They are the men that know exactly what to say and do to pick up women in night clubs and other venues. Bad men know precisely what it is they want, and they are not afraid to take it. This gives women the impression that bad guys are confident and self-assured. Nice men are not brazen enough to approach a woman and start flirting insistently. That's because they worry that it will make them seem overly forward and presumptuous. Hence the nice guys are often overlooked.

She Feels Special

The bad guy knows he can have his choice of women, and that gives him extra appeal. When a woman becomes the girlfriend of a bad man, she feels that she is special because he picked her rather than one of the hundreds of other women he could have had. This makes the woman feel gorgeous, and gives her ego a boost. Her bad boyfriend may be unfaithful, but that's fine provided he comes home to her at the end of the day.

Love of Drama

A loving and contented relationship can come to feel boring for the type of young woman who craves drama and excitement. When a woman is happy and content with a good man, there aren't as many dramas, arguments or disagreements. Instead, things are pretty much peaceful and serene. Being with a bad guy is usually painful, but there is no shortage of drama. A relationship with a bad man is always full of discord and upset. There is very likely to be a pattern of breaking up and getting back together. This pattern is bitter-sweet, and therefore addictive. After a while, women who date one bad guy after another come to think that love should hurt, and feel that anything less than pain is mundane.

Fear of Commitment

Some women unconsciously pick bad men to date because they are still hurting from a recent break up. Commitment is the last thing they want, even though they may not be aware of it. If a woman chooses a guy she knows has a bad character, then there is next to no chance that the relationship will develop into something more meaningful. Hence the odds of the woman getting hurt again are significantly reduced. After all, a man cannot break a woman's trust if she doesn't have any confidence in him to begin with.

Hope for Good Guys

When you are a good guy, getting passed up in favor of someone you know isn't a decent person can make you feel miserable. Fortunately, there is still hope for the good men when it comes to women. First of all, some women grow up and realize that bad guys aren't good for them. They also figure out that love isn't supposed to be consistently painful. Furthermore, there is much you can do to attract women if you happen to be a decent guy. For instance, you can avoid the temptation to wear your heart on your sleeve and express your feelings prematurely. You can also set boundaries, and avoid being too soft with women. You don't have to be cruel or mean to get a woman's respect. You merely have to be assertive. Always remember that if you act like a doormat, you make it hard for women to resist wiping their boots on you. Also if you put a woman on a pedestal, you shouldn't be surprised when she kicks it down.

Comments (34)

Just a few points i agree but the whole thing is a misperception about women. Women are not stupid about choosing a bad guy, on the contrary they are very smart in tricking the opposite sex.
But a forgiving person with an open heart.
Do not forget that woman are born with a weapon it is the emotion and intuition that is extra double from men. And when used crazily will destroy, more powerful than a bomb..lol
With this weapon, she really knows her choice right or wrong is bad guy or good guy.
Women have their own different scales in judging a man.
and never had any regrets for the right or wrong choices. Don't forget that all women are born with maternal instincts too, the most sensitive creatures who have a destiny to give birth are also survival and explorers in raising a child and protecting her family. So there is no term bad or good guy in front of a woman, for her is the same as a male creature.
The opposite sex with all its attractiveness, lack of strengths and needs both intellectual, s*xual, physical and emotional. She could decide right then and there to choose a man.
Indeed, there are other things other than a macho physique and a handsome face as a consideration when the chosen one is a bad guy who cannot be accepted logically by others, but in fact passed the screening test as a lover.
Meaning that the woman is ready to face all the drama and problems that will arise with the man.
Especially now that advanced technology is very helpful in detecting where our partners are and what they are doing, as a tool for self-protection in maintaining relationships and communication.
Unless the person who is dishonest will surely hide their activities by all means, and trick their partner. for things like this, a woman's intuition is always right and never misses her mark on her naughty flirty partner.
Bad guy or good guy for a woman is the same, if she feels uncomfortable, unbreathable, unable to develop, intimidated, hurt and unhappy, she will definitely consider taking a decision to get out of the relationship.
Maybe you are the waste of space! Never judge a book by it's cover! Your article is BS and only made on assumptions and judgement! Now, go do something productive in your life instead of looking for negativity!
Coz women love bad guys perhaps?
Are somehow attracted to bad guys maybe?
I got no clue,and believe me i've tried to understand women...
James Bond 007 compared to that mission of understanding women its a joke.
At least from the point of view of a pragmatic person and pretty much skeptic.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

cheers cheers cheers thank ya for the Article
Couple things.

1) Girls pick the guys, not the other way around.

2) Some girls DO go for dirtbags and Bad Boys. Dunno why, but then again attraction is primal.

