He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - How to know if a guy likes you too

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not How to know if a guy likes you too

Feeling attraction towards a new guy is an exciting experience and it's all the better if he's attracted to you too. But exactly how do you move away from the flirting stage and towards a relationship? Does he really like you or is he just a guy who will flirt with any woman that passes his way? Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you work out whether the attraction is mutual.

How close is he to me?

When you are in conversation pay careful observation to how close his body is to yours. You may have not noticed just how closely he stands or sits to you when you are together. Compare your new man's stance with how male friends and colleagues would normally position themselves to you during conversation. If your love interest always moves his body to within a close distance of yours, the odds are good that that he wants you to know that he is interested. His closeness should be telling you, 'I don't care about the other people in the room. I only want to be with you.'

Does he touch me frequently?

Men and women touch each other affectionately to demonstrate that they care. It might be a reassuring touch of the shoulder or a hug goodbye. However, when there's an attraction between a man and woman, the touching often increases, not in a wholly sexual way, but to send the message that there's an attraction. He might not move his leg when your knees accidently touch, or he may leave his hand touching your arm following a joke for longer than a guy normally would. If he gently touches your body often and appears to enjoy these brief moments of physical contact, it's a good sign.

Does he tease me?

When a boy feels attraction towards a girl for the first time, he often resorts to teasing her to provide an opportunity to get close. A few little taunts in the playground is a sure fire way of getting her attention and engaging her in conversation. Some boys continue to use this tactic when they grow up to be men. Does the man you like tease you or make little jokes about things you've said or done? If the answer is yes, it's probably because he's either trying to slightly mask his attraction to you to prevent himself from looking too eager, or he's using it as a way to get your attention.

Does he share my interests?

If a guy is showing an interest in your hobbies or suggests that he shares similar interests to you, he's probably doing to so to demonstrate that you'd be a great couple. It also gives him the opportunity to spend more time with you. Even if your conversation is about something as simple as your favorite movies, take particular note of his reaction to your choices. Chances are that even if you name a chick-flick, he will find something positive to say about it.

Does he look at other attractive women in the room?

You've probably witnessed your male friends' eyes wander when an attractive woman walks by, even if you're in mid-conversation. Have you noticed the guy you like do the same? If so, he may still be interested in you, but he may also be the type of guy who finds it hard to keep his concentration focused on one woman. Proceed with caution to prevent getting hurt. Alternatively, if he doesn't bat an eyelid, you can safely conclude that you've got his full and undivided attention.

How do his friends act around me?

When you're in the company of his friends, particularly his male friends, observe how they act towards you and your potential new man. Do they tease him? Do they seem to be laughing and smiling more than usual? Are they asking you a lot of questions? Guys can tell when their friend likes a new woman. They want him to be happy and may even take it upon themselves to get a budding relationship kick-started.

No woman wants to endure the heartache of confessing her attraction to a guy who just isn't interested. Ask yourself these questions next time you are drawn towards a new man. You may just be surprised at how effectively they can be used to help you discover the true feelings behind his actions.

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