Do Soulmates Really Exist

Do Soulmates Really Exist

Do soulmates really exist? Do people have more than one? Is it possible to find yours? How do you know if someone is your soulmate? These might be relevant questions to ask when discussing love, romance, and relationships, but they certainly are not easy ones to answer.. and often controversial. In fact, personal beliefs will dictate the way that people answer these and similar questions.

The universal laws of attraction put into play the people who will be attracted to each other. Do these laws really exist? Surely they do, they always have, and they always will. Think about it. Have you ever made a statement about a certain type of person, an individual with specific personality traits, being attracted to you or vice versa? In fact, people are attracted to each other for a wide assortment of reasons.

The individual who is a good listener attracts those who need to talk almost as much as the good listener needs to listen. The individual who is a good leader attracts those who need to follow. Intellectuals attract other intellectuals; athletes attract athletes; and so on down the line until everyone is attracting someone.

Did you really think that people congregate together simply because of proximity, or some other random factor? People who have similar interests or abilities are attracted to each other. People are attracted to specific body types, hair coloring, and more. In fact, it isn't necessarily true that people are attracted to the whole person, but rather, they are attracted to a specific aspect of the individual.

If an individual is attracted to someone physically, when does it begin to become an emotional attraction? Or is it on an emotional level before you even know it. If you begin to chase the individual who has peaked your interest, is that the factor that maintains the attraction or is it simply the factor that enhances the attraction? Whatever it is, the theory behind soulmates may be a valid one.

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I know this article is old. I just read it and it is a very interesting one. The question of 'soul mate' is an often misunderstood one. It is so misunderstood that one often equate it with 'recipe for true love.' Which is not so.

As this article rightly points out, soul mate is based on one being attracted to a specific aspect of a person. When you see a person, you are attracted to that person because of a trait in the person you find irresistable. And you find yourself wanting to be with that person. But is that falling in love? Or is that true love? The answers are no. But you can say it is a step in getting to know the person. I say soul mate theory is not being in true love. Because once that 'trait' of the theory (attraction) is removed, then begins the problem of hostility, hostile seperation, etc.

Like as I said, soul mate theory is based on a feeling of natural 'affinity' which can be a step in getting to know someone. As this article again rightly pointed out, one cannot be attracted to the whole person, but rather to a specific aspect of an individual. Hence falling in love and being in true love is LEARNING TO SEE THE IMPERFECTION IN A PERSON PERFECTLY.
no they don't
Yes, soul mate makes someone part of a person; love him/her as yourself and to share all that a person can have and makes him/her feel part of each other and feel oneness.
I hope to meet one in the near future to literally experience what truly a soul mate is.
I have to say they do exist because I have found mine. You know when they get your off humor jokes and you get theirs almost like an insider or person you have known for years. When your likes and dislikes are just about the same. About the same taste in everything from music, to romance, to how you view people and the world. More importantly, how you view treating each other. This wonderful woman I met, we fit like a hand and glove. I still pinch myself at the thought we found each other. It is like God made us from the same cloth and split it in half. It is so easy being with this woman and I am now madly and deeply in love. Only reason I answered this is because I have forgot to cancel this and they sent me an email and I read this article because I have found my soul mate. With that being said, I wish all of you good luck and I pray you all find the love of my life like I did.
You say people who are alike are attracted to one another. I have been approched by all differnt types and ages. I thought when I joined this site I would end up with a pen pal or two. It has been overwhelming, so many men looking for thier soul mate. You will never know until you are face to face. There's got to be butterflies and thats that.
been on here since early september no they dont exsist, most are superficial to into themselves, they date jerks while us nice guys dont get noticed, ive talked to almost everyone on here there flakes who either push u away or keep distant hardly write, move on yo
I hope so cause i been looking for way to long. I want my soulmate so i can love her better than anyone can..
i believe it does, not necessarily as your partners even friends can be your soul mates
I like Soulmate Topics,and making comments in them, but quite awhile ago, i was standing in a grocery store, getting bored waiting to pay for my groceries, so i started to go thru, the little mini magazines, and found a soulmate mini mag, so i bought it, and this is what it said: there's 3 different kinds of soulmates, there's The mentor Soulmate,somebody that comes into your life, and helps you. second soulmates is the Twins Soulmates, somebody that comes into your life, thats going thru the exact same things as you are. the third one is, The Childhood Sweethearts Soulmates, somebody that you knew all of your life, and went to school together, grew up knowing each other, than fell in love, get married, and grow old together. but i think i met one of my soulmates, me n him are the twins soulmates, everything that happens to me, happened to him to, couple of years ago, my bestfriend died, than a couple of days later, his bestfriend dies to, so were both very sad that time, i know me and him arent together anymore, but i still hear about him and have dreams of him yet, maybe he will come back to me, i dont know yet lol
'So, girls: drop your self-defeating delusions.
And guys: man the fcuk up, and go talk to some girls.'

