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The Language of Love: What Her Body Is Saying to You

The Language of Love What Her Body Is Saying to You

Body language experts have researched how our bodies respond to different emotions. Studies have discovered what it means when she crosses her arms over her chest, or her eyes linger over your shoulder. What is the body language of your loved one saying to you? Learn to interpret the body language of your love interest.

Researchers of non-verbal communication tell us that up to 50% of our communication is done through non-verbal means. (The other half comes through in the tone of our voice as well as the actual words we use.) So, it's important to know what every blink and smile means for your love life.

How far from you does your potential mate stand? When someone likes you they may ease into your coveted personal space when you're talking. Don't be alarmed. If she seems a little too close it's probably intentional. This body language is her way of telling you that she wants to be close. Men and women alike use this method to convey their desire to be near someone they have a romantic interest in.

Even if your love interest is too shy to stand close, she may be showing her interest in another way. If you're sitting together, notice which way her fingers and hands are placed. It may appear natural, but we tend to place our hands towards the object of our affection.

When you enter the room, notice where she stands in relation to you. Much like placing her hands in your direction, the experts in body language say that someone who's interested in you will most likely orient their body towards you. Even if you're there to grab a cup of coffee and see her with friends across the room, she will probably turn to face you, acknowledging your presence, if she's interested in a more personal relationship.

Take note of her body orientation but also be aware of her smile. Research shows that people who are attracted to one another smile when they're communicating. Whether in person or over the phone, if she has romance on her mind, she will have a smile on her face. In addition, her smile may linger longer than necessary. It's a sign of interest if her smile continues during pauses in the conversation or long after the conversation has ended.

With her body facing you and a smile on her face, pay attention to her eyes. Does she blink rapidly? Winking or 'batting' of the eyes, as well as an increase in pupil size, are signs that she's attracted to you. Also be aware that intense eye contact shows that she's confident in her feelings and not afraid to let you know.

There are additional behaviors that she may exhibit to show her romantic intentions. Do you seem to run into her more often than you ever did before? Has she made a point to have mutual acquaintances and friends? These are intentional tactics to create opportunities to be close to you. Do you notice that she seems overly flirtatious one day and ice cold the next? Those ups and downs are a normal reaction to a realization that she may be coming on too strong. If she fears that you're not reciprocating her feelings then she may be overly distant one day after showing obvious advances the day before.

Is she finding reasons to engage you in conversation? Does she stand closer than everyone else when you talk? Does she gaze confidently into your eyes? If you've noticed any of these behaviors then she's probably trying to tell you something. If you're interested in romance with her then let her know. Find a reason to talk to her and use your own body language to let her know you're interested in her also.

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