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Become the Alpha Wolf: The Ten LIES That Will Make You a Better Man

Become the Alpha Wolf The Ten LIES That Will Make You a Better Man

What does it take to get the ladies, to get dates whenever you want? Some people blame it on genetics. They say that it's not their fault that they weren't born good looking, and then resign themselves to a lonely life, hoping that some girl will pity them and look their way. You don't have to join them.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is that attractive men get women. Confident men get women. Lying men get women. Even jerks get women, because they have a combination of the aforementioned traits. How can you be like them? How can you, a nice, sensitive, and average looking guy, get the girl? How can you become the Alpha wolf?

You can lie! Not to women...but to yourself. Any smart life-coach or teacher will tell you that when it comes down to the wire, if you lack confidence, you can just fake it. However, you might not know how to fake it.

Here is a list of ten magical lies that will change who you are and get women to love you. Use these lies and you will become free.

"I like how I look."

That is exactly the way you have chosen to look. You don't look like that because you don't have a choice. This is your decision, your power, your choice.

"I can talk to anyone, even random people I bump into."

You are a social creature. You talk to people all the time and you always get what you want from them, whether it's a favor or a phone number. If the person you're talking to doesn't give it to you, it's not on you. They've just made themselves unimportant and unworthy of your valuable time.

"I get dates all the time."

Whenever you get a date, it's not a big deal. It's not something that makes or breaks your world. It doesn't matter if she's busy – you've got other plans to attend to that week. Your social schedule is as full as you want it to be.

"I am worthy."

You are worth it. The women you choose are the luckiest women in the universe. If they cross you or wrong you, drop them like a stone and walk away. Make some other girl the luckiest girl in the universe.

"I like hearing you talk about your ex-boyfriends."

Enjoy it when they talk about them at length because all those ex-boyfriends are inferior. They lost her. You're keeping her.

"I like hearing her talk."

Everything she says is interesting to you. Everything you say is something that improves the conversation. It isn't about you – it's about her. It's about letting her talk to you, and not about talking to her.

"I love the way she looks."

Her taste in fashion is beyond reproach. You enjoy her taste in fashion and love looking at her.

"I think she's the most special woman in the world."

Nobody else in the world appreciates her the way you do. Her family doesn't see her the way you do. Her friends and co-workers cannot even begin to appreciate her the way you do. You do – you see her wonder and glory. She is special – after all, you chose her out of millions of women in the world.

"She will have sex with me."

It is fate. It is destiny. It will happen.

"I have never lied in my life."

All those lies? You've never told any of them, ever.

You might say that only jerks tell these lies. First of all, jerks get the girls. Second of all, you've never told any of them ever. You're not a nice guy who gets "friend-zoned" at every possible opportunity. You're an Alpha. You get dates all the time. You talk to strangers all the time and you only pick the best women.

The key to greatness is failure. Lying convincingly is about practice. Look at yourself in the mirror and lie. Practice lying to people on the bus, or at work. You'll get better and better. Eventually, you'll be so good at lying that everyone will buy all the lies you sell. Women won't be able to stop thinking about you. They will, in fact, start chasing you.

It sounds like a dream, an impossible reality. Think about it. Imagine the possibilities. Does it feel good?

Now go and become the Alpha wolf you've always been.

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Is he an Alpha wolf or sheep shagger???
Sigma says " meh "
This article is weird afthumbs down
BTW, if you lie too much, you go to hell... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Some of us are reared to respect others ,any relationship built on lies is doomed from the start, this thread is utter bull and should be deleted
This info is why people get hurt and play games!
Why don't you go to a pick up bar with rest of most of the slime that belive this crap.
In the long run Karma will catch up to these jerks! As they will fall for someone who plays them! Or gives them a std! What goes around comes around, end up old and lonley!!!
Are you serious?, you lie to be an alpha in-front of a woman!.. You cannot lie to a woman about being an alpha or not.. They will scan you and will smell your lies.. This is hard-wired in them. They will know if you are an alpha or not before even you have a chance to open you mouth..
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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