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How old is too old!

I recently became a widow. And I promised myself I would live each day as it comes. But thats easier said than done!

I have a lovely life, gorgeous kids, enough time to do with as I wish. In fact you could call it almost perfect. But almost?

I suddenly long for a bit of male attention. Someone to chat with, or watch a movie with, play a little golf with and sit and watch a live cricket match!

So I join a dating site and what happens? There are too many young men available - I get messages from 26 year olds! Now really...

My age bracket seem to be scared of dating their own age - instead they look for young women. To boost their ego? Or do I come across as over intelligent? But I DO want intelligent conversation, an independant man, a good looking man who is well mannered!

Is that too much to ask for?

So every day I go through my mail and try to discourage the gorgeous young men trying to date me! They probably think I am a love starved widow ready to do anything for a bit of affection. No I am not a love starved widow!

Or maybe I should become a cougar? I will seriously consider the option unless you, the nice 55 year old will contact me? I really am good company. I am pleasant to look at, I laugh a lot but thats because I have a good sense of humour - so be brave guys .........

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No such thing as "too old."
Your not to old and its depend on how you feel it if you feel old thats its if you feel young its okey but lucky you have a child I am 66 no child your young than me by the way am shoelace an old singles womanwave peace
Hi, I hope my braveness can take my message highlighted to the top in your inbox,
Am a widower of a 35 years of a marriage but never in my life have I seen/heard aged divorce/single/widows and they say this - I don't want to get serious as not to go thru that again or just live together as I look as healthy as a 55-ish guy with no gray/white hair but all dark brown at age 75 - yes there were other that would like to have me and have reason not to accept those that smokes-have baggage-health issues and reason of that when my first child was born doctor warn her she shows sign of becoming diabetic and thru all those years it was a failing red line stock market crashing thru the years and dealing with the issue was extremely harsh so i seek those in good health only like me. date sites are garbage of meal ticket-gold diggers-free loaders and been deaf since age 5 wish it make the road to seek much much narrow of where that flames is as I can do ASL - just a little rusty due to full hearing person-and yes I get hit from ladies of 25 to 40 of age - jeeze - feel like am in hell already - haha.
Hello beautiful....I m 32 yrs old and always like to date with old and mature lady.... Actually every young man are converted towards old ladies as of now
age these is but a number . I to am recently widowed . and a member of several other free dating sites . and there all the same . so much so I'm close to giving up. but i just get this feeling everyday there might be a message in the inbox . so I've got to look . i do have this feeling women think a man should do all the chasing
we are in the twenty twenties now not the sixteen hundreds . it takes two to make a relationship . pic or no pic there all just as bad . so may i suggest if you can find an active 2020 profile on here and you like it give it a go. JUST BE CAREFUL . MUST BE TREATED LIKE A FIREWORK HOLD AT ARMS LENGTH . AND GIVE THEM NOTHING . cheers
You are never too old.

As long as you can spread them and goes on.......
Its almost a 180 degree in belief systems. Young ladys learn after a few experiences realize older their female counterparts are experienced, considerate...longer lasting..
Sure the quicker but whats to recover after 90 seconds of selfish panting?
Go by feelings...if they treat you well, act as they should, have fun!!! If not show them the door!!!!
Best of Luck
Older guys go after younger women :Fact . Older women do not want younger guys :fact .. Older guys want younger woman because it boosts their male ego .younger guys go after older women for sex they think your older are wiser and they can learn from you . Of course younger guys are more virile so the sex is great but theres more to life than sex. When your female and 55 yrs or older your chances of meeting an intelligent healthy solvent man are very slim indeed because hell be inundated with younger beautiful women after his money and security and there's not a man on the planet who doesn't want a younger beautiful woman so he can make his friends jealous because that's what he cares about most ,other men's opinions . Men will tell you anything and everything you want to hear to get you into bed and if his performance is below pat hell expect you to put up shut up cos that's what women politely do .my afvice is dont hold out too much hope and you won't be disappointed and in the meantime live your life fully and you'll find the happiest moments hours days sre often spent alone .if you had a good marriage your chances of meeting someone half as good are almost nil .all that will happen is disappointment angst pain it's not worth it . You're an attractive bright woman you don't need a man dragging you down coz most men do esp those on free dating sites . good luck you'll need it in bucket loads. sigh
Well I can only suggest when one stops looking or expecting then love finds you. As for age differences if I were a fleamale being doted on by a young guy whose virility is still in tact
I would give some consideration. Yes you don't want to raise another kid if you have raised your kids already. Even your own children if you have any would look at you kind of strange.
Some young studs are still looking for a mom but figure they can entertain a milf for an ego boost.
When a guy gets too old and useless or needs little blue pills to make things work I'm sure it is embarrassing along with lack of staying power. As for emotional maturity and stability that is what women expect of a man at middle age. If he doesn't have anything on his plate to offer he's a loser and you are not getting any younger to wait to see what happens. Such as in my case women will be a senior home before they see any results from me. It is why they don't want anything to do with me today. If you find someone within a reasonable age who has much to offer you I would cease the opportunity. She who hesitates is lost. You say you want intelligent conversation and independent good looking men to entertain you who hopefully are not walking with a cane or sitting in wheelchair. Yet, to find someone emotionally and physically healthy even partially wealthy and wise would be an ideal match for any woman. You are a beautiful woman and you deserve goodness and love and beauty surrounds you. If one dares to approach you to offer you kindness be they 25yrs 35yrs or 45 cease the opportunity for she who hesitates is lost. Only minds and hearts truly join. Love is ageless and timeless but, always ever trying to offer healing.
Being too selective shows one is not seeking love but someone to feed them what they cannot get for themselves.
Never assume a guy who is middle aged is any more mature than a 25 yr old.
hi just read your article and its really nice to know that your are really intelligent and smart but i m surely said that its not totally true that young guys r not capable for giving you the real love & attention the problem is they just think in flirt way thats a just a start of your conversation when u meet a real young guy who really loves u then u know the age is no bar for getting love.


