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Making Him Wait: Why it’s Brilliant

Making Him Wait Why its Brilliant

While most Americans do not wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship, there is value in the notion of waiting. In American culture, the idea of waiting to engage in sexual intercourse seems old-fashioned and outdated; however, modern women should know that there is a benefit to making a man earn his prize. While many people may argue that a woman's virtue is not a prize to be won, it does not lessen the fact that men are natural hunters. Take away the hunt, and the man's role in the relationship will immediately change into something either unidentifiable or unlikely to appeal to the majority of women who enjoy being courted and treasured.

Extend the Courtship

When a man courts a woman, he puts his best foot forward in pursuit of winning her over. If a woman abstains from engaging in sexual relations during this period, the man will continue to court her. Many men would still court a woman even if she slept with him early on in the relationship. However, the majority of men are more likely to pursue a woman and take her out on dates before they achieve the homerun in the bedroom. If a woman is smart, she will extend the waiting period for as long as she desires to be courted.

Weed Out the Incompatible

Many men just try to get lucky. They do not want to put in the effort to nurture a budding relationship. If a woman sleeps with this kind of man too early, she runs the risk of being used. When a woman wants to be in a committed relationship, it is important to weed out the men who are not ready for serious romantic involvement. By keeping her legs closed, a woman can see the quality of the man who is pursuing her. If he is only after the chase, he will eventually give up and pursue an easier target.

Sober Mind

When sex is involved from the beginning of a courtship, both men and women can get lost in passion and miss signs of incompatibility in their partner. It is necessary to know who someone is outside of the bedroom before engaging in mind-blowing activity. Being abstinent is similar to having a sober mind. After spending a reasonable amount of quality time with a woman, a man should be able to form an opinion on her qualities without relying on sexual performance and preference.

For women who are relationship-oriented, the only way to get a man to really invest in a forming a serious bond is to capture his mind and heart. If abstinence proves difficult, women should remember that waiting for intimacy will only make the consummation of the relationship sweeter for both parties.

Comments (14)

I always knew we women had the upper hand in dealing with our guys.
Sex as a tool of manipulation, brilliant.
Almost as good as force. *sigh
Thanks for this
I totally agree with this article, even if some of the terminology used is offensive to modern, forward-thinking and equality-driven individuals. While the question "Would you date a best friend?" is often asked, the 'waiting period' can be used to make a best friend of the very one so romantically coveted, just as long as it is clear that the 'friend zone' isn't a sought-for eventuality.
A temporary, short or long term, form of s*xual abstinence is healthy to the development of a couple that is serious about getting to know each other during the first years together. It would certainly help to avoid many broken hearts.
s*xual intimacy holds a small place in the daily or weekly routine of serious individuals who hold career, hobbies and human interactions at a higher level than base animal instincts that may or, more often than not, may not contribute to the durability of the couple's relationship in time.
Your article has good advice to the women and men who are serious about developing a long-lasting relationship that is sure to lead to a strong marriage based on mutual respect and genuine love.
Thank you!
Thank you for this article and I absolutely agree.
Yes effort brings reward right.
I also agree, once you are intimate you do overlook things because your mostly very happy. If you are happy to be mostly happy in life for short periods of time while you are is a quick relationship then don't wait.
However if you want to find something meaningful and be a whole lot happier for the long term, then I think perhaps it will be worth the wait.
confused dunno
Tell a woman she has to wait, and see her look disgusted, as her lips get tight, and she says, FINE!

When translated that means, you won't get another chance; and she doesn't want to talk anymore.
I wholeheartedly agree....not just about most Americans, but about most people worldwide. There are times when there is such an attraction that two people just cannot wait; I say that with tongue in cheek, because they can wait, they just don't want to. However, the danger lies in that it just becomes about the physical and let's face it; than can fade away without the cerebral stimulation. A relationship worth having, is worth working for. handshake heart beating
Even though I do not agree with some terminology used such as prize or hunter (we are not in the dark ages), I do believe in the concept of no sex before marriage. We are teaching our younger generation the wrong meaning of what sex is. My son is 21 and is a virgin and that was a decision he made. He is at University doing great things and his pod cast was selected to go on a sports radio program permanently which has never happened before to budding sports journalists. He is interested in girls and had a girlfriend. His mates told him that the moment they had sex they felt different but not a good different. One even became depressed. We do not understand the spiritual ramifications at all. doh
You mean like USER women who pull this WAIT crap, but she can't get married because she will lose her benefits if she gets married, No sense of even dating or being with her, she's USING you for everything she can get, never will marry you and that is the excuse for NOT wanting sex! She will commit every sin in the book, except that one!
My notes, because i found this deeply disturbing:

>many americans aren't that stupid

>any value in the notion of waiting comes from a different era's ethical guidelines, so it is as pointless as saying the earth is flat and if you sail further away you'll fall into hell.

>to view genitals as prizes is a very bad way to treat your body and it harms you, so don't

>Hunter stereotypes might be convenient but when they don't apply people are really hurt by the assumption, not to mention these stereotypes are useless in a society based on equality. But seriously to apply the hunter stereotype to an intelligent male living in our century is really hurtful so don't please.

>By defining courtship as you do ("When a man courts a woman, he puts his best foot forward in pursuit of winning her over"), you take something that occurs or should occur naturally and confine it to a manipulative strategy involving malice. I can only assume you do that because you are used to inherent malice in everything, which is awful.

>women are not prizes you stupid funt, she'll search and know what to do with her body before having you diminish her to whatever this awful thing is.

>To be in a budding relationship you need to offer something intellectually engaging otherwise you're just meat . you can be meat that one f_ucks, or meat that one doesn't f_uck but you're still meat if you have no intellectual offerings.

>"by keeping her legs closed" SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how the f*ck do you teach a woman self respect by that? Your assumption is that she wants to spread and she shouldn't WTF!!! Like when your child wants to paint and you tell them if you don't paint you'll be a better person. and still your talking about her legs! how cheapening is that! she has legs, and a va*ina. If you honestly wanted to empower her you would talk about her genitals since that's what you're interested in and not her legs like if we live in the 1600s.

>For women that are relationship oriented, stop believing in this crap, and search inwards for the better person you have in you, and then try to make that person a real life hero every moment of every day and maybe someone will appreciate that and maybe not. but you'll have gained much more by the process than thinking in terms of your s*xual offerings which diminishes you to a sex-doll more or less.

Dear women, it is articles like the one above that keep you chained to an unjust supporting role. It is pointless to strategize your genitals. they're not that much different than your elbows.
I totally disagree,
Maybe there are men who are like that but not all,
For example, I get more excited about the girls who start a romantic relationship and pay attention to me from early stage. I know that they know what they want and they are not playing games
Play hard to get is the way you feel appreciate when you get at lastcheering
WELL SAID.......applause applause applause HAVING SEX WITH SOMEONE AND FINDING OUT




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