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The truth is a funny thing. It can either make you the happiest person on the planet or it can make you want to eat a bullet. nobody truely wants the truth they all just want someone to tell them what they want to hear. the truth is like a childhood dream. when you first hear the idea of it, it seems like something you really want but once you have it you realize it nothing close to what you thought it would be.


Love is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. It's something that society tells you, you should pursue. Unless you're talking about Jesus Christ nobody truly loves you. Well at-least nobody who's mentally sane loves you. And honestly you really don't love anyone unless you're completely insane, and if you are insane/in love I advise you find some sense before you end up holding a gun to your head wanting to pull the trigger but sit there afraid due to the fact that you know if you do it the one that you love will be hurt. And even though your loved one doesn't love you, you cant help but love them and care how they feel.


Everyone judges people who are suicidal. Everyone has an opinion preformed about suicidal people and for the most part that opinion is "They're a quitter and are going to burn in hell. Well my opinion isn't the same. I believe that is a choice that can only be made by the person who's thinking of it. If I recall right the Bible says "God forgives all sin" The word ALL is there for a reason. It doesn't say God forgives all sins except suicide. Suicide isn't something that makes you a permanent sinner. Suicidal people aren't satanist. A life ended by suicide isn't a life condemned to hell. It could simply be a Christian life that's been beaten to it's breaking point. It's just a beaten soul, that fell into temptation.


Fear is not a weakness. It's not something you should be ashamed of. Fear is a natural feeling that everyone has or will go through. Anyone who says they aren't afraid of anything are full of crap. No mentally stable person lives without fear. Fear is the thing that stops you from doing something that you know you shouldn't do. Fear is the thing that makes everyone human. Fear is the universal way of keeping order in the world. No one has the right to call someone a coward because that person fears something. Courage isn't the absents of fear it's the ability to react despite of it. Fear creates strength. It's not the essence of weakness.


Beauty. Now that's a complicated word. There are many opinions that can go along with that one. A lot of people believe that beauty is skin deep but honestly it's not. Your Skin is one layer of your body. It's the largest organ but when it comes to beauty I believe its the smallest component. Beauty is internal. It's something that can only be found once you've scratch the surface of someone personality and soul. One persons thought or image of beauty may not match up with another persons, but my image isn't a physical image. My opinion on someone's beauty can only be gathered from their core. The mental and emotional standing of a person. The way they treat others and themselves.

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