Attract more women with simple changes to your wardrobe

Attract more women with simple changes to your wardrobe

If you're looking to attract women to date, you should never underestimate the power of the first impression. Whether you're going on a big night out with the guys and wishing to catch the eye of some great women, or you're single and hoping that you'll bump into Miss Perfect while doing your grocery shopping, dressing well will pay off. If you think that your look needs a complete overhaul or maybe just one or two tweaks, here are some tips for changes to your wardrobe that will help attract more women to you.

Wear clothes that fit

Fashions come and go: One year, baggy jeans are 'in' and the next, skinny fit jeans are all the rage. Clothing that fits correctly will always be timeless. If you're slim, wearing well-fitting clothes shouldn't be an intimidating prospect. However, those of you who are carrying a little more baggage may be under the illusion that bigger clothes improve the appearance of your body. This is a myth. If you look like you're wearing a tent and not a polo-shirt, it's not going to get the ladies flocking to your side. Wearing clothes that fit your shape might be out of your comfort zone, so make changes to your wardrobe gradually because looking awkward and embarrassed isn't attractive either.

Check your clothes for wear

Worn-out clothes send negative messages to women. Your shabby trousers say, 'I'm so tight-fisted with money, I wear the same trousers for years' or quite simply, 'I don't care about my appearance or take care of myself.' The bobbling, fading and wear to your clothes worsen with every wash, so give your clothes the once over before you wear them. Does your black shirt now look gray? Are the cuffs of your jumper starting to fray? Women are attracted to men who are well-turned out, so be ruthless with the quality of your wardrobe.

Don't wear anything too outrageous

If you're in a bar and you start chatting to a woman who appears interested, she will want your chat to be low-key. Women don't like to draw attention to the fact that they are flirting with a guy. If you enter the bar wearing a Hawaiian shirt or white trousers, you'll probably receive quite a few looks. This will put a woman off because she knows that if she chats to you, the whole room will be watching. Keep the colors you wear muted or pale. If your look is smart, you'll receive female attention for the right reasons.

Overdressed is better than underdressed

Jeans and a t-shirt are fine for relaxing at home or running errands, but they're not always suitable for hitting a bar with your friends or a social function. Being inappropriately dressed is embarrassing, but overdressing is the lesser of two evils. If you're overdressed, the women you meet will still think that you're smart, clean and want to impress. These elements are more attractive to women than 'scruffy' and 'lazy.'

Don't wear a tie

Overdressing is preferable, but unless you're at work, leave the tie at home. You want to present yourself as an approachable and friendly kind of guy. Women don't equate a tie with fun and excitement. You don't want to come across as uptight and not able to let your hair down, so don't be tempted to wear one even if you're convinced that it'll complete your look.

Think about the accessories

So you've cleared out your closet. Shabby clothes have been ditched. You've bought smart clothes that fit your build. You're looking sharp, or at least you think so. Have you forgotten anything? Don't underestimate the power of accessories and shoes. Women look at all aspects of your appearance so don't skimp on this area. Make sure that your shoes aren't scuffed and polish them before you head out. Wear a leather belt, and if you wear a watch, don't wear the same one that you use at the gym. These finishing touches will enhance your outfit rather than bring it down a couple of notches.

A man who clearly takes pride in his appearance is instantly attractive to women. If you're worried that a complete wardrobe overhaul will look too obvious, start with small changes. The modifications you make will increase your confidence and the amount of women's phone numbers you receive.

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