How to Dress to Attract a Man: A Guide for Women over 40

How to Dress to Attract a Man A Guide for Women over 40

First impressions are very important, because we judge people almost instantly. It is vital that the first impression you give is a good one. You should dress to look modern and stylish, and not try to compete with teenagers or women in their early twenties. To look attractive you need to feel self confident, so follow these tips and you will be sure to attract a man.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at yourself from head to toe. Is your haircut an old-fashioned style? Are you wearing the same make-up you wore in your twenties? Do you need a manicure or pedicure? Are you unhappy with your body shape? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' do not despair, you can remedy all of these situations and you will look stunning.

Invest in a Modern Hairstyle

If you have been attending the same hairdressing salon for years, consider making an appointment with a new hairstylist. A new hairstylist will be more ready to modernise your style, because she will not have preconceived ideas of how you should look. Before you arrange to see a hairstylist, browse through magazines for inspiration and pay particular attention to the hairstyles of attractive women in your own age group.

A new hair color can look wonderful. Be subtle with your color change, so that your hair coloring looks natural and suits your skin toning. Foils or streaks will blend in with your own natural color and will hide grey hair more effectively.

Change your Make-up

Now that you have a lovely new hairstyle and color, it is time to purchase new make-up. When you visit the cosmetics counter, ask the assistant for advice before choosing your new make-up. Many department stores have samples of various cosmetics that you can try before you buy. You may be surprised at the difference a slightly lighter or darker shade of foundation, powder, lipstick and eye shadow can make to your overall appearance.

You may wish to have your face made-up by a beauty therapist. This is not an indulgence, because if you watch her carefully you will be able to copy her techniques, when you are applying your own cosmetics.

Have a Manicure and Pedicure

Your hands are always on display and if you are planning to wear sandals or open-toe shoes, so are your toes. Nicely shaped and polished nails are attractive to men. There is no need to match the color of your fingernails with your toenails. Toenails look lovely painted in a dark shade of red, whereas you may prefer a more natural look for your fingernails.

Dress to Suit Your Body Shape

Underwear can make all the difference to your appearance, so be sure that your bra and panties fit. It does not matter what size your breasts are, provided your bra fits properly. Have your breast measured before you purchase your next bra. You may be surprised to discover that you have been wearing the wrong size bra.

Purchase panties to suit your body shape, as well as your size. Ask the lingerie assistant for advice on the most suitable underwear to suit your body shape. To feel attractive you should always match your panties with your bra. You may be the only one to see them, but you will feel more sexy and attractive when you wear matching underwear.

Shop for clothes in a different store to the one where you have been shopping. If you shop in a large department store, try looking in a different section than the one where you usually choose your clothes. Be open to trying on clothes that look different from those you normally wear. You may look beautiful in a style that differs from your usual type, so be daring and take a risk.

Find an assistant in your own age group, and preferably with a similar body shape to you, and ask her for advice. Sales assistants have an up-to-date knowledge of what is fashionable, and a good sales assistant will be able to help you choose the right garments for your shape, size, and age.

Now all you have to do is enjoy yourself when you are out. Looking your best and feeling pretty will give you confidence. A happy self-confident person always looks attractive. Surprise your male friends, when they see the new you. Well groomed, and beautifully clothed, you will look stunning, and very attractive to men.

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It is quite evident , you of the staff , are of the younger generation. "Got to be in style" . Do you not recognize it is the people who make and sell the fashions that all the trendies have to have, is why they are in business. Look at the hair, disgusting long stringy unkempt tresses that look fine on grizzly bear. Most of you "youngsters" fail to recognize how a lady can look so much more attractive with a neat hair style rather than looking like someone wearing a mop on their head. As to clothing , most is disgusting. Number one is , where is the waist ? It is hanging down around their butt , in that case, I wonder how many women realize that that style only goes to emphasize how gross their posterior is. Jeans
are a very popular wear , and I agree they are practical, but with the current style it is hardly flattering when the person behind them is exposed to the cleavage of their rear end. Tailored jeans are attractive, but with todays attitude of
"who cares", it certainly defines whether she is a lady or just a woman. Ah, for the good ol' ways. studecar professor
i love u women as u r
The best dress a woman can wear is a smile. We men are simple like that, yet women want to make it so complicated. Granted, you do look very good when you through the handbook of dress and makeup codes, but....back to the start of this paragraph. :)
Im agree , but not for attracting man !
Please look at the positive angle of this article
I think all woman over 40s and nearly 50s like me
wants to look different, it is time to spoil ourself
looking fresh, younger, beautiful and fabulous!
No need expensive treatment or expensive outlook
Just make something different, changing style
like grow longer hair or trim shorts, dyed with different colours
More body exercise and reduce the extra weight will
helping boost our confidence
Dare to wear bright colours for clothes,
Healthy life style and live with a positive mind and atitude.
Sure this will bring a fresh change to an old person