brilliant haiqu, say it like it is, if he kisses you, holds you and smells good to you, the rest is easy.. there has to be loads of matches for each of us or we'd be extinct. (it's piqued, peak is like a mountain peak which is a noun). :)
Yes I quite agree, and the idea that our s*xual behaiviour has moral implications is absurd. I think to a degree we are conditioned to be emmotionally vulnerable in order that we are easier to manipulate.
I really believe everything starts and ends with ones self, all it takes is a little responsability.
just remember what goes around comes around and don't be afraid to make up your own rules.

Naah. This meme was probably started by the Catholic Church to deter people from having sex, or something sinister like that.

How about deleting all the external reasons why you can't find someone and going with what YOU think is right, rather than falling for the latest fad promoted by the social engineers and trendmongers. Anyone who would believe this claptrap isn't spiritually advanced enough to know what true spiritual advancement is anyhow, so they have little chance of finding their "soulmate" even if such does exist.

The only reason any guy would "admit" to believing this stuff is that he's so pu**y-whipped he thinks the only way he can find someone to love is to believe what women want him to believe.

So, girls: drop your self-defeating delusions.
And guys: man the fcuk up, and go talk to some girls.

The longer we permit such delusions to run rampant, the nuttier the society becomes. Honestly, you can be a match for anyone if you look at it the right way, and all that stops you getting together with them is prejudices and personal preferences. Every person I ever met has SOME saving graces and positive features.

The universal law of attraction is actually totally different to that promoted in "The Secret". Opposites attract, that's the reality. When you find someone who has holes in their head that match the rocks in yours, it will seem like magic. Thinking positively is a good idea generally, but if you think that will make someone fantastic magically appear, you're going to have a long and lonely wait.

This article is written to generate comment and keep us here jabbering endlessly, not to answer any deep question or lead us to happiness. Like the average women's magazine journalist the author glosses over the real issues, instead relying on reflexive logic and an abundance of pointless questions in order to stimulate chatter.

Well, the end product of chatter is having chattered. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that nothing in this article has any bearing on finding the path to a fulfilling relationship. It's merely amatuer psychology, and poorly done psychology at that.
The short answer is Yes...Wether you find yours is a different kettle of fish altogether
Yes Soulmates are real. Is there only one for each us? How much of a cruel trick on man kind that would be by God. What happens if your born in the wrong time from each other woopsi?? Better luck next time? I believe there is more than one.

Does true love really exist, yes it does, been there done that. It is easy to fall in love but it hard to maintain it. When your shopping for a new car, and you finally find the one the one you want, you know because you know because you know ...........thats the car you want. But if you fail to do the maintenance, it will stop running, no matter how good a car it is. Love is the same way, you stop the will quit running. Its to easy now days to throw our hands up and say, lets get a divorce, or let out minds roam to someone else. When you get married, if you have the mind set on both parties, that we ARE going to make this work and be happy, IT CAN HAPPEN. Did the death do us part thing.
Should it be "peaked your interest" or "piqued your interest"? Have encountered this a couple of times.
Do true love really exist?smitten
It was originally believed that soulmates are created when the creator takes a soul and splits it into two as it is caste into human form. Each half is supposed to learn the life lessons at their own pace. When the two halves sometimes cross paths during various lifetimes, they have a cosmic powerful bond because they really are of the same soul. They complete each other. They are often very much alike, and the intensity of the connection is too much for a mere human with emotions and issues to handle, so they painfully end up parting ways. When they both finish their lessons, they are both reunited in heaven and come together as a beautiful representation of love and unity. This is also known as your twin flame. Only one person is the other half of your soul.
I truly believe in the existence of soulmates. The last two paragraphs of your article are right on the nose.

"It isn't necessarily true that people are attracted to the whole person, but rather, they are attracted to a specific aspect of the individual."

I believe this to be correct, especially of soulmates because the aspect in question is a key factor to the individuals spiritual growth and becomes a life lesson for both. The soulmate recognises it, but the individual does not. The soulmate must then try to bring it to the other's attention, make them aware of it so it can then be utilized to the benefit of the individual and his life purpose. The utilization of this aspect also benefits and fulfills the life purpose of the soulmate and the two then form a partnership, but not necessarily a marriage.

This "bringing to awareness" stage can be a most challenging, difficult and painful experience to both parties. On the surface it seems almost cruel. a "tough love" which, in the long run, is the highest form of love in the universe.

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