Is Your Relationship Based on Sex?

Is Your Relationship Based on Sex

If a couple has a great sex life but other aspects of the relationship are lacking, it probably won't last. If you are concerned that your relationship is based on sex-only, you will want to look at your relationship honestly and objectively. Learn to recognize the signs that indicate whether a relationship is based more on lust than love.

People are attracted to one another for various reasons and not all relationships are based on love. People are often drawn to each other because of a physical attraction. While there is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone because of the way he or she looks, the relationship will be shallow and superficial if the physical attraction is the only basis for the involvement.

A good relationship should consist of a strong loving connection between two individuals with each partner loving the other enough to put the needs of their loved ones before their own. A good sex life is part of a healthy relationship but if that relationship is centered on lust more than love, it probably will not last.

How do you know if your relationship is more lustful than loving? You need to take a close look at the relationship and evaluate your feelings honestly. If your mind is always focused on sex and you find yourself looking at other parts of her anatomy rather than making eye contact during a conversation, your relationship stands a good chance of being lustful. If the sex is so great that you cannot get enough, you have a bad case of lust.

The problem with relationships based on physical appearance and sex is that people lose interest when they realize that they have nothing in common beyond the bedroom. Partners eventually become bored with each other. During a conversation, the two partners may find that they have nothing of significance to talk about. They may also realize that they do not share the same interests, morals or values. In fact, they may find that they are on opposite sides of most issues. Although there is nothing wrong with having different views, the partners in a sex-only relationship may find out that unless they are engaged in sexual relations there is nothing left of the relationship, in many cases nothing else to do.

Having sex to make up after arguments is common in sex-based relationships. The couple has sexual relations then everything is fine until the next argument but the problem remains because they are not solving the issues. The couple usually spends most of their time breaking up and then making up again. Can this type of relationship work? A relationship needs substance and a secure foundation to succeed. This type of relationship can work if the couple matures beyond just the physical attraction and sexual chemistry.

People sometimes confuse intimacy with sex. Being intimate with someone is much more than just having sexual relations. Physical intimacy can develop rather quickly but intimacy on a deeper emotional level takes time. Sex is a temporary fix but it cannot fulfill the need for true intimacy. People that engage in superficial relationships such as those that are centered on sex, often fear commitment. They long for closeness but fear being hurt. The fear makes it difficult to become intimate on any other level other than a sexual level. They opt for lust rather than love so they can experience closeness without allowing their emotions to be involved in order to avoid being hurt.

A relationship without love and true intimacy does not stand much of a chance. Everyone needs to love and be loved. Love encompasses all levels from physical to emotional and even spiritual. In order to experience a multi-level type of love, we need to let go of the fear of being hurt and allow love to happen completely. There is always the potential for hurt but if we do not allow ourselves to open up to that potential, we cannot truly experience love.

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Is sex based on your relationship?
Sex is definitely the thing we all need , it's something that we share with someone that cares about you?
I think sex is usually the driving force but if you have nothing in common apart from that things will get strained and the relationship will cool. As a women I feel I have to tempt my lover in all sorts of ways but we would have to have similar outlooks on life.
I think if you really love someone you respect them and what ever they want ..You and that partner work it out together..Love and trust is important...I do know that s*x is a good thing when two people act on it and people abuse it too...Like that is the only thing they want from me or they are using me to get what they want and then they leave me for someone else and get the same thing from them...Usually people wait till they are married...
I've not got a issue in just having a clean s*xual lifestyle i just take it when people ask for it
professor sex is the very important doubt .
But faith is the very very important in every relation
Forgotten what it's like to share these times with a partnerdoh
Totally explained what ive just experienced for myself! Sucks!
Its an honest article. relationships are hard work, if you want it to last. sex is important, but should not be the only thing on one's mind. i like a combination of both, great sex, and intimacy.
Well writen article, with so many true Words.
50% 50% is it
This is a great article that I wish more people would read and heed.

Lust dies but love is forever.
50-50% ----------------
OH BOY! this relationship stuff seems complicated.are you saying to much of a good thing can be bad?rolling on the floor laughing

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