3) IF the female survives and IF she wakes up, she'll recognize the good feeling of not living in constant fear. If not, she may be one of many self-induced DV casualties. In my line of work, we'd find a damsel in distress, move heaven and Earth to help her find shelter, and keep the beater from her, and in short order, she's selected another beater, just as bad as the first. Perhaps a psychologist can give a better analysis.

4) Assuming this particular female wakes up, what sort of damage has she sustained? Permanent damage? STDs? Kids? Is she even desirable at this point?

5) I suppose the results vary by the individual, but this is what happens when we are governed by emotions, unchecked by logic.

6) Contrariwise, I suppose just as many, if not more, women are very practical in mate selection. Guys who were nerds in high school, but now commanding 6 figures, are as likely as not able to meet up with a fine woman.

There is an ancient Chinese saying: "In writings (books) there are Golden Houses."
The translation being, those who land a learned profession can obtain fine houses, wives, etc..
As the last para in your article states "First of all, some women grow up and realize that bad guys aren't good for them." Not holding my breath.conversing
Because devil has corrupted and spoiled almost all women and men, men is better to not get married
with woman in this life!So to be alone better than to have woman.
This world is evil ,soon have its end.so many people loves evil and refuse good.
Those that accept good and refuse evil,shall be saved and live in perfect good world!
I don't agree with this article but give it an E for Effort, to deep and based on baseless rumors in my view.
Your a d*ck. Bad guys your afraid of. thats not even your profile picture , how can we take you serious ,you d*ck.
Yes this article is true but real recognizes real and a good woman will choose a good man over the bad guy anyday.
Bad guys are bad news and vice versa! I say be smart and choose wisely or you could have a lifetime of heartbreak just from thinking with your eyes instead of your brainscold
Yes this article is true but real recognizes real and a good woman will choose a good man over the bad guy anyday.
Bad guys are bad news and vice versa! I say be smart and choose wisely or you could have a lifetime of heartbreak just from thinking with your eyes instead of your brainscold
From a psychological perceptive,
both victim and the masked share mirrored narcissism.
The victim unmasks the narcissist.
Victim evolves into the narcissism baring a mask or continues being the victim.
While the narcissist finds a new victim...and so the act continues.

From a spiritual aspect,
both light and dark, dance as one
to experience pain and pleasure.

The dark becomes light
and the light becomes dark.
The transfer for karma is completed.

One that played the light in previous act becomes the dark in this next drama.
One that played the dark in previous play becomes the light in this next scene.
This cycle or wheel is known as dharma.

For one becomes whole,
bringing contrast to living.

From an electrical view,
On a circuit board of resistance, power, and currency.
Can you turn her off, there?
And can you turn her on, here?
If one can do this in many places.
...This is "power"...they are attracted to it. laugh
The article is as close to the truth as you can get, of course that's just my opinion but over the years I've seen it time and time again!
All my days I have seem to attract dominate women hence they see me as pu**y whipped to the 10th degree. Many have no respect because of that. A guy needs to earn that respect. First impression counts. If a guy shows he is strong and in control of his life there is a natural attraction ftom women as they seek a leader not a follower. Ever notice in every romance story there is always a hero and a damsel in distress? No matter how much women today claim they dont need a rescue they dont want to be led around on a leash and they think they are so empowered to run corporations or even the presidency deep down they still want a man who is not a momma's boy or some panty waist. Women may want their equal as men do but, the tide is shifting with empowerment of women who are declaring they had enough of abuse from men and making choices to suit them. There is nothing wrong with that. However, men need to still maintain their status in the race or fall on the wayside. The bad guy vs nice guy is always in conflict within himself. Some men display more of the bad guy persona for protection of his ego against other bad guys. Bad guys also have to be in touch with their goodness offering compassion. Women will sometimes gauge how they will be treated by their men by how men get along with their mother. If men dont get along with mom they wont get along with women in general.
There is elements of some selective 'half truths' is this article and on the other hand it's totally wrong. It's not a universal given and it's all relative as most things in life are. It's subjective depending on the person. Women with low self esteem and abandonment issues will unconsciously pick the men that will full-fill their sick need for abandonment. They will choose insecure relationships because it will match their insecure relationship with their father. The degree of dysfunction which occurred will be to the same degree that they will the person who will match that dysfunction in their present lives. The worse they were neglected the worse the partner they choose can often be. If they were beaten as children they can often gravitate towards a domestic abuser in later life. However, the converse occurs on the other side. A healthy well adjusted young woman will choose nice men who also have a healthy sense of self esteem and will treat them right. Men also can choose women who match their own childhood relationships with their mothers. There is a theory that we unconsciously choose the very people whom will expose the shortcomings and dysfunctions we need to address in ourselves.
So this article is wrong in that it makes a bold and sweeping generalisations about 'women'. It's actually barbed in a tone of misogynistic resentment towards women. I feel he is actually twisting a certain amount of half truths to take a pot shot at women with his own subjective readings from popular psychology. So women picking bad boys is relative to the degree they have suffered dysfunction and how they feel about themselves and the converse is true where healthy women will choose nice men relative to the their own sense of self worth. The person who wrote this is to be possibly a manipulative individual who uses any awareness and insights into how he can manipulate vulnerable women.
We are all doomed to suffer.doh
Wow! I just felt like I was psycho analyzed! This article is so dead on. I came from an abusive childhood, which lead into abusive relationships. The meaner a man was to me; the more I loved him. I took me many years to realize that love DOES NOT hurt. My only hope is that these experiences have not left me damaged for the right guy!
Well Mimzy you were attracted to me and when I did not
act like the perfect gentleman you told me to get lost.
Hmmmmm confused However I guess I had it coming.
not all women want the bad guy...as for my self i may be attracted to them but there ugly behavor just makes me chringe. I would take a loyal puppy over a snake any day.
The most accurate point this article makes is that most women are attracted by a challenge. And most nice guys are never a challenge. This doesn't mean you can not be a challenge if you are a nice guy, and also does not mean you have to be "bad" when being a challenge for women. It usually means you don't kiss a**, you can give a negative compliment and you don't apologize for having s*xual desires!
Gentle men are a thing of the past, mostly because of women. Women do not want poetry or chivalry, at least not when you approach them. They want a cocky, confident MAN who has the balls to take what he wants. Is this good relationship material? Please don't become a "bad guy" be proud of being a nice guy, but don't be whipped by some woman who you know nothing about except looks.
and after 5 relationships you eventually relise guys are the same way looking for a bad girl with all these above..
Thank you for the article...very informative. .
mate you just described me to the T ...I've always been called "Mr nice guy" walk over

