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Obsession Is Not Love

Obsession Is Not Love

Are you obsessed with someone? Do you feel that someone else is obsessed with you? A person who is obsessed with another individual may feel that he is truly in love. That's because the emotions and peculiar feelings associated with obsession can be very intense. However, romantic obsession differs from love because it's considered by most to be emotionally unhealthy. There's no room for love in an obsessive relationship. So how can you tell the difference between love and obsession? How do you come to recognize that you're merely obsessed with another rather than in love with them? What are the telltale signs that suggest another individual is obsessed with you?

Signs You're Obsessed

If you're obsessed with someone else, there will definitely be signs. For instance, you'll probably find that you can do little else but think about the person you are obsessed with. You may think about that person so much that it interferes with your life. If the obsession develops, you may begin to lose touch with your own interests and personality, which could make you even more dependent on the other person. You may start planning your life around the other person's needs and desires. You could feel profoundly insecure at the prospect of losing the object of your fixation. Hence you may find that you're excessively possessive and controlling. If you're obsessed with someone, you'll probably invest all of your time and energy on your relationship with them. Sadly the more you invest in the relationship, the higher the likelihood that you will eventually get hurt.

You don't have to be involved in a romantic relationship with someone to become obsessed with them. It's possible to develop an obsession with someone who is already in a relationship, or a person who doesn't feel attracted to you. Obsession with someone who is unobtainable is thought to be the most dangerous kind. That's because this kind of obsession can easily become overpowering to the extent that it threatens the safety of the person with whom you're fixated.

Do you feel that you're obsessed with someone else? If so, it is important to seek help. If you don't, you'll never be able to simply enjoy living in the moment. Book counseling sessions, and consider joining a support group. Hopefully, seeking help will enable you to overcome your obsession. You'll then be free to seek an emotionally healthy relationship based on true love as opposed to fixation.

Is Someone Obsessed With You?

Is your romantic partner or someone you know obsessed with you? If someone is fixated with you, there will be obvious indicators. For instance, you may find that he barrages you with phone calls and/or text messages. The obsessed individual may also shower you with gifts, or declare his love despite the fact that he doesn't really know you yet. If your lover is obsessed with you, he may question what you have been doing and be prone to fits of jealousy. He may also try to control your relationships with friends and loved ones. If you aren't romantically involved with the person who's obsessed, you might find that you keep bumping into him wherever you go.

What should you do if someone is obsessed with you? If you're worried about such a situation, do what you can to ensure your safety. If your current partner is behaving obsessively, it's a good idea to end the relationship immediately. Tell your friends, loved ones and employer what is happening to you. This should increase your odds of staying safe, and make you feel somewhat reassured. If he attempts to speak to you, be assertive about letting him know that you are not interested in him. Also tell him that you do not like the way he is behaving towards you. If the obsession escalates to the point where you feel afraid, consider getting a restraining order. If you are suffering anxiety because of the unwanted attentions, seek therapy.

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Ive been in this situation, where a man came on very quickly, of course I was flattered and fancied him so didnt notice the Red Flags , but 'falling in love'' too quickly is one of them. These people take the blood from you... you will give all and they will take it, slowly you will find your life [just like you said ] revolving around this man to the detriment of friends and you will then be dependent on him, or her, it is a painful thing and i would advise anyone to go for counselling after it or if they suspect it. Great article. thanks

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