Scam Profile Red Flags

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum

Internet Romance Scams, Part 3 (How to Identify a scammer by their profiles)

Yes, Romance Scammers are relentless and never stop trying to finding new ways to get into your hearts and wallets. Just this morning I had three emails from scammers trying to start a relationship with me and two of them were using Avatars that I have already identified and posted warnings on their “Shout-outs”. One of the problems is, how do you know or identify who is real and who is a scammer. I (we) do not have all the answers, but, will try to give each of you a headstart in learning to identify a scammer profile.

1. Take a good look at the Avatar (picture), Scammers use photos stolen for Modeling and Porn websites. If the picture is posed and look professional (a very clear and sharply focused Shot) be careful. (Here is a contradiction, as over the last several months I have seen an increase of pictures of normal looking people used by scammers, mostly harvested from Facebook or pictures the scammers received from their victims).

2. The name (screen name) does not match the nation that they say they are from, (example, an obvious African or Mideastern name from Montana, USA). Also, when a screen name with sexual overtones is used be careful.

3. Looking for age group inappropriate for the age of the profile (Example a 23 year old female, looking for a man 25 to 99). Now be careful, as many Asian profiles have an older age range and are from real ladies.

4. Location; Scammer do not know the nation that they say they are from and have inappropriate associations of cities and states and sometimes countries (example, Los Angles, New York or Seattle, Canada)

5. Height, many scammers never read this item and leave the height at 3' 6" which is a child’s height.

6. Compare the body type with the picture and see if they match (most scammers do not understand what “Curvy” in a body profile means).

7. Ethnicity, from the picture what is the ethnicity of the person (Example, white, blond lady listed as Native American, or an African American listed as Asian, mixed race is a dead giveaway)

8. Religion; watch out for religious affiliations that are not appropriate to the area, like Christian/LDS in Africa or Europe.

9. Read what they say “In my own words”; is it written like a native writer, is the English in the correct form, how is the spelling, (yes I know that many of us can not spell and make allowances for others, but really look at spelling).

10. Hair Color; ook at the photo and determine if they match (I know that every lady “Knows” hat here hair color is and that should never be wrong or posted as (unknown”).

11. If you can see the eyes in the photo, look and check for a match.

12. Is the education appropriate for the age and work that they are doing (Example, Doctorate, or Ph.D. at the age of 24).

13 Occupation: said that they had a highschool education and listed Occupation as a Nurse which requires a degree. (Watch out for buyer and sellers of antiques, art,
gold, and beads, fashion, self-employed and child care, also look out for Engineers and Architects).

14. Income; is the income appropriate for the age group and occupation. Remember in the US, $52,000.00 per year is average (example, working as a secretary and earning $70.000 to $100,000 per year).

Then take a real close look at the written profile. Let’s take a look at “Red flags” that we could find in a scammers written profile.

1. Spelling is atrocious (even I can use a spell checker).

2. Unfamiliar with the language and grammar of the nation they state that they are from. (Example, They say that they are from the USA, and inconsistent with an American writer).

3. Uneducated in writing/speaking skills (like a third grade writer).

4. Overuse of terms on endearment and emotions.

5. Notorious for using “i” instead of the proper form of “I”.

6. The use of abbreviations such as u; r;ur; coz; pls; plz; ma; m; Am; sry; brb’ dev; ect, (Using Text language to write a email or profile).

7. Improper or mixed phrases like "

“i” will like to heer from you soonest;

I am kool;

Do you have any man you care to meet,;

Do you have any man you planning to meet;

Looking for someone to love and care for in life;

Am cheerfull in life;

I will like to meet someone that is careing and loveing for real in life;

“I” am too young for my age if you don’t know;

Ok so how will you feel if i says i dont mind you;

i will like you to be my best friend;

You are so pretty for my likeness; etc.

8. Misunderstanding our slang or comparisons such as night owl/early bird, poker face

Here are examples of a scammer’s written profile:

“Well i love my job o much, i can laugh a lot...LoL, Write me and i will tell you more about myself because i don't know what to write at the moment.”

“I would describe myself as a calm, romantic, kind, honest and caring and loving person. My hobbies are going to movies, Beaches and dining out to nice restaurantsI love playing Volley ball. I also love travelling. I like the color blue. I love kids whenever I see them on the street playing and I am wishing to have mine someday. They are so cute at this young ID charity.”

“i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i we tell you letter i”

“ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter ask me letter”

“am the person who remember the ones that help me but also da ones who destroy me, but no matter what i learn to forgive the others because remember u only have one life so enjoy It, and never look back live the life because the years gone never come back!!!”

“i just finished my schooling so i am currently in an IT programme”

Many times the scammers copy profile but mix the profiles or gender up by putting a mans profile in a ladies profile or the profile will have two different style of writings. In the end each of us must be vigilant and look carefully at each profile and determine if it is safe to respond to.”