true! informative!
Thank you so much for such a comprehensive representation of bad guys. It gave me a good laugh as well when I remembered my personal encounters with the macho men, the Alpha males and the likes. roll eyes
As shallow and superficial as they are, bad guys are always floating on the surface of social life. Go to any party, night club etc. and you'll spot them right away. They always keep themselves in the foreground. But they will never pull the wool over your eyes if you keep them open. They are so obvious. roll eyes
I totally agree with this article .I am a good guy and i ever try to be more sincere and faithful in my relationships but i am rejected by females ever.I,m always surprised ,why women prefer bad guys and attracted to them?I tried to be a bad guy to attract women but i failed due to my nature.Now i am 42 years old but don,t have any girlfriend and i am disappointed that no female want me because women want evil and bad guys.Women ever blame on men that they are flirt but they never think about their poor choice.All men are not flirt it,s a result of their own choice.They suffer from their own selection.
This a great article and so true. I was married to a so called bad Guy for many years. I will be very careful the next time I choose someone.

The thing is that opposite sides attract and the good kind men will be attracted to the Bad ladies. So in the end no one will be happy for very long.

You see the cheaters should all be together the males and females but they choose the ones they can walk over. I met a man who was complaining about his ex- wife and my ex had the same ways. I think that both our partners should have been together.
You're right. I myself experienced this,twice because I trust them and I learnt so much from that. Good men are now difficult to found and I should do my very best to find him. Thank you so much. This article is very informative.
You are right we all woman have to learn from this .
Thank you is
Ahh but some of us are the reverse. We look for the good guys, beat our heads against the wall when they'd rather be with mean/ bossy girls - especially when we're only ever viewed as 'just friends' material.

I could equally ask why is it men _say_ they want women to be honest and straight-forward and then ignore any woman who is?

Or I could ask why men moan about having to pay for everything and then get shirty on a date if I offer to pay. Both genders can be guilty of confusing inconsistencies.
not for all women,some of them are very sick in her mentality.
You're right. I myself experienced this, and I learnt so much from that. Good men are now difficult to found and I should do my very best to find him. Thank you so much. This article is very informative.
excellent description....

to summarize it all: we all at one time fall for PRETTY WORDS....
also they are professional cons..... they are GOOD at the game.
I stayed in a marriage for 25 years, because I listened to the PRETTY WORDS, not the actions...
however, when I saw the actions, his PRETTY WORDS were always the stronger of the two....
yeah, people say, "you just didn't want to know", my reaction is: "the hell I didn't", I just couldn't catch him.....
Now, at my age, I would give a million dollars to find a good man, and he wouldn't have to speak any PRETTY WORDS, he would just need to wrap me in his loving arms and let his heart speak!
Very informative article
Wow it always gets me when I read something that explains me so well..
Win/lose? I find that the wrong perspective with which to address the issues of eros.

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