Winning Against Your Girlfriend

Winning Against Your Girlfriend

Your dad may have told you at some point in your life that there is no arguing against a woman. They always end up winning by resorting to irrefutable logic or emotional blackmail. As soon as the first tear sheds, the battle is over. It does not matter how passionately you feel about your side of the story. Wouldn't it be great if once in a while the men emerge victorious in an argument? Here are some tips on how to get the upper hand in your argument against your lady:

Use the First Person Approach

There is a big difference between saying "you never have time for me" and "I feel like I'm alone most of the time." Approaching the issue using the first person perspective will make you appear to be the victim, while focusing on "you statements" tend to have an accusatory vibe. When your girlfriend senses that you are not attacking her, she will be more inclined to hear out your side of the story. Having her listen to what you have to say is the first step in winning an argument.

Do NOT Use the Word "Relax"

Most women are ruled by emotions that clearly manifest during a heated conversation. They can get irritable, animated, over-excited, talkative, and may even scream on occasion. They let all their feelings out because that is how they cope given a difficult situation. Telling them to "relax" will just make the situation worse. You do not want to sound too overbearing or too uncaring about how they feel. Telling them to "take it easy" or "settle down" will push them over the edge.

Never Mention Your Friends

Your arguments should only focus on your personal opinions and feelings. Never include the opinion of other people. Do not even mention that your friends think she is selfish, insecure, or uptight. Some women have hidden resentments against your friends. They feel that your friends take away your precious time and attention. They are sometimes insecure about your tight bond and closeness with your pals. Bringing them up during an argument would unleash these pent up sentiments.

Never Make a Threat

Threatening your girlfriend is a surefire way of making your chances of winning an argument worse. Women do not respond well to threats. Making an empty threat will only make you look ridiculous in the end. They will call your bluff and force you to either follow through or back down.

Catch Her Off-Guard with a 'Fib'

To be clear, you should try your best not to lie to your girlfriend. No matter how seemingly insignificant the lie is, it will be taken against you when the truth eventually comes out. Having said that, there are certain situations where you will need to make tiny lies that will catch her off guard. When a woman becomes emotional, she has the tendency to assume that her boyfriend has no idea why she is being upset. While that may be true, acknowledging the fault and asking her if she wants to talk about it will catch her off guard and will give you an opportunity to think about what you did. Admitting that you have no idea why she is harassing you, on the other hand, will make you come across as insensitive and selfish.

On a final note, never expect to win every argument. While these tips will help improve your chances of gaining an advantage, they do not guarantee a lifetime of victory and dominance. Learn to choose your battles, and apply these methods only when you really need to. One of the secrets of having a lasting and harmonious relationship is conceding defeat.

Comments (4)

I found it offensive as well. I am a woman and I am not ruled by emotions in an argument. (In regards to emotions, I have met many men who were just "emotional" as women when they were upset.)

This article is full of untrue stereotypes. Male or female, you won't win an argument with an unreasonable person no matter what you do. You will win an argument if you are right and the other party concedes your point is justified. Its not gender based, women have just as much ability to reason as men. If you have not met an "unreasonable" man, you must not get out much. laugh cheers hug
it's a commonly used trick to get peoples attn. the article is not that bad.
I find this article offensive starting with the title! scold When did a relationship become a warzone with chosen sides and winners or losers? Why does it have to be women versus men? Instead of trying to be the winner of an argument, how about working constructively to get to the bottom of the issues? A relationship is give and take. It requires compromise. handshake If you want your way all the time, then your relationship will turn into a battleground.

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