5 Worst Questions To Ask On a First Date

5 Worst Questions To Ask On a First Date

While you do want to get to know the man you're on a first date with, it's important that you don't venture into uncomfortable territory. There are a handful of questions that can turn an otherwise good date into a bad experience. Here are 5 of those questions.

1. "How much do you earn?"

You not only seem extremely nosy when you ask this question, but your date will think you care a lot about the answer. Even if you can't think of a single other question to ask, don't ask this one.

2. "Who did you vote for?"

Even if politics is your number one interest in life, asking this question is a bad idea. If your date didn't vote for the same person as you, or hates the candidate you voted for, you will end up having negative feelings about him before you get to know more about him. People don't always like the same political candidates. This topic is far too serious to start talking about on a first date.

3. "How many people have you slept with?"

This is probably a question you don't ever want to ask, but especially not on a first date. It's none of your business to begin with. If you're going to share information like this with each other, best leave it for another time. Also, if you are willing to ask this question and expect an honest response, you should also be willing to answer it honestly as well.

4. "What is your 5-year plan?"

This question is a little too personal for a first date. While you might want to get an idea if you are on the same path in life, it's just too serious a question for a first date. You don't want your date to feel as though he is on a job interview. Besides, he might not even have a 5-year plan. You don't want to make him feel awkward about that.

5. "Why did you and your last girlfriend break up?"

This can very a good question to ask, but probably not on the first date. You shouldn't talk about exes at all on first dates. It sets a negative tone for the date since people aren't usually excited to speak of the ex. You might be interested to know if he and his last girlfriend broke up because he cheated or something equally as serious, but not on the first date.

First dates might be nerve-wracking, but they can still be fun. Don't set a negative tone to a first date by asking questions that should best wait until later.

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