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5 (Nonsexual) Ways to Turn Your Woman On

5 Nonsexual Ways to Turn Your Woman On

For most men, all it takes is a peek of cleavage or a glimpse of lacy panties to get them in the mood. Alas, when it comes to women, it usually takes more than whipping out your package at the dinner table to get them fired up. So what do you do when you're woman just isn't feeling it, and you'd like to spend more time hitting the sheets?

For starters, check out these 5 tips for things to do outside of the bedroom that are guaranteed to get her motor revved for later on:

Write her a Note

In an age of text messages, email, Twitter and Facebook, the handwritten note is almost unheard of. That's exactly what makes it so effective. Pen, pencil or crayon – it doesn't matter as long as it's a heartfelt missive. She'll treasure seeing your actual handwriting so much; it will score you some serious points.

Make her Laugh

Ask the average woman what she wants in a man, and chances are excellent that a great sense of humor ranks way above a six-figure income or abs of steel. Remind her why she fell for you in the first place by putting her at ease and making her laugh. There are few things sexier than a guy with razor sharp wit that knows how to use it.

Dress to Impress

One of the best ways to get her out of her pants may just be to put yourself into a nicer pair of your own. If you're hanging out in raggedy sweats and a stained t-shirt all the time, she's probably not going to be inspired to take a peek at what's underneath.

Remember, men like seeing a naked woman. Women like seeing a well-dressed man. Of course, you don't have to walk around the house in a three-piece suit in the hopes of getting some love. A well-fitting pair of jeans and a clean shirt will do just fine.

Be Scent-Sational

No sense is more closely linked to positive memories than scent. Ditch the sweaty man smell for a clean, right out of the shower scent and you'll be that much closer to seducing your girl Friday. No need to go overboard (no woman wants to get it on with a man that smells like he has a cardboard pine tree hanging from his neck). Instead, hit the mall with her – bonus points for going shopping with your lady – and let her pick out the body wash and cologne combo that drives her wild.

Throw on your Tool Belt

No, not for role-play. (Although if you play your cards right, that may be in your future, as well)

Women love watching a man be manly. Women also appreciate when you pitch in and help out. Combine these two ideas, and you have the ideal recipe for making an impression on her. Fix that leaky faucet, put up the pictures she can't reach, or lay the tile floor in her guest bathroom. Either way, watching you work up a sweat and getting stuff accomplished might just be the best aphrodisiac for your lady.

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Hyoo it nice one.hope it will be practised by men.
to esperanzado,he wrote "well that's all well and good,what do you do if you don't have an woman?:::he lives in Arizona,so all he has to so is go across the border!!Yuk,yuk,yuk
All that sounds like great advice, but what do you do if you dont have a women?laugh

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