4 Signs He’s Not Interested in You

4 Signs Hes Not Interested in You

It's hard liking someone and not knowing if they like you back. Sometimes it's just hard to tell if a guy is interested or not. One minute he's stuck to you like glue and the next he seems to forget your name. Fortunately there are ways you can tell.. Here's a few signs that he (or she) is likely not interested in you as more than a pal.

1. You send him three texts before he replies

If he's not responding to a text, he probably has nothing to say. If you asked him a question or you were having a conversation and he's not replying, he's probably not interested. A guy who is interested in you will definitely reply and maybe even text you first.

2. He hasn't asked you out on a date

A sure sign that a guy is interested in you is that he asks you out. He wouldn't do this if he weren't interested. You cango out, maybe at your suggestion, but you'll probably still wonder how he feels. If you really want to know, wait and give him time to do the asking. If he never does, you have your answer.

3. He blows you off for other people

You're talking to your crush when his friends arrive. Instead of talking as a group or telling them he'll meet them in a few, he ditches you to hang with them, or he constantly ends your phone calls to talk with others. It may not mean he's eager to get away from you, but he's certainly not eager to stick around.

4. You've never been invited to his place

You've been friends for a while and he's been to your place, but you've never even been invited to his. He could have something to hide or he simply doesn't want you there. A man who is interested in you will most certainly want you to come to his home.

If you've been wondering if someone is interested in you and they fall under any of these categories, he probably isn't interested.

Comments (4)

I should have read this article first, that should have saved myself from foolishness of life.
Re 1: Mobile networks will not guarantee instantaneous delivery of an SMS, network congestion will slow this down, and only to a mobile that is connected to the network.
these comments are so true..
1. I don't alwsys hear the phone ringing, and sometimes don't discover a text for one or two days later, when it's already too late to answer. Just because a text doesn't get answered is no reason he doesn't like you. In my case, chances are I'd love to be joined at the hip!

2. Some of us, me included, are way too shy to ask a woman for a date. Some of us aren't chasers, and have to rely on the woman to make the first move. Once a woman makes the first move, then it's easier for a guy to ask her out, because he knows basically where stands at that point.

3. If my friends called me when I was with my sweetie, I would tell them I would call them back later. If they approached us in person, I would politely tell them to buzz off and I might connect when I could. My sweetie comes first.

4. My place is basically a typical bachelor pad (even though I have others living here), with all that that entails. Example, a bit of mess here and there, not exactly presentable for company. If I visited her place and saw that it was immaculate and hospital-clean, I might be a bit intimidated. However, if she really wants to see my place, come on over and look the place over.

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