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Man and  women are like a part of  two wheels of a cart. If one is unbalance then the cart can’t run. At first women prefer the scent of men and facial attractiveness.  Then she thinks  that are honest and sincere.  Women think men want them to be superficial, to keep quiet about their needs or wants, and never to ask for anything.  Man wants from female who are emotionally mature It does mean the ability to handle emotions responsibly like parents,


Your partner dominates you at all the time.

If women know that he is laying  with her then she never believe again.

Women think men want little / no communication, and he is doing it for  only fulfill his desire.

After sexual relation Men get tired, fall asleep, but female wants look after  to her and appreciate about it.

Sex is  important to a man as food and sleep good sex relation refreshing .  

Male/ female  don’t want to hear do not appreciate to another male/female

To live with  happy

Long term relation means commitment also. There may competition to sacrifice between each other. Your small sacrifice can give more happy.

Do not  talk negatively about each others parents or relatives.

 thank your wife / husband for each meal

Make a practice of trying to give into each other when there are differences days (like birthday….)

Never discuss each others past faults and mistakes in front of other people.

Always say please and thank you..

negative emotions are  powerful don’t feel negative any time  

speak  love you and do so regularly.

Don’t  comment to any for his/her loose point.

Don’t work about business or official at home

Don’t sad and unhappy at home if you lost some

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nature between men and women relation

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