You are very beautiful and charming lady
how to attract a man -? are you kidding ! we do'nt care what you wear - most guys won't go up to girls anymore for simple reasons -like ,"is she single ?i do'nt want to hit on a woman that is "taken". i think that if a woman is slightly interested in a man than she should just go up to him & say "hi ! are you single-?(if the guy says yes i'm single- then the woman should say)-"well not any more!!!" -lol this dateing stuff seems to get caught up in "stero-types" to the point of stagnation - we are "loveing" beings (even those that mis-bahave) we men love a good sense of humour & we love you women from head to toe - like heaven on earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!heart wings teddybear wow kiss yay peace bouquet
There are so many Books on this subject , How to dress to impress a man... How to get a man to fall in love with you... amazingly, all these books in the 'Self help' sections of Book Shops... I notice there are never any about how a man should dress to impress, or attract a woman.. simple because men wouldnot buy them.

I sadly agree with the blogger who stated that women tend to [some of the more superficial of the species] dress to impress other women.

Men see eyes, they see sex appeal, a nice a**, sorry it's the truth ! They can rarely tell a faux leather handbag from a very expensive one, if the woman is dressed nicely.

I am well above the age of going to a beauty consultant, simply because, fashion doesnot cater for people of my age.. truth !! If they do, it is usually very dowdly and maternity type tops over nasty looking trousers.

I am lucky in that I have a young face for my age and not a wrinkle but, I have developed bad inflammatory arthritis [getting treatment, no cure].... so having had great legs, I now have swollen legs and feet and ankles and it is so embarrassing... hence, lovely toes painted red are a thing of the past ! ditto the gorgeous shoes I used to wear... I have to wear black tights in winter, with bootees, and I have a pretty good figure, except for this...

I really havenot found men bothered by this as they really go for personality, a happy face, a person who likes men, who has interests, and all this about going and having highlights in the hair is nonsense, it is very very expensive... not all women have that type of money to visit beauty parlours and have treatment....

It is about what you eat, that effects the skin. I use the best moisturizer I can afford. but I colour my own hair and cover the greys... I am a sensual woman and get hit on quite alot, I am a simple dresser and like to wear unusual earrings and neckpieces, but that is for me, as is perfume. Not for men.
hug When you are naturally a sexy, happy woman, and love men, they can sense that immediately and the shade of lipstick you wear is of little interest as they just want to kiss it off you ,... etc., etc., devil
I don't agree with you at all I'm 48 years. Looking from the out side... a good body, sexy cloths, make up to look good.....Im more impressed when I meet a person dressed for them self and there comfort zone....

As I would like to get to now the person deep with in.....
I guess each to there own, however I'm not going to dress to impress anyone except me, if I have to dress or behave a certain way then he's not the one for me. I have my own style it's what makes me!

I know this was a while ago , so any way, quite frankly I would rather be in my Garb German style , and I do travel over sea,s dressed quite differently, more in keeping with my history. and how I like those clothes,

In many ways because of my facial features those clothes make a big difference in my look I'm not pretty so if I try to be and have more frilly styles I look silly and stupid, so doing all that has been said is okay for some one who has those looks to compliment them selfs I just find I'm just myself and as we say what you see will be what you get no frills just a basic hard working woman ,

Where is the article that advises men over 40 how to dress and attract women,and why is this double standard mentality even entertained? You should see some of the men who approach me. Here I am running with my dog,working out at a gym,counting calories,wearing the latest hair styles,keeping my nails polished,wearing perfume,and can even rock 5 inch heels at my age,and what do I get? Men in wrinkled,Fred Flintstones' looking jeans that ride up to their necks,breast as big as mine,guts that obscure their genitals,beards that aren't groomed, and nasal hair that is not only gray but protrudes over their lips. Some are out and out dirty looking.These men approach me because I am the opposite of themselves in grooming and style choices. Yet,in their narcissism,they don't seem to grasp that attraction must be mutual.
Therefore,they need to care about their appearance,and many don't.

