3 Things Guys Can’t Resist in a Woman

3 Things Guys Cant Resist in a Woman

Every man wants to be wanted. If you are trying to gain the affection of a particular gentleman, there are certain aspects of your personality that will pull him towards you. After all, you want to pull a man to you, not push him away. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to treat a man is invaluable. When a man finds a woman who possesses all of the right qualities, he will find himself in a state of bliss.


If you know who you are as a woman, this is the first step of getting the man of your dreams. By conveying confidence in how you talk and walk, your love interest will notice that you are strong. If you can stand on your own without him, he will want to stand beside you. Because you do not need a man, you will become more attractive. A confident woman can handle any situation because she knows her worth. When a woman is insecure, a man can see it in her facial expressions, choice of words and how she treats the people around her. However, when a woman knows what she wants, men will find her irresistible.


Being an ice princess will get you nowhere near a man's heart. Men are attracted to women who know how to open up emotionally. Despite the misconception that men hate mushy women, men like to be taken care of. They enjoy hugs, kisses and many other signs of affection that only a woman can offer. The softness of a woman's body and words drive men crazy. If you are interested in a guy, be sure to show your softer side. Being affectionate does not mean hovering or acting clingy. Demonstrate your interest through encouraging words, pet names and slight touches, and he will not be able to stop thinking about you.


Men like to feel admired by women. A woman who is able to show her man how proud she is of him through her words and actions will win over his heart. A man will not choose to be a woman who does not respect or admire his efforts. If he does not feel good about himself when is with you, then you do not stand a chance. Show him how much you admire his mind, and he will be yours before you know it.

As a woman, you are armed with all of the qualities that could make a man happy. However, seduction starts in the mind. Attraction is derived from a mixture of emotions, which can be stirred by another human being. In other words, you have more power in attracting the person who you desire than you may think. If you show a man how much you understand his needs through your actions, he will gravitate towards you.

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A good article to read...but onething i think could be added...which gravitate woman more is caring sense of humour and generousity....good luck to you
Actually, The true way to keep your man is to be able to satisfy him in ALL departments..and sometime that is not enough..
Hi There

As a woman I have realised what I learnt as a teenager things like, be cool meaning don't show him you care, and
needing him well that was just to much.

The coolest girls did not show what they felt about a boy, what they wanted or needed from a young man.

As life progressed they did'nt learn any different, so most of my school mates who were so cool at school married late in life to """deadbeats"" or the most (uncool man).

I was never very cool, so I had to learn by reading, trying out different situations what worked with a man, and the things I read said, the key to a man's heart is through his stomach. I really could not understand this but it showed a man how much you cared and he grew to need you in many more ways.

Getting back to the article without bring mushy and over the top I have learnt a man does love to be needed and also to be proud of his partner in more ways than looks, this is not to say he wants a woman who does not care about herself as she is an offshoot of him.

I read the ""what about big boobs"" if that is all a man wants a woman would find him very boring, he could book a lady of the night would that satisfy his needs?

Overall I believe the article is true,
Confidence and passion are without a question what grab my attention most in women. Personally though, while admiration and affection are nice, I'm not straight up attracted to them. It's a real deal breaker if you aren't affectionate, and you dont admire each other, but it's not really a turn on perse.

Also I wouldn't say these are gender specific, women seem to be greatly drawn to the same traits.
What about big tits?

That's gotta be right up at the top!


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