If you find a Scammer, Notify the site and Block them from your email , Do not let your emotions get involved as they are criminals and are only out to steal your money.

Please feel free to comment and add examples to this blog.

Romance scammers are also copying from real profiles and pasting them into their profile, many times they forget to remove the gender and will have a male profile where it should be a female or will mix two different writing styles in the same profile.

If more that one of these areas do not match, beware and verify if they are a scammer before you develop a relationship, check the internet for known scammers and the pictures and profiles that the use.

“Do Not Feed the Scammers”

Comments (16)

I agree with you Bernard but you must realise that these Scammers are reading what you have put on this site but I do agree with what you say, most of the Scammers on this free dating site are from Ghana or Nigeria , i had a 57 year old white woman contact me from Kenya claiming she was brought in in Manchester, England but her English wasn't all the good, she claimed she is a CEO in a big company and she quickly fell in love with me but then she asked me for £300 pounds so I knew then what she was up to, then I had a pretty half white half African girl from Ghana asking me for £6000 pound ,lol..but some women are genuine like the woman from Poland who talks with me on Skype & a 30 year old Russian girl who emails me every day, she wants to visit me here in England but if she asked me for any money I will block her a experience dating site browser i have become accustomed to these mostly fake women as I have learnt my lesson because I was badly Scammed nearly 2 years ago by Ghanaian scumbags but I did demand photo copies of her Passport etc before I sent her any money..the main problem for me is how do they obtain people's email addresses if we don't give them out !..hope you can reply reply to my opinion Bernard...from Paul Harvey in England
Message sent at 8:45pm GMT on 5th January 2017
Thanks all, for very useful advice.
I'm pretty much sure that I've found one of those lovely scammers:( on Connecting singles...

Classic signs:
Wanted me to get off the site and give private email very quickly. and proposed after 3 days!:D

Seems to have a lot of photos to back up story about his family history (of a very handsome chap (modelling style poses ) but who unfortunately changed his eye colour in some shots.!:D

The long email a classic cut and paste and have found other examples online where all that differs is the name and date of birth:.
eg. I am a Captain currently serving in the USMC ( United State Marine Corps) Born on October 24th 1967 I grew up in Long Island, went to Centereach HS for my high school diploma and got admitted to Fashion Institute Of Technology to study Psychology and Art History Minor with Major in Advertising

Description Native American with Polish name

Could go on, but need to go and click that block button...

Sorry Zygmunt AKA ReaLifePartnerM from Connectingsingles if you are genuine

but I suspect not and as a good friend told me it all seemed too good to be true!:) which is something is something I'd encourage anyone to do is get a friend to cast an impartial eye over anything you receive.

Interested to know if anyone else has come across this one?

Cheers again all, I think I've had a lucky escape and hope I've given some useful info to prevent this happening the others.
Some very good observations! But don't slam us artistic types that know how to take a great photo! :)

Also, don't be too critical of people's spelling and grammar as indicators of a scammer. Nothing is sadder than a woman telling the world how intelligent she is, with poor grammar and capitalization, no punctuation, and the word "intelligent" misspelled! America is a beautiful land, but evidently grammar, punctuation, and spelling have become a lost art for many. They can still be perfectly wonderful people! :)
It is a really great observation. Well done!

I would add something else though. Usually the scammer spreads as a first message long copy/paste text, with quite detailed information about their origin, education, occupancy and hobbies. It looks so sterile and well structured, that seems truly impossible and fake. The copy/paste text is easily recognisable and cannot be mistaken.

If you still hesitate, whether the sender is a scammer or not, just check the final paragraph of that very first message. If there is an email address, where you are kindly invited to answer to, just because "he doesn't visit often this website", then the person is most probably a scammer.
I find when the scammers message you they always start with Hi Beautiful ,I was viewing your profile and i Can;t get over your beauty so i thought i would drop you a line ..and then when you get to talking to them they tell you that they are widowed and that their wife died in a Car Accident and they have one child laugh
Just last week a guy called Frederick, we chatted, and in the conversation I did mention how much I want to leave my country and never come back, I also told him I have an adopted daughter. He was so quick on his feet to try to help me out, but told me my daughter cannot come....hhhhhh. Not leaving my daughter behind for love or a man or no better opportunity, she shares in it with me. I told him I not too keen because of all the human trafficking going on and we are two females. He said all the better to come alone....hhhhhhh.

So he asked me to upload my passport so that he could have the information to go to the embassy to prepare an invitation for me to come, so stupid, i did it along with my daughters, because i am adamant if i go she goes too, that was stupidscold

So two days passed, he does not communicate, I call the local police, and let them know my stupid mistake, so they contact the federal agency in the USA giving information on the documents and there codes and contents, and then Interpol now has the information.

