7 Keys to Confident Living

7 Keys to Confident Living

Confidence is a trait we all need in order to do our job and have healthy relationships. From time to time, however, we have setbacks. When things don't go as planned, we falter. When we do, how can we get back on track with confidence?

It's hard to stay positive and confident at all times. When you're tired, facing a challenge or when things just don't seem to be working out, it's easy to lose focus. Dreams too easily slip and fade when a person loses confidence. Relationships are challenged when one party becomes negative or loses faith in whatever goal they once had. Yet most people require confidence to do their jobs. Confidence and risk taking are closely linked and life itself requires risk taking.

Knowing that positive thinking and confidence can and will slip from time to time, what can you do? What traits do you need to adopt in order to be confident?

1. Check Your Focus:

It often is easier to look at what wasn't accomplished, what is left to do or what hasn't yet been achieved rather than looking at all that has been done. When examining your life, a project, a relationship, look at what hard work has been done.

Be proud of what you've done and build on it. Use it as a frame of reference to give you confidence for new projects or growth.

2. Check Your Self Talk:

Negative words aren't hard to identify. They do no good. They bring a person down. They bring others down.

Stop listening or speaking negative words at once. Change your thought patterns.

3. Separate Negativity from Analytics:

There are certain personality traits that are quick to identify what is wrong with a situation. There are people that are very aware, who are able to report reasons why something might not work or why something failed.

You might be this type of person. Rather than referring to this type of person as negative or a wet blanket, consider their advice-giving skills in balance with positivity. People like this can be valuable in the decision making process because they can point out potential problems---hopefully things that can be corrected. This type of personality can provide safeguards.

So, if it seems like you always see the downside, consider yourself an analyst and then work on balancing what you see with possibilities. Don't let anyone call you negative if you're actually just a really good analyst.

4. Walk Through Fear:

Fear stops people every day in a number of areas. It's easier to stay safe than to take a risk. People fear failing, judgment, being criticized, losing money, feeling embarrassed, being found out that they aren't as smart or talented as they want people to think they are.

Confident people resist fear. They take steps towards challenges. They take risks. If you need help in this area, break down your fears by taking one small step at a time.

5. Accept and Appreciate Yourself:

Confident people know who they are. They know their strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Confident people are comfortable in their own skin and resist comparing themselves to others. They know they have a vital part to play in life and they play it.

Stop looking in the mirror and just be yourself. Use the gifts and talents you were put on earth to use.

6. Enjoy Your Life:

Confident people exude joy. Even if things don't go as planned, they look for the lesson or the humour in the situation. They finish one project and anticipate a new one.

Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate all you have. Look for new fun activities and join in.

7. Practice:

Shy people learn how to not be quite as shy by taking a risk and talking to people. When they see that someone actually wants to hear what they have to say and maybe even laughs at their jokes, they become more confident.

Even outgoing people have a background of trying and failing at things in order to become experienced. With experience comes confidence.

These are just a few ways to develop more confidence in your life. Rest assured, it is normal to have doubts or setbacks in life. When you do, give yourself a short break, review this list, then decide you willbounce back!

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