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Are You Pushing Your Man into the Arms of Another Woman?

Are You Pushing Your Man into the Arms of Another Woman

Women are often left wondering what went wrong when their relationships fall apart. They don't understand what happened because they don't recognize their role in the dissolution of the relationship. Even if they don't realize it, women often behave in ways that push men away. Suddenly, after months or years of the same destructive behavior, they are amazed that their relationships didn't work.

Women with low self-esteem and insecurity issues often try too hard to keep a man. By trying too hard, they inadvertently push away the men they are trying so desperately to keep. Women who are insecure are usually clingy and controlling. A clingy woman may follow her man around never giving him a moment of solitude. She has to accompany him everywhere he goes. She may hold on to his arm with a death grip that is certain to push him out the door eventually. Clingy women may also cry right on cue every time her man tries to have any alone time. She may suddenly become ill or make another excuse to keep him home or take her with him. A clingy woman makes a man feel smothered and may push him right into the arms of another woman.

The controlling woman treats her man like a child and makes him feel as though he has two mothers. She tells him how to dress, drive and behave. She may even choose his clothes and his friends for him. The controlling woman tries to keep her man by controlling every aspect of his life. However, her controlling nature will make it difficult for her to keep any man for very long.

Some women can't find the perfect man so they try to change one to meet their needs. These women try to mold their men into perfect representations of their ideal man. These women may often say, "If you love me, you'll change." While it is true that an individual may become a better person through a loving relationship, true love accepts someone for the person he is. No one is perfect and the sooner this type of woman realizes that, the better off she will be.

Silence is golden. Some women simply talk too much. She wants to talk about anything and everything just to hear herself talk. If her partner is silent, she may interpret his quietness as anger. She may bombard him with questions or statements about his silence. "Are you mad at me?" "Why aren't you talking to me?" "Did you hear me?" "Why aren't you answering me?" The constant chatter can be enough to drive a man crazy. Men often just want to come home and relax. Just because he doesn't feel like talking doesn't mean he is angry. However, being accused of being mad may make him angry.

Some women insist that conversations include the repetition of three little words. If a woman insists that her man constantly says, "I love you," those words quickly lose meaning. A man should tell his partner that he loves her because he genuinely does, not because she is insecure and needs to hear it constantly. If a woman says, "I love you," then says to her man, "I said I love you. Aren't you going to say it back," those words become hollow and empty. Saying "I love you," should come from the heart. It shouldn't be a requirement that prompts anger from a woman if she doesn't hear it every time she thinks she should.

Women who gossip often unconsciously sabotage their relationships. Men may feel that women will gossip about them if they are gossiping with friends about other friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. Gossip indicates that a person is nosy, untrustworthy and disloyal. Letting your man know that you are a gossip is not a good way to win his trust and admiration.

Women need to leave past relationships in the past. Talking about old boyfriends or ex-husbands is the quickest way to push a man into the arms of another woman. He doesn't want to hear about how great your ex was. He doesn't even want to hear about how much of a jerk your ex was. Comparing your current man to an old flame is a sure way to ruin your relationship. Your current man is not in competition with your ex and should not be made to feel that way.

If you want your relationship to last, show your man that you can be loyal and trustworthy. Be a good friend as well as a love partner. Don't cling to him like plastic wrap. Trust him enough to let him enjoy a night out with the boys. Let him be his own person and remember that silence is golden. Let his actions speak louder than words.

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Sometimes they'd act that way both either women or man; it would be great idea to; wait in silence and believe in the simple fact that for everything that we'd wish to have it would require enough amount of time .
it wouldn't be any else but to be loyal and trustworthy.
I'm glad reading reflection of my thoughts. Thanks for the post
yes it really true some woman are like that.. but lucky I'm not the same. but still even i tried my best to be a better one he still not happy and we fall apart!
Mine was bipolar, which I didn't realize when we were dating, two personalities, she could get mean, violent, which she did after it was too late, we were married, also she was controlling too, and her family, her own kids and grandchildren, which expanded after we married, only had one when we dated, married her, her daughters were single mothers, she had them over too often, and her 3 grandkids were unruly and noisy as well, it seemed my wife was always babysitting...I couldn't take it, plus her mean behaviour as well, she got mad when I said she should visit her daughters there, she would go, but wouldn't come back when she was supposed to.

A combination of those things and my behaviour of not doing the wild things she liked to do virtually ended our marriage, we're separated now, there's 4 more grandkids there now, that virtually ends any hope of reconciliation we were planning to think about...that's why I'm here, to start over with a normal get it right this time.

Very good article, I agree with it very much...thanks for posting it. Good luck to all the guys in here too, let's hope you fellows have decent girls, have good relationships. This is something for women to think about also.

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