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How to Compliment a Woman

How to Compliment a Woman

There is a wrong and a right way to do most things in life. This dichotomy holds true in the case of how a man should compliment a woman. An appropriate compliment can do wonders for a woman's self-esteem and can place the bestower in the good graces of the lovely lady. An honest compliment says "I like this about you", which makes her feel good about herself.. and about you. But an inappropriate or unwanted compliment can get a man slapped or at least verbally assaulted with some very derisive language. This article offers you gentlemen a few discerning suggestions of what to say, how to say it, and what to avoid when complimenting a woman.

Of utmost importance when complimenting a woman is that you be respectful. While you may be drawn to some of the finer aspects of her physique, you'll not often find that compliments in regard to these areas are met with positive feedback. It is typically advisable to reserve compliments and flattery for things of a more innocent nature. A good rule of thumb is that if you couldn't pay that very same compliment to your own mother, then it would probably be best to avoid saying those words to a woman whom you are admiring.

Try to compliment women on more specific things that might go unnoticed by others. A woman with beautiful green eyes has probably been told that she has lovely eyes by many people before you came along. Do your best to be more original and your efforts will be noticed. You won't sound like the same broken record being played over again.

Make sure your compliment is appropriate for the setting and the relationship that you have with the woman. There seem to be stories in the news on a regular basis that talk about women who were sexually harassed by their coworkers, and if you would like to avoid winding up in one of these newscasts then you should definitely restrict what types of compliments you pay to women with whom you work. Your relationship with that woman is another factor that should help determine the extent to which you will compliment her. You don't want to excessively dote on your best friend's girlfriend or the wife of a family member. A misplaced compliment here or there could lead to serious estrangement from people that you care about. You should exercise discretion when in these situations.

Add flair to your compliments. Some compliments are boring, and you should do your best to embellish yours so that they smack of intelligence and creativity. Language is fun, and you should utilize some freedom of creative expression when bestowing praise on a lady. Try to approach paying a woman a compliment as if you were a 16th century English bard who moonlighted on the stage in Shakespearean plays. She will enjoy your wit and charm, and it will be obvious that you're not just a typical flatterer but a gentleman who is interested in the finer aspects of existence.

Be friendly and unassuming while complimenting. Don't overdo it. If you are paying a woman a compliment and oozing sexuality then you will likely make her feel uncomfortable. As a gentleman you should find tactful ways to praise the attributes of a woman without creating an awkward situation.

Follow these simple instructions when complimenting ladies, and you will find that your praise will be met with smiles and blushing rather than hate-filled eyes and looks of disgust.

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