Just DON'T Do It

Just DONT Do It

!!!! You're angry at the scum sucking low-life ex who just dumped you! You thought it would last a lifetime! You believed in the bond the two of you had forged! You waited.. you nurtured.. you saw your partner through hellish days and rejoiced in the successes.. but now you find yourself on the outside and the glass is too foggy to even see in and you're miffed as heck! With emotions about to erupt into a volcano of nasty thoughts and deeds it's time to draw a deep breath and let it out slowly. Moving in the direction of dirty deeds done in discontent will hurt you more in the end. Just don't do it!

Even though your former SO (significant other) may have horns sprouting from the head with a tail slithering behind; bad mouthing the demon to anyone who will listen is not cool. Keep your lethal opinions regarding an ex for the ears of close friends only.

"Why don't you love me? Why won't you just give me a chance? Please...please..." Calling your former live-in every hour on the hour pleading, begging, and whining only makes you look desperate and like something of a lunatic. Stop that hand from reaching for the phone, don't punch in those numbers. Back away from the communication device. This includes emails or sending off heart wrenching love letters and notes via snail mail. OH... and if you get the idea that instead of calling the ex you'll call the new love interest, forget it.

In the same vein as the endless caller is the drunk dialer. You know the scenario...you've been out for the evening with friends drinking Margaritas and taking shots of Tequila. You go home happily toasted and then you turn into a driveling drunk. You begin calling every person on your direct dialing list until you hit the mark... the ex. You cry if you're sad or rage if you're mad. Friends don't let friends dial drunk.

As angry as you may be thou shalt not slash tires, key cars, or damage the property of the lost love. Any of these get-even methods may land you in serious trouble that involves lawyers, a judge, and vast amounts of ready cash. Just play it smart and keep your hands off the property of the one you detest.

Three really mean, nasty tricks to play on an ex involves more serious issues and they're just not worth the effort. Refrain from the urge to stalk to your former lover. Stalking is illegal, darn scary, and if you do, please seek the help of a professional immediately. Getting the attention of your ex by threatening suicide only reveals how fragile you've become. It may gain you a brief sympathetic respite, but it just won't work in the long run. The third trick is directed toward the ladies. Do not form a plan in your mind to fake a pregnancy to win him back. He'll figure it out after nine months and you will have wasted your time.

You pass a florist one day and decide that the dog that left you deserves a reminder of how much you loathe the thought of your former life. Without further adieu you waltz into the shop and have a box of dead flowers sent off. While this may be a rather humorous way to show your anger, it's going to cost you money so why bother? Finally, don't buy a pet snake, pit bull, spider, or some other poor animal to get back at the dumper. For heaven's sake...think of the animal! Show some pity for the animals of the world and just let it go.

Rise above the milieu of an unjust world that batters you some days with the end of a long relationship. If you feel the anger rising from the gut like the heat from a hot, paved sidewalk in July.. call a friend. Vent to trusted friends and family. Rage to a therapist. Write an angry letter and then tear it to shreds. Abuse a pillow: punch it, scream in it, throw it, or slam it. Eat ice cream, chocolate, or whatever your favorite comfort food is. Go for a walk, a run, go bowling, go fishing, skating, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, parachuting...you get the idea. Just go do something physical. Clean the house, clean the garage, take a bath. Just don't do it, don't buy into self-destructive behaviors that end up costing more than it's worth in money and your reputation.

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and as for all you who think this is a good article YOU KEEP ON LYING to yourself and ur face book mutts also all you men watch out they are only after one thing and its not sex
Never trust another person, whomever they are. Family, friends, bosses, boyfriend or husband. These people will turn on you and backstab you any chance they get. Love doesn't exist and should never be relied on for trust.
You will always get hurt if you do. My opinion only.
I don't exactly know the person who has written this article. But it's like you have mentioned each and every moment with accurate precision. As if you yourself have lived this moment. I have gone through the same trauma; in fact still going through. This article bought me a temporary relief which nothing else could.
Thank you for this lovely article. God bless you.
Yes this is all true Dont do any of these stupid things .your better then that.know your self worth.true love would never leave you remember that.
When you put your trust and twine your fate with another human being, what can you expect in this day and age? I don't see many happy long lasting relationships out there today. Everything that has a beginning, also has an end. We've created a world where there really is no security and lasting happiness and you must somehow find peace with that. No one has any real answers for everyone on this, as the world as it exists today is uniquely the product of our times. Good luck finding meaning in your lives everyone, just don't look for it in relationships with your fellow man!
It may be most important to remember that 6 months to one year down the line these angry feelings magically disappear and you start seeing the person for what they really were: Not right for you!
I agree with you, with what you post here. Life is too short to be stupid and stupidity. i did just a year, then move forward as one friend of mine get fallen her self into drugs and suffers...i wont be like her. my life is more valued when i can laugh then EX see me i still can laugh happily even though stars not yet shining on me. But now, i woke up again, with more big giggles on my face as i am survived with his kid. And he the one who email me, begging whether the kid need him to come back to our life again...well...who need who?. Good posted. I love it. I found my half soul in New Jersey now...
Very good post. I know that when I was served with divorce papers and had to go through the agonizing pain of watching the world I knew go tumbling into oblivian, I thought of many ways of getting even with her. But then two things came to mind. 1. The divorce might not have happened if we had done a few things differently but both of us were mule headed and didn't want to talk about it. 2. I knew that if I did something dirty and illegal that I might be creating an unwanted relationship with my new friend "Bubba" down at the city jail. All I can say is what was said...let it go and learn something from all the pain you went through. You'll be a lot happier and a better person for doing so.
Actually, I re read your post and should have taken the time to peruse it more carefully!! What you say DOES make sense and I apologize that I didn't read it closely! What you are really saying is to rise above your nagative feelings!! Great post!! Thank you for making me see things on here with more intensity!!cheers
Well, I think what is said is damn true..well said, when its over, its over, let go, its gone, its dead, at least you have the memory, just have the pride now too. do those horrid things, you have nothing! just someone you loved actually ashamed they ever knew you..so get up, sit up, stand tall, and have some pride..good one, love it x
easier said than done.sigh
Yeah right!!! This really works!thumbs down

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