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7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

7 Most Popular Ways to Spend Valentines Day

From breaking up to getting married, from hosting an anti-Valentine party to heading out to the club, there's a way to celebrate Valentine's Day for everyone; even those who can't seem to remember what's so special about February 14.

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? A cozy couple holding hands over a candlelit dinner table? A time to stress out over the perfect gift? Or an excuse to go solo backcountry camping for the weekend? More than any other holiday, Valentine's Day evokes strong emotional responses -- whether of love or hate. Here are the 7 most popular reactions to Valentine's Day.

1. Pamper Your Pet

Huh!?... Yup, according to a worldwide poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, 25% of adults under 35 would rather cuddle their pets than their partners on Valentine's Day! If that sounds strange to you, consider this: Fido may not buy you a tennis bracelet or scatter rose petals in a hot tub, but he's equally unlikely to "forget" your romantic dinner plans in favor of a night out with the boys.

2. Embrace Singledom

Who says it's a sin to be alone on Valentine's Day? Oh, that's right...Hallmark and Hollywood. This contrived celebration of couplehood doesn't leave much room for contented singles, but people worldwide are fighting back. Anti-Valentine's Day parties and celebrations of solitude are more popular than ever this year.

3. Cherish Platonic Relationships

While Valentine's Day is traditionally a time for romantic love, the holiday has evolved to include parents, children, other relatives, friends and, helllo, grandparents... don't forget about them! Grade-school children exchange valentines, families celebrate together, and friends gather for drinks and dancing. Romance may be overrated, but friendship and mutual respect never lose their appeal.

4. Pop the Question

It's probably the biggest cliché on the planet, but that doesn't stop people from proposing on Valentine's Day. A proposal carries its share of risk-- what if the answer is no? -- but a heartfelt yes can transform a Hallmark holiday into a truly special memory.

5. Break Up With Your Partner

The months of December and January are often dubbed "break-up season," and it's not hard to understand why. The pressure of the holidays is simply too intense for some romantic relationships. If you've somehow managed to survive Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's together, perhaps Valentine's Day will be the holiday that breaks the cupid's back.

6. Tie the Knot

Though Valentine's Day is not the most popular wedding date-- the majority of brides and grooms opt for a Saturday in June -- it holds special charm for some. The best thing about a Valentine's Day wedding? A hard-to-forget anniversary date.

7. Ignore It

Contrary to what the marketing industry would have you believe, for most people, February 14 remains just another day. And why not? The 1500-year old holiday commemorates no major war or famous person, and it lacks the culinary appeal of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Without the support of the greeting card industry, it's doubtful whether Valentine's Day would ever have gained as much popularity as it has.

However you choose to spend Valentine's Day this year, don't get too caught up in the hype. Like any other day, Valentine's Day is what you choose to make it.

Leave me a comment... how do you feel about this holiday? What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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hahha :) the fifth one simply rules drinking

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