Why He Liked You Better Before

Why He Liked You Better Before

Your boyfriend pursued you for a few weeks before you started to date exclusively. He used to call you more often; hang on your every word and pay more attention to what you were up to. Lately, he's been distant, and he has neglected to make the effort to communicate or spend any real bonding time with you. If you stop to think, you'll notice that he is different because you have changed. If you compare and contrast how you used to behave in the beginning of your relationship versus how you behave now, you will find that you're a different woman.

Independent Interests

When you first started dating your boyfriend, you had your own interests. You had your own friends. You didn't wait for him to make your own plans. Months later, you started to become clingy, losing your own opinions and interests. It's okay if you don't like the same baseball team as your boyfriend does. As a matter of fact, it's okay if you hate sports. If he did not like you for you, he would have never made you his girlfriend. Keeping your own individuality is important as your relationship progresses.

Happy from the Inside

If your man constantly talks about how you were in the beginning of your relationship, you should reflect on your old self. Did you used to laugh at his jokes? Were you happier with your job? You should reflect on how your aura has changed and improve yourself by finding a happy medium between your past and present. If your boyfriend fell in love with another version of you, then this may be a problem in the current state of your relationship. When you are not happy with yourself, you are never going to be happy with your partner... and it shows.

The Mysterious Woman

Your man used to be intrigued by you, and he used to crave being in your presence. However, lately he'd rather hang out with his friends than you. While this may be a normal, natural state of your relationship, you did not want the mystery in your relationship to disappear. If your man is not as excited as he used to be around you, perhaps things have gotten too comfortable. During the courting period, you were all dressed and ready when he came to pick you up.. He never saw all the makeup and wardrobe changes it took for you to get that way. You rarely complained about things he did, because you didn't know him well enough to notice those faults. And you were always happy to see him, because you didn't see him that often. Things about you are not so mysterious now, and you're letting other things in your life take priority over your relationship and affect your happiness.

It may be time to shake up your relationship with a little adventure. Surprise your man with a home-cooked meal or plan a fun evening or weekend, locally or away. Rent a sexy movie for the two of you to watch together. Give him the night off and go dancing with your girlfriends. Forget about what you usually do, and incorporate something different in your schedule. But more importantly, try to relax more and not take things more seriously than they are. Your man just wants you to be happy again... with your life, and with him.

In order to keep your man on his toes, try to keep him guessing. While your relationship can be stale on occasion, don't let it get boring. By making your own happiness a main priority, you will be able to take care of yourself and nurture your relationship. Once your boyfriend realizes that the woman who he fell in love with hasn't vanished, your relationship will be in good standing.

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well, these same type of things do go both ways, where you lose interest in him because of the extra time together and what it reveals.

I figured out long ago that any lasting relationship, the interests we DON'T share are as important to it's health as those we do share. The time apart gives us the space we all need sometimes, and it also gives us things we can talk about with each other where we weren't both there.

I'm not saying it will be a change in my interests,or yours, but talking about what we did with friends other than each other is a good way to keep yourselves together, rather than growing apart from to much time together.
Very good advice indeed - sometimes it's hard to notice the spiral you slip into by placing far too much focus on your relationship and too little on your own happiness, independent from how it is going with your man.

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