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See the Fun Side of Parenting Your Kids

See the Fun Side of Parenting Your Kids
Kid do say the darndest things and can make you laugh your head off with tears rolling down your face. Their logic is just so innocent and bizzare sometimes. I love being a Mom as I have had the most fun with my kids and their odd quirks at times. My son the other night asked me for hot dogs for supper and when it snowed outside he was outside getting cold. When I called him in for dinner he said he couldn't eat his hot dogs as his leg was frozen. I looked at him with that innocent and goofy expression on his face and he was dead serious about it and I howled laughing. I had my two kids fight over a dirty dime once and peed myself literally laughing at them. They fought over a glass of milk once and it was the same amount. Kid are too too funny and when they make you laugh it makes parenting all the more fun. My kids have a learning disability and they are a riot to be around. When they hit puberty I am not surprised my stomach hasn;t burst as they were totally hilarious. So while life may deal you a mountain of garbage, spend time laughing with your kids it will definitely keep you young and alive and a big kid at heart. So go ahead and see the lighter side of things. You will be amazed at how good life can be.!!!!!! I do everyday.

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