How To Know When Your Partner is Using You

How To Know When Your Partner is Using You

Feeling a little used and abused in your relationship? This article explores the giveaways that your partner is not in it for love, as well as some good advice on what your next move should be.

You think you've found the perfect partner. Your date is smart, funny, hot, and all the other things that attract you to a potential partner. However, there's a catch. After a while, you start to feel like something isn't quite right. You just can't put your finger on what it is.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in it for love when it comes to relationships. Career, money, convenience: the list of why people become involved with others is a long one. Read on to find out the signs that your partner is using you, before you get chewed up and spit out.

You're Famous

Well, okay.. not celebrity famous. But maybe you're doing well, in an attractive industry, have connections and a great reputation. Your partner seems to love rubbing shoulders more than you do. Their ears prick up at the mere mention of a function or a social event. The best solution is to stop taking them along. Tell them it's a 'no partners' evening, or that you couldn't get them a ticket. Watch any reactions carefully.

One-Way Streets

You spend three hours driving her mom to the airport, pick up her dry cleaning, and listen to her complain about her spoiled younger sister for the better part of the evening. You turn the conversation to your day at work and her eyes glaze over. Ask her to take the dog to the vet and she's busy. For some people, relationships are a one-way street. The only good solution here is a bit of honesty. Tell them how you feel. They may not even realize they're acting like a jerk.

Relationship Limbo

You've been dating for months but you never talk about making it official. He doesn't take you to meet his parents, and when you bump into one of his buddies, he introduces you as a friend. While all relationships go through an awkward phase as they transition from dating to coupledom, it should only last a short amount of time. Invite your partner to meet your family or friends, and gauge their reaction. Better yet, ask them if they are comfortable with the word 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend', or if they view the relationship as exclusive.

Late Night Liaisons

The lovely lady you consider your girlfriend only calls you late at night. She wants to come over, and she sounds a little drunk. That's right, you're the booty call. If you want to make sure, then ask her over to your grandmother's for lunch the next day and see how she responds. There are two paths here: move on and find a partner who wants to get to know you emotionally as well as physically, or just submit and enjoy being used.

Cash Only, No Cards

He looks away awkwardly when you get the bill. He wants to borrow fifty bucks for a taxi, and he is constantly forgetting his wallet. He might just be flat broke, but he is probably after your hard-earned dollars. If he starts to ask you for loans, or indicates you should be buying him gifts, then it's likely about the money, and not the love. Constant questions about your financial situation are also a dead giveaway. Gold diggers are everywhere, and you don't need to be in Bill Gates' league to be a victim. Invest in a money belt, or move on.

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