I'm just saying that some men need assistance with how to attract the opposite sex, too.
I can tell you, from a male perspective that I appreciate it when a women goes to the trouble of making her self look nice, regardless of age, without becoming convoluted and obsessed about it. Also different circumstances/situations often demand their own kind of dress code, not to say that a women shouldn't add her own unique touches to thisheart wings
I agree with this article. We update our vehicles, why not our bodies? Women look much older than they need to because they refuse to do something so simple as change their outdated 60's or 70's hair-do! People think I am much younger than I am because I do NOT 'dress my age.'
I think updating one's appearance --- male OR female -- is a small sacrifice if it will attract a mate. cool
Being well over sixty, I think everyone should dress to how they feel & what is comfortable, but more importantly, clothes that are suitable for your age group. They don't have to be dowdy or ultra expensive, buy a lot of mix & match combinations. Well fitting clothing that don't date is the best way to start, you can always dress them up with accessories. You can look well dressed & smart on a budget, but make sure make up is not cheap & nasty as well & don't overdo it. Clean skin to start with & moisturizer is a must, morning & night, every morning & night. You must take care of your skin if you want to look fresh & chic. Skin care is much more important than the make up you put on it.sad flower
@ eaglewoman hats off to u, i totally agree with you ! i dress the way i feel like dressing! cheering cheering cheering
This is very good. I totally agree nothing worse than grey hair dowdy clothes and illfitting undies. Men are visually driven more so than we are.
Haven't read many of the comments, but I agree with 'Islander'. I am afraid I disagree with the article.

I always dress to please myself, and if a man doesn't like my style then that's his problem! I don't have money to buy new clothes, get pedicures and manicures etc etc etc. It's just me...what you see is what you get! Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to go out and buy some nice clothes.....clothes that would suit my personality, but then when it comes down to it, it's surely our personality that is the most important thing, not our clothes and nail colour!

I have, just out of curiosity, watched some of those Gok Wan programs where he supposedly makes women feel better about themselves. I can understand where he is coming from, but at the end of the day, it is all artificial, and often very impractical! I live in the countryside, and am very much an outdoor could I waddle around all day in high heels with unsuitable clothes on, and afraid to get a hair out of place! Looking glamourous is ok for special occasions, but for normal days, it's just silly! (just my humble opinion of course roll eyes ) shimmy flirty laugh
Sorry!!! Don't agree with most of the contents of this article. Why should anyone assume that women over 40 need a change of hairdresser, style etc. ?

I dress how I like. I wouldn't be seen dead in most of the stuff women over 50 are supposed to wear.

I have a youthful general appearance even when naked. Don't understand why I should look like lamb dressed as mutton because my age doesn't match my body type appearance.

Sod the rules and what society thinks!! BTW I hace a 26 year old daughter and we often swap clothes and shoes. Although there are some things of hers that are beyond my borrowing and things of mine she wouldn't be seen dead in!! laugh
escoprincess sounds like a 50 yr old reversed "lolita" tease, who probably really just looks like this....elephant
well I am not over forty but I am over fifty, and I have gone through a dress change by myself, I always wore pants and tops , but have gone to long modern hippy kind skirts and tops I find they are comfortable and dressy, and look smart I have long blond hair and have been complimented on my new kind of look, I feel it is up to the person them self to what they feel they like and are comfortable in, and also I would never through I would be seen in a skirt, but our taste change as we get older
Havnt wread to much of this article but got the jist ,,

Obviously its talking about the Female of the Species , in this case , but the most attractive part of someones dress sense is class , not what they dress like , that helps in a small way ,, but iff theyve got class ,, AND i aint talkin money , or dress sense ..Ive seen PIGS IN SUITES , PIGS ON CAT WALKS .

No offense to the Author ,, maybe im out of order but to me clothes may help in some way i agree ,, but like i said ,, lovely clothes on a Pig is a waste ..
Havnt wread to much of this article but got the jist ,,

Obviously its talking about the Female of the Species , in this case , but the most attractive part of someones dress sense is class , not what they dress like , that helps in a small way ,, but iff theyve got class ,, AND i aint talkin money , or dress sense ..Ive seen PIGS IN SUITES , PIGS ON CAT WALKS .

