Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

Five Ways to Tell Hes Good in Bed

Looking for a lover that will drive you crazy? Sure, he might have a great personality, make you crack up with laughter, and have a smile that makes you weak in the knees... but if it's brilliance in the bedroom you're after, then none of these qualities will help. Well, except with maybe encouraging you to enter the bedroom in the first place. Here are some of the indications that he'll be good in bed.

He's Got Great Moves

Awesome moves on the dance floor can often translate well in the boudoir. Good dancers often have good coordination and are in touch with their own body, skills that come in handy when it comes to sex. The other part of the equation is that those who are ready to flaunt it on the dance floor are more likely to be able to let loose in the bedroom.

He Speaks His Opinion

Opinionated people are willing to speak their own mind, even though doing this can often put a person at risk of looking like a fool or alienating those around them. Being uninhibited in conversation is often a sign of being uninhibited in the bedroom. When you can speak openly about your likes and dislikes with your partner, you're assured of having better sex.

He Stays Calm in a Crisis

People who can stay calm under pressure are often patient and confident personality types. Most importantly, they know how to relax. Those prone to anxiety and stress can find it difficult to wind down at the end of a tough day, meaning that their mind will not be on the task at hand.

He Reads a Lot

The culture that people surround themselves with can give an indication of the inner workings of their mind. If you see a full bookcase of fiction and great DVDs, then you can safely bet that he has a pretty wide world view, is open to different ideas, and has a creative personality. Creative people are hot in the sack.

He Lives Life to the Fullest

He would never be afraid to go alone to a party, takes his annual leave in Nepal, and completes a half marathon on a Sunday morning. People who love life often love every aspect of it. They seize new opportunities and aren't afraid to put their whole heart into everything they do, even at the risk of falling flat on their face. Who wouldn't want these qualities in a partner?

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This article simply nails it.
I'm flattered.
Thank you
thumbs up
Seems they talking about me wow

I dance latins.
I always say what i think.
Crisis? Whats that?
I am addicted reader.
Don't do marathons, but survivals, rock climbing and a lot more...LOLrolling on the floor laughing
Aww man I hate reading fiction books I get to caught up in the moment of the story
Well, it's amazing! Really I am crazy to find a partner with those great qualities.
Indeed this would be like a dream come true to find these qualities in a Man. I think I may have come close, but time will tell banana applause teddybear heart beating
Ah..good to know this..
Now im looking for A single guy with the above refferences

grin grin
PS. How come this is posted under the category of 'sexuality', but the word is censored elsewhere by youselves because it's deemed inappropriate?
Sooo, ConnectingSingles team, are you saying we can tell that people with physical disabilities are bad in bed?

How about people who spout utterly inane codswallop? laugh
Nonsense! Embarrassing if meant seriously, mildly amusing and infantile if not. It's about these two missing yet interlocking components: Love and passion!
I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of RICH mahogany!
efie ,,it takes two to tango!!! what do you say???
baby let's dance! cheering banana
Alex7: "Forever ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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