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Dating Tips for Men: Don’t be This Guy if You Want a Second Date

Dating Tips for Men Dont be This Guy if You Want a Second Date

So you're ready to go on that first date. You even went and bought a new shirt and got a haircut for the occasion. Good for you. You are on your way! Now don't go and blow this opportunity by putting off your newly found date by displaying the characteristics women hate most of all. Of course it is always best to be yourself once in a relationship. But a first date is a time to show off characteristics women love. You only have a short time to display how great you are. Avoid being these guys on your first date, and you'll have a much better shot at that second date.

Poor Me

As a conversation progresses, this guy always seems to bring it back to himself, talking about his recent and past misfortunes, and how they are all affecting him at this very moment. Tip: it is not fun or interesting to hear about problems or issues, especially when you don't know the person. Acting in this way may lead your date to believe that you are a perpetual whiner and a problem magnet, and she may not even return from a trip to the ladies room. No matter if you are having a bad day or week even year, be sure to find good things to discuss ahead of time, so you are armed and ready, and prepared not to be the Poor Me.

Me Tarzan

This guy loves meat and potatoes and spews the energy of a Cro-Magnon from millions of years ago - a guy you can almost picture pulling around his bride by the hair. The Me Tarzan is really more concerned with eating and basic needs than he is with things like holding a conversation and other such niceties. The problem with this is that women want to know about you on the first date, and they want to learn about you through words. So in between your food and drink, be sure to throw in a sentence or two. Gain additional points by actually asking her about herself, and listening carefully to the answer.

Mama's Boy

So maybe you don't love washing clothes or doing the dishes (who does?), or maybe you don't even know how to do those things. Or God forbid, maybe you are forty and still live with your mother. These things are not a tragedy, but disclosing this information on the first date is similar to saying, "Do you want to be my mama?" Tip: no woman wants to be your mama, except your own mama. On your first date, focus on the things you CAN do, and not the inadequacies you face because of having been taken care of for so long. This way your date will know that you are a confident and well-rounded man, and not a needy Mamma's Boy.

With a little preparation before that first date, you will be ready to avoid being these types that send a woman running for the door, and it may even lead to another date and another down the line.

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