Shallow Attitudes and Men

Shallow Attitudes and Men

The term shallow can be used to describe men who only date attractive women. This article discusses men and the biological as well as media influences that shape their views on attractiveness. Not all men are shallow creatures, but a large percentage dwell on a woman's exterior way too much.

Since the beginning of time, men have been called visual creatures. The reason behind this label probably originated because most heterosexual men need to be attracted to a woman in order to devote any of their time interacting with her or to want to become intimate and possibly bear children with her. So, are a large majority of men really as shallow as some people depict them to be or is it a huge misrepresentation? The answer is probably yes and no.

Online dating sites are a perfect example of how some single men search for a woman. Women who have pictures up of themselves tend to get more views of their profiles than women who don't display any pictures at all. It's most likely because men want to see who they will be communicating with beforehand and if that individual measures up to a certain standard of attractiveness they feel is acceptable.

The belief that many men in the world can't see past a woman's exterior, because they've been conditioned by the media to lust after good looks, is a reasonable argument men can make when defending their attitudes. The men that believe they are biologically programmed to seek out the most attractive woman they can meet for procreation reasons also have a valid point. An attractive woman will most likely give them attractive children.

Perhaps, the most logical reason why a man would be shallow, at least initially, when searching for a woman is probably a combination of being exposed to attractive women through the media and biological influences that are out of his control.

The truth is that most women are just as guilty of being shallow, at least initially, when selecting a mate, especially if they're in the market for a long-term relationship. The big difference between the sexes appears to be that many women are more willing to see past the exterior of a man to the person inside, if the person seems nice and treats them with respect.

Many women will take the time to interact with men who engage their minds, not just their bodies. Unfortunately, because most men aren't as sensitive or emotional as women, they sometimes won't give a woman a chance unless they feel she is hot enough for them.

Taking the time to get to know someone for more than what he or she happens to look like is the first step for men and women when trying to build meaningful relationships. While chemistry between two people can't be faked, sparking with someone goes much deeper than just being sexually attracted to the individual or thinking they are beautiful or handsome. Sharing similar beliefs, values, and outlooks on life can help create well-rounded relationships that hopefully last lifetimes.

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Women are just as choosey. No point being with someone who is not attractive to you

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