No offense to the Author ,, maybe im out of order but to me clothes may help in some way i agree ,, but like i said ,, lovely clothes on a Pig is a waste ..
the best tip)- be yourself
You didn't say anything about how to dress the heart???doh
In my experience the problems or sucesses of how women dress, regardless of their age, is more to do with other women. Other women are much more likely to make a woman feel unattractive by all the means available to signal to each other about what looks good,fits right, or shows off the best features.
Most women fully realise that men are not very aware of fashion, styles, colour matching and contrast. Hell every woman at one time or another wishes that her man could see her and tell her he does.
For any of you that look at 'GOK' on tv, the real basis for dressing well is to have that powerfull and confident self image.Every one of his girls come alive with his urgings to see themselves as attractive. They all focus on what they dont like, boobs,or bums.After he helps them see the positive the problem areas disappear.
This article might appeal to some really lost woman who loved under a rock for the past 20 years..- but hey! Either you really care about how you look and by at the age of 40 you will know what you to do, or you really should have figured out how to feel good about yourself no matter what you are wearing!!

Self confidence is the sexiest and most attractive accessory, always!
Good article !

Often spoken: men is the predator and women the pray.

Not true !

In fact is on the other way around. Women developed charming technics that cannot be compared with any men's technics.

All these technics are useful to build a charming network...
Like a spider, you girls can simply nail a man that easy.
So this is a good lead to change your atitude

Stop being the pray and become the predator.

applause applause applause applause applause applause applause
Ladies: do you really lack confidence in yourself as much as to break your back dressing up just for him?
Most men care little about themselves and have unrealistic expectations of women. As for women: are you turning into discomfort slaves so just to satisfy men?
OK, so let's try and stretch and paint and squeeze ourselves, ladies, into most "sexy" attractive gear. Paste our faces and limp on enormous heels. In a meantime HE will turn up smelling of yesterdays beer, clothes that have been washed last april, worn off trainers, baseball cap and a stubble. He will look at your pathetic self, scratch his beer gut, burp and say: not sexy enough honey...Then he (early 50's) will stagger to his computer and e-mail 20 year old...
Dear ladies stop being daft, dress what you feel comfortable and nice for you. Sod the "He".
Ok good fitting clothes yes, but thats the same for all ages.

The rest is trash.

I'm 50, a grandmother, wear tight fitting hipster jeans, heels, and when on my Harley Leathers and sexy boots. Dress at work is casual, so I either go in jeans, and tops or if I'm in the office a dress and bootsandles - this years in thing. I drive trucks so jeans are usually an essential item there grin

My size is 34H bra, I have a 26 inch waist and small hips, I take a size 10 bottoms and 16 top UK size. I am toned, slim and tanned and take good care of myself. I find no reason to dress in tweed, unless its in fashion. That bra needs to be fitted well, it also needs to be lacey and femine along with the matching panties and stockings.

Women of all ages should wear what makes them feel good, there are no rules anymore, thank God. Telling women over 40 to dress in a certain way is like saying they are not attractive any more ??? \or that the cushion has sagged scold If its a fact join weight watchers and the gym, meet some nice people and date them.

My 38 year old boyfriend drove into his own jeep last week when I wore a new dress. The lads at work well, lets not discuss them, they spend enough time talking.
Buy classic and age appropriate. Pay attention to fit. It's one thing to show curves or a hint of cleavage, another to don those stretchy lycra things that shape the curves you want and too many of the curves you don't. Buy classic and good quality. That means a basic wardrobe that wears well, and lasts longer without going out of style. Trends can be added with less expensive accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves, etc). Invest in good undergarments that counteract gravity. I'm lucky that I sew, so hemming, subtle alterations etc are fairly quick and easy. Just because we're over 40 doesn't mean we can't look fabulous!
about the best you get from large department stores is a salesperson waiting to sell you something after they've pretended they didn't see you needing help.
i totally agree that a woman over 40 shouldn't dress mutton to look like lamb, but please ladies if you want fashion advise do it in a shop or boutique with taste not the chain stores, the so called fashion advisers are only people that need a salary, and do not do it for the love of the job. I speak of experience
Snookums33: "Affectation....."(meet us in the forums)

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