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6 First Date Faux Pas

6 First Date Faux Pas

Dates can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Avoid making any of the following six first date faux pas and enjoy a more successful date.

1. Wondering out loud why your friends set you up

Blind dates aren't always a success. Sometimes two very different people get set up by well-meaning friends. The worst thing you can do if you're not feeling the connection is to express your confusion out loud. Even if you're not a match, you can still enjoy your date. Instead of being negative, look at the positive things about your date. Your friends set you up for a reason. It doesn't have to lead to a second date, but make the most of the one you're on. Also remember that it takes time to get to know someone, so be patient. Don't write someone off in the first five minutes.

2. Drinking to excess

Drinking too much on a first date is not only unattractive, but if you get drunk you won't remember the date. Make a good impression and don't drink too much.

3. Expecting to be invited in

This is a first date no-no. Even if it's always been your experience to be invited in by a woman after a first date, don't expect it from every woman. If she doesn't ask you in, don't ask if you can come in. You'll be seen as much more of a gentleman if you say goodbye at the door instead of pressing the issue. You'll be more likely to get a second date as well.

4. Checking out other women

This is a definite first date faux pas. It's impolite to gawk at other women when you're on a date with someone. Even if your date is a knock-out, she will feel insecure if you look at other women constantly. Keep your focus on the woman in front of you. She'll be flattered by your attention.

5. Paying more attention to your phone than your date

When you're on a date, especially a first date, it's very impolite to be checking your phone constantly. If you are someone who is tempted to check your phone every time it beeps with a new notification, do yourself and your date a favour and shut off all notifications. If your phone should ring during your date, check who is calling discreetly, but don't answer unless you think it might actually be important.

6. Talking about income, sex or politics

There are some topics that should be avoided on first dates. While they can and probably will be talked about in the future, a first date shouldn't be about serious and personal topics such religious beliefs, sex, politics or how much you earn.

First dates can be successful. It's all about putting your best foot forward and making a good first impression, even if things aren't going as planned.

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