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A Perfect Valentine’s Day Date: What (definitely) NOT to Do

A Perfect Valentines Day Date What definitely NOT to Do

So it's Valentine's Day, and you've found yourself a date. Congratulations! Now it's time to really impress her. Everyone knows the main taboos of a romantic date, like checking out the wait staff, calling your date by the wrong name or having a friend call and pretend to be your grandmother having a heart attack so you can say you have to leave. Even without committing these date sins, there are some people who put a lot of effort into having a successful date and still come up short. Read on to make sure you're not committing these Valentine's Day mistakes.

Mistake One: Homemade Coupons

No one wants a homemade coupon book. It may come as a shock... but it's the truth. Unless the coupon book includes real coupons for a professional massage, a gift card to her favorite store or a buy one burger get one free for McDonald's, don't even bother trying to pass it off as a Valentine's Day gift. Homemade coupon books are lazy, and adding cheeky fine print or expiration dates to them does not make them cute. Plus, if your girlfriend is only receiving these cute, little extras on Valentine's Day, no offence... you're a dud partner.

Mistake Two: Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides seem pretty cool, but they can also be explosive. There have been occurrences of hot air balloons accidentally hitting power lines and exploding into flames. Of course you want to have a hot Valentine's Day, but do you really want it to be that hot? There's also the chance of injury if the balloon has a rocky landing. Crazy-in-love couples have gone up in hot air balloons, only to wind up having broken or sprained ankles, and no significant other.

Mistake Three: Doing Everything "By the Book"

Roses? Check. Chocolate? Check. Horribly overpriced greeting card? Check. So you've bought all of these things, but your date just smiles blandly and mumbles thank you, and you're left wondering where you went wrong. It's important that you buy a gift that shows you've put at least a bit of thought into it. This rules out buying a teddy bear holding a heart that says, "I wuv you." The only exception to this rule is if you and your date are only getting together because you're single and are too embarrassed to admit to people that you'll be home alone watching television with your cat. In that case just pick up some booze, and you're good to go.

Mistake Four: Dinner and a Movie

This type of date is a fight waiting to happen. First, there's dinner. If the woman is self-conscious about her body or about your ability to afford the meal, she's going to order soup or a salad. This won't be enough to fill her up, so she'll be hungry later at the movies. If she doesn't satiate her hunger with overpriced concession stand snacks, she'll continue to be hungry and will become grumpy or even hostile as the night progresses. On the other hand, if she orders a more filling meal, say the lobster thermidor or filet mignon, you'll be worried about how costly this date is going to be and will become sullen as the overall cost of the date continues to rise. You might even lose your wits and ask her to pay for the movie or go halvsies. Either scenario ends up costing you big time.

Now that you know the top four mistakes to avoid, you're sure to have a successful Valentine's Day. If you're feeling confused and unsure about what you can do to have a successful date, don't worry; you'll think of something... and if you don't, hey, she'll always love diamonds.

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Ok, after having worked cooking for 20 years I would go for the home cooked dinner, consisting of a mix of both of our favourite dishes [ making sure not to make any that she can't stand, naturally ]
followed by a movie of her choice.

Think that would work for a Valentines date? ;)

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