Relationship Dating: Building Successful Relationships

Relationship Dating Building Successful Relationships

Some people believe that successful relationships are based on luck and that a relationship survives by itself. The truth is that there are certain elements that must be present in each relationship and each partner must contribute work and effort to have a long lasting relationship.

Some online daters and marriage partners believe that a relationship will naturally survive after the initial infatuation fades and that love is the only thing necessary for a relationship to endure the many obstacles it faces over a lifetime.

The truth is that every relationship needs a solid foundation for it to flourish and be successful. There are four minimum characteristics that each partner must contribute in order to build a successful relationship and grow as individuals.


Strong and effective communication is a key element to having a successful dating relationship or marriage partnership. The ability to have an open line of communication is more than just giving a nod to acknowledge that you've heard your partner. Communication is about discussing your feelings and your partner's feelings and knowing what is important to each of you. It requires open discussions regarding every aspect of your lives.

Relationship dating partners should be able to share and talk about the major decisions that every couple faces including financial decisions, where you will live, who will take care of the household chores, who is responsible for the yard work, how you will raise and educate children, how you will handle a serious crisis, and goals for your future together.

Relationship therapists agree that the lack of communication is the main source of a partner's unhappiness and failing relationships.


Trust is an essential part of the foundation of a healthy relationship. It is the bond that holds a relationship together and yet it is one of the most fragile elements of a relationship. If trust in a relationship is weak, the relationship it will undoubtedly suffer immensely.

Being trustworthy includes much more than just remaining faithful to each other. The characteristics of a trustworthy dating or marriage partner are honesty, integrity, reliability, compassion, faithfulness and loyalty.

To earn trust each partner must always mean what they say, keep all promises, never lie, never omit important details or keep any secrets from the other partner.

Relationships can find ways to recover from a breach of trust but it takes much longer and requires more work than building a trusting relationship from in the first place.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is another important part of the infrastructure of a healthy and successful relationship. Showing respect means that both partners are considerate of the other's feelings and each partner is allowed to have his/her own beliefs and opinions without being judged or ridiculed for them.

In a healthy relationship, each partner treats the other with honor and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the other partner and accepts them. Each partner earns respect by showing support for the other partner's principles and finding value in the other person.

To have mutual respect, each partner must have self respect. Stand up for what you believe in and never allow anyone to attempt to change you or your value system. Always be up front and honest about your convictions and moral values and hold on to those things that make you who you are. If you change your life or your beliefs for anyone else, it is likely to foster resentment and kill the relationship.

A relationship with mutual respect benefits both partners and creates an atmosphere where each partner is free to express themselves. Relationships lacking mutual respect are doomed for failure.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is completely different than that feeling of butterflies in the stomach, those warm and happy thoughts in your head, and the endorphins racing through your body like it did when you first met.

Unconditional love means loving someone with no bounds, no conditions, no fine print, no limitations, no qualifications, no regulation, and no stipulations. Loving unconditionally is to have your partner's best interest in mind at all times and you have to make sacrifices for your partner and do it without hesitation. Healthy relationships cannot survive without unconditional love.

Loving someone unconditionally allows you to receive your happiness from within yourself and not depend on your partner to make you happy. It means to love your partner beyond their faults and through thick and thin.

When unconditional love is present, it offers both partners security and neither partner worries about the other leaving or being unloved by the other over a certain situation or behavior. The greatest gift you can give your partner is your unconditional love.

Successful relationships start with each partner committing time and effort each and every day. The relationship isn't left on auto pilot to go where it will and each partner works to stay in sync with the other partner. Dating or marriage partners in healthy and positive relationship dating ask themselves, "What can I contribute to our relationship today?"

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I have been in many that failed for many reasons.
One of the biggest factors is people change as they age.
Security, forget that.
Stability, forget that.
"While approximately 35-50% of first marriages still end in divorce, second marriages face a higher likelihood of dissolution, ranging from 60-70+%."
Good luck.
"In fact, the U.S. crude divorce rate is 2.5 , while the worldwide average crude divorce rate is just 1.8.Aug 8, 2023"
"In the U.S., while the divorce rate hovers around 40 or 50 percent, the divorce rate for arranged marriages is 4 percent. In India, where some estimate that 90 percent of marriages are arranged, the divorce rate is only 1 percent."

Arranged marriages are best.

A successful relationship is built on honesty, sincerity, and respect, the only nourishing thing for any relationship
It takes commitment which covers. honesty. loyalty. trustworthiness. communication. and most of all compassion for when either one screws up doh
It takes two VERY special souls to build a successful relationship... heart wings
just like you
Hello CS Staff,

I agreed with your posting. I once was in a Successful Relationship and thought I would never be looking and wanting another woman, but....a few months ago she died from stage 4 breast and luck! frustrated
We both put into the relationship 110% of each other time and space. Today I set here thinking f I will ever had another chance of being in a Successful relationship again. But.....looking of what I know of the online dating sense, I am starting to believe that it won't happened. There is just to many fakes and untruthful people on these sites and it is very hard for real true people who are just looking to have a partner because true life is to short and it is boring to go through life without someone to love and care for........Thanks. teddybear
Anything that requires work, Is not natural as far as relationships. But that depends on how you define work. I define work by a physical action. Emotional needs and wants are unnatural if they are needed to be worked on.

No one should be arrogant enough to say they know how relationships work. Cos work is a totally different domain.

"if it don't feel right it ain't" no matter how much "Work"
Building any Relationship(s) is/are always difficult. It is only makes it harder when only one contributes, and the other doesn't. After all, it does take two to build a solid and trustworthy relationship. But only takes one to tear it all down. It doesn't matter how well you know the person. Or how long you have been with them.
Good advice! Even all sounds so simple but do it is the matter. But..If each other feel the respect and love and wish the best and happiness for each other, all points happened sudden.

Great article and very sound advice. It takes work to keep a relationship working.
I don't understand how love can ever be unconditional.

For instance, a woman loves her son or husband or mother unconditionally. Fine. But there is a condition there still, that the object of the woman's love be her offspring, or partner, or parent. That's a condition already.

If someone has truly unconditional love, it's gotta be truly unconditional, and therefore not be limited to anyone or anything; the instant this someone excludes someone or something from the list of loved ones, then the excluded person or thing must have some quality that makes it impossible to be loved by the unconditionally loving person; and if there is a quality that makes the object of would-be love excluded, that quality is a condition for grounds to be not loved; and therefore the lack of that quality is a condition that must be satisfied.

So unconditional love means loving the entire creation, or any subset and all subsets of it. Failure to do so makes the lover's love conditional.
Keisha Cole: Just Like Youheart wings

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