Tips on How to Flirt

Tips on How to Flirt

Flirting happens to be a skill that comes easily and almost instinctively to some people. Unfortunately, quite a few people have no clue whatsoever as to how to flirt with another person. Flirting, both verbal and nonverbal flirting, can be learned and used successfully even by those who haven't a clue as to how to begin.

Flirting should involve both types of behavior, verbal and nonverbal, for the most successful experience. Some examples of flirtatious behavior are presented below that could prove useful to someone who wishes to indulge in a romantic quest.

Verbal Flirting Techniques
  • Using a light-hearted banter in the beginning of the conversation allows both of you to relax without worrying about the other's reaction.
  • Using a tone of voice that isn't grating on the nerves almost guarantees that the other person will continue listening to you.
  • Using a tone of voice that isn't too loud for the situation keeps the conversation private and intimate.
  • Using a tone of voice that isn't too desperate in nature helps to keep the interaction lighthearted and ongoing.
  • Chatting up on general subjects initially will help you to find some common ground until you discover the interests of the other person. Once you do find out what topics might be good, you can focus on what the individual likes.
  • Always match your non-verbal cues to your verbal flirtatious communication.
Using Eye Contact to Flirt
  • Make an initial connection with an admiring glance that is brief yet sufficient enough to indicate that you are interested in the other individual.
  • Avoid staring at the other person since this can appear threatening or judgmental before the relationship even has time to start.
  • It isn't necessary for you to make eye contact continually while talking with a new acquaintance. It is possible for constant eye contact to make the other person nervous.
  • When the other individual is speaking, look at him or her more frequently than you did when you were doing all of the speaking.
Using Body Posture to Flirt
  • Tilt your head to one side, preferably to the left, to indicate that you are interested in what the individual is saying to you.
  • If you are sitting down together, you should refrain from keeping your legs crossed. This nonverbal cue often sends a signal that you are trying to distance yourself from the other individual.
  • If you are sitting down together, you can always cross and uncross your legs to bring attention to yourself. This should be done in a tasteful manner.
  • Even if you are experiencing some nervousness, try to refrain from crossing your arms tightly in front of you. This nonverbal cue often sends a signal that you are trying to distance yourself from the other individual.
  • Whether you are sitting down or standing, you should lean slightly towards the other person rather than leaning backwards or to the side.
Using Gestures to Flirt
  • You can toss your head back gently when you laugh to emphasize your delight as well as to gain his attention.
  • If you have long hair, you can flip your hair gently to maintain his attention.
  • Occasionally twirl a small bit of your hair around your finger once or twice throughout the conversation. Avoid doing it more than that or you will make yourself appear nervous.
  • Bring your hands up in a small, silent clap in response to something that he says.
  • Bring one hand up to your chin while you are talking to capture his gaze upon your face.
  • Bring one hand up toward your chest for a brief second and then bring it up to your shoulder or face while you are talking to capture his gaze there.
  • If you want to emphasize a point that you make, bring your hand down slightly.
  • Extend an open palm to the individual as an invitation to agree with you.
  • Occasionally, you can nod your head to indicate agreement or to show that you are interested. Avoid multiple nods or frequent nods, as they can be distracting.

Quite often, what we do is noticed much earlier than what we say. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the movements and gestures that we make. Physical flirting is just as important as verbal flirting. In fact, it usually takes a combination of both forms of flirting to get someone's undivided attention. Flirting is like a romantic serenade before the relationship gets under way. If it works for you, flirt with the best of them.

Comments (5)

Oh ..Gee! I just realized what have been missing in my life for the past 2 years !!
I miss this thing so much kiss
can I flirt or would it be someone flirt on me doh conversing grin
If you dont like what theyre saying, or their character, then its all worthless, its the spirit of the person that is what I look for, thats the one thing I think will attract me to them, cause beauty passes away eventually, but the spirit or heart of a person remains constant, yes?
It has been my experience that some people, guys and gals, like to flirt with anyone. Some kind of ego trip I guess. I am pretty good at spotting the natural ones from the self-worshippers.
just like th movies. guys like a girl thats genuine sometimes 2 n we dnt al gt turned on by her playing with her hair.
remember flirting is also shown by touching one another at time ,for example: on the arm ,if sitting on the hand get the picture?

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