How to Give Your Boyfriend Requested Space

How to Give Your Boyfriend Requested Space

"I just need some space, that's all". It isn't uncommon for someone in a relationship to request space. Here are some tips on how to give your boyfriend space, to maintain a relationship while keeping a distance

Many people find that having a relationship requires a bit of balance. Some of the most fulfilling relationships are those in which each person maintains their own individual identity. In some cases, when a relationship becomes overwhelming (or overbearing), one partner may request space. Giving a person space allows them to take a step away from the relationship and take time for themselves. There are certain things that a person can do to help give their significant other the space they feel they need. Here are a few tips.

Ask your boyfriend to explain how much space he needs. It's the man's responsibility to tell his partner that he needs more space. Only the man truly understands what he needs, and it's up to him to take care of his own needs, and to let you know what they are.

The upside is that giving your significant other space allows a unique opportunity to explore some new interests that you haven't had time for. Designate the time for yourself that you would ordinarily spend on your partner. Use the time for projects and hobbies you find interesting, taking some classes, exercise and getting back into shape, or pampering yourself with some new clothes, makeup or hairstyle. The 'me-time' you spend will not only make you feel better, it will also make you more interesting and attractive to your partner.

Identify any unhealthy issues in your relationship. Those who want their relationship to eventually evolve into something more serious must keep the relationship healthy. Any problems in the relationship should be identified, addressed, and remedied.

Show him that you care and love him. The best way to demonstrate love and respect is by giving him the space he needs. Although it may be tempting to interrupt the time he's requested to himself, it's better to trust him and respect his space. Encroaching on a man's space will likely be met with avoidance or arguing.

If you live together, provide him with physical space at home. A man cave is a great solution for men who need more space and want individual freedom. A man cave provides a place for a man to be around things that matter to him. To create a man cave, designate a room in the home and fill it with things that your man finds comfortable and enjoys.

The downside is that in some cases a person may request space because they are not sure how to articulate that they no longer want to be in a relationship. Ask your boyfriend if he really wants to break up. When that is the case, the demise of the relationship usually occurs after the requested space. Find out if your boyfriend actually wants to be in the relationship... and save yourself some time.

Comments (2)

Firstly I am really enjoying these articles;

One thing I have noticed is that it is all for the man. His space etc., don't we woman want our own space? I know I do.

I need time to do my own thing without a man,
To either clean my home, go out with my female friends, spend time on the computer, it is amazing how much I have learnt from this site.

I also have enjoyed cemmenting what I have learnt by writing a comment on the articles I have read.

The thing I did not like about this article is as I have
already mentioned in short, why is it all to please a man.

What about us ladies, don't we have the right to ask/demand/walk away if it becomes to much, something we need from our relationship, (our needs).

It is not always pleasing a man to me, you become a door mat.
I don't think men really appreciate door mats unless they are control freaks, and

I believe this type of man likes the fight if he does'nt get his own way, so for him it is two fold, so leave him alone, unless you want to be a door mat and punching bag.

In conclusion:

I like my quiet times, space whatever you call it, so I can feel refreshed and ready for the next date (which I will be looking forward to much more after the break for myself).

The lady who was worried about being overweight to me you looked great. You have nothing to worry about, and take my compliment as it is sent to you, with my siincere best wishes, if a man loves you he loves the package you are, the total you, your soul, mentality, and looks.

no need to explain the need for "space," but there is the need to understand that any such "request" means I'm free to see other people while he's unavailable - it's automatic - u want space - I am sleeping around if I so choose....c'est la viewink
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