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5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friendship

5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Every relationship – even those between close friends – will go through a few ups and downs over the course of time. But what about those friendships that leave you feeling emotionally drained and exhausted? If you've got someone in your life that seems to be having a negative effect on your mental, emotional or physical well being, you may be involved in a toxic friendship.

Surrounding yourself with people who want the best for you is an essential part of fulfilling your maximum potential. Toxic friendships, as their name implies, are those that hold you back instead of moving you forward. Unsure as to whether or not your pal is doing more harm than good? Check out these 5 tell-tale clues:

They Lie

Pay attention to the things your supposed friend says. Not just to you, but to everyone that matters to them. Everyone is guilty of the occasional white lie, but someone who tells more whoppers than Burger King is decidedly shady. Guaranteed, if she's lying to her mom, brother and boss constantly, she's doing the same when she talks to you.

They Date Your Exes or Love Interests

Anyone who will purposely pursue someone you've had an emotional connection with (or even someone that they know you are interested in dating) is breaking more than just your heart. This is a clear violation of the number one unwritten rule of the friendship code – and a sure sign that he or she is a toxic friend.

They Pressure You

Any time someone tries to push you into things your uncomfortable with; it's time to cut them off. Berating you for not wanting to do the kinds of things they want all the time is completely uncool. Differing ideas or values should always be treated with respect among genuine friends. Pressure and offhanded taunting are sure signs of nagging jealousy – something that should never be present in a healthy friendship.

They've Always Got Something Better to Do

A key clue that you're dealing with a bad friendship is someone who constantly ditches you when new plans pop up with someone else. Whether it's her new boyfriend or the office gossip from accounting, if she's breaking plans with you to spend time with someone else on a regular basis, it's time to buddy up with someone who respects your time for the valuable commodity it is.

They Disappear During Your Times of Need

The most blaring sign of a toxic friendship comes at those less than rosy times in your life. If you find yourself constantly listening to all of his or her troubles and unable to share any of your own, you're dealing with a one-way friendship.

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