So let's see what he can do with my documents.

Sometimes when your in a situation and you want to get out , the grass always looks greener on the other side, but take your time, there is nothing like magic, think through all the positive and negative of the situation and weigh the options cause I might just find out I have a large credit card bill because of the information i gave him, maybe a offshore bank account or maybe a copy of it next to someone's dead body, God forbid.confused

I am not on this site very long, but I'm learning to be more careful
I would like to share my experience with the scamner named Mike
I have chatted Mike for less than 3 weeks thru email
And to my surprised he told me he will come to the Phil to meet me...
Even sending me the fake booked ticket ..
Since then I searched about his flight. .some info is correct like flight number, departure time
But perhaps the wrong thing there is no arrivals from Tokyo to cebu. ..all will arrived in Manila. .
Then on that day he landed supposedly he called me and asking money for his connecting flight to manila..because his excuse that his atm card is not yet activated . How come you will travel in other country without money at all but was able to buy sim card and was able to call me in Mobile
Well orchestrated scam but failed
Thks for my instinct.
I guess this is the new modus operandi of the scammers. .
He is well good in English
It seems that his intention is real
But all r lies just wanted to scam
This is really unbelievable,

I met a man doing scams. His english language so good and educated (my english not too good :)). When i'm asking him to make video call, he become angry and block me and what is the unbelievable moment, i found the story in one site with Rusian language, with his pic, doing scams for a woman.

what a crazy world.
Beware if the profile stated " God fearing" or "Godly people"

Using word dear, darling, love , hun in early contact.
And very common in a short time communication in the message they already doing drama mental abused
with very emotionals sentences put us in the corner with
no chance to explain. They design the communication to be a totaly screwup missunderstood conversation.
Full with anger.. left us wondering .,what had happen ? laugh
Very abnormal communication if you logicaly analyze.
Carefull when they show a live C2C in Skype, the video is looping. We can only see them in 3 second
If we ask to turn on again the cam.. they will be very angry..and said "you dont trust me ???"
doh confused no chance to have an interactive conversation through the cam

You right, Blue cypres, their english language is perfect textbook. Keep me wonder what kind of English translator apps are they using ? confused
We all can be victims of our own creations within virtual reality. I had an experience on this site and must say, I always felt a bit ahead and wondered what would happen next. I always had the impression that the person doesn't really answer my thoughts, even though it was in perfect English. Soon I felt some sort of jealousy from her site. She wanted real love and therefore someone trustworthy. Suddenly the adventure enrolled and it didn't take long. "I received a phonecall from Africa", she wrote. "My mom had a terrible car accident and can´t speak nor move anymore." I have to fly as soon as possible to see her." I asked: "Your mother?" - "Yes. My parents died in a car accident when I was young and she was the one taking care of me. I will have to go and arrange things for her there... she´s working for an orphanage..." It was really exciting for me to experience this sort of story and to imagine it all along. Then the hello from Ghana. We were trying to Skype but it didn't´t work. She wrote about the doctors, the children, her birthday which she would celebrate with the children etc.. And then another story: "I left my purse in the taxi from the airport. All was in there, my money, cards..."- "I need money." ....following suggestions where to deposit money, emotional persuasions and so on. I felt nearly embalmed with words but no love which made me quit the conversation. It was the most perfect and complex story. Heartbreaking. Maybe I am wrong but the goal of our chats has always been disguised in a dramatic and very professional way. I sure do hope that this contact could pay her ticket back to the States in the end.
Well there's another! Actually had the message typed to me but pasted it 3 times and became one paragraph.
I'm not offended in anyway shape or form. Simple reason being, I am part Native American, German. I live in a town with the Seneca tribe on a reservation. The town is the reservation. And some Native people do not have dark hair or dark complexion. I am darker than some enrolled natives. Some have brown hair or black with blue eyes! And that is very striking. Some are very light with light blonde hair. Some that have the stereotype features are not enrolled natives. :-) Just saying don't judge by movies books and oh there's no teepees or wigwams I was asked that once when giving directions. Silly people
Lmao! I just had a "gentleman's profile read they are 4 foot and 3 inches tall. Told him go away not real and promptly blocked. =-O applause
To me one of the main hallmarks of the scammer, is to pressure you in the first one or two messages to respond to a private email address. This is to avoid the scrutiny of moderators on the site, and also to avoid being blocked. Watch for this as most scammers will try these tactics.
Many of what of what you are calling typos are the actual language used by scammers and placed in the article for examples and to give you the ability to reconize a False (Scammer) Profile.
Everything you say is correct. It's just that it would be more convincing if the article itself were free of typos...
loveistheocean: "MY TOP 10 CELEB LADIES"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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