wish u get your perfect man soon


and smile allwayssssssssssssss
I got a lot messages from old men , who likes to get to know me better. which is really odd because i put on my profile how old the men that i like to meet. Although for some people age doesn't matter. However i find its a little bit strange to date someone whose closely enough to be my dad. My dad is 78. Keep Looking , he is out there somewhere. All the best

wine cheers
How much easier is it for someone you love to leave you permanently, as opposed to a person whom you love, have cared for, been a best and only true friend to, to suddenly be alone? It isn't easier but both are acceptable states to be in and are irretrievable conditions.
I lost my mother when I was 25 and have never really got over it. I have broken my relationships from people I could not live with as they brought no joy but constantly sucked the life out of the room.
To my mother, I regret not saying goodbye & I love you. To others including friends who I thought were my closest friends, I have to move on.
There's no trick but tricks of the mind's habits, which you can change. It's worth while embracing someone you loved who will never return, because they cannot or you will never allow them to return into your life. Forgive, love, move on. Having this one life is what you have and no one's partner is their "other half"! You are whole, you are a single organism, you are on your passage, you always were. When someone close can never share your journey, you are still on your passage. Tell yourself that you are and make a conscious effort to not stop loving who you are, don't punish yourself by making the shadow of a former life follow you wherever you go. Say goodbye, keep the memory of love, move the image of yourself to you only.
I've managed to maintain my individuality, which I strongly protect and maintain. People who want me want me for who I am and not because I came bundled with someone else - oh, your FancyNancy's other half - NO I'm Ivan.
Your picture and your profile shows you. I see no one else and that's factual.
As far as age is concerned, well that's a really funny thing. When I was 20 I had a girlfriend of 30. I had no idea how much I liked that and for obvious reasons it worked but only until I saw the age difference. Now that I'm older I laugh about myself and how I felt at 20. I have in the past had wonderful, casual relationships with people 20 years younger and it wasn't about "performance" but attitude ,their needs & comfort zone, and most importantly commonality between us. I get on well with people well below and those much older. The s*xual thing is always workable and I have to say that interest and enjoyment is achieved by working out mutual benefits and not "I can only do this and won't do that". You have to work it through. May be the average of an hour every three days of that pleasure should be balanced by realising there are all those other hours when the two of you are deriving other pleasures. With everything balance and moderation is important but communication is essential for success.
I too am a widow and I also get messages from the younger "kids" and I kind of giggle because I know they are probably looking for a lonely, wealthy widow. Little do they know I am far from both. Hang in there, I agree with the previous comment from the lady.
Hang in there lady! After reading your article, I'm here to encourage you about the men out there. I've had the same thing happen to me: guys younger than my son "hitting" on me, telling me that age is just a number. Then again, I've had guys old enough to be my dad (and just as appealing) message me. Guys are guys. They think they're God's gift to women. Just slough it off and keep on searching. Sooner or later there will be an age appropriate guy with at least half a brain who shares similar interests with you. Until then, the delete button comes in very handy. Good luck!
your never to old. i'm 65 and i find there are plenty of women my age out there. i am on the dating site and have found women that want the same thing as me. it's just a matter of finding the right one. i also get messages from women in their 30s and i just laugh. hang in there and you will find the right one

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