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Romance Scammers, Con Artists, Predators, and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

By Bernard G Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum

Romance Scam, Part 17

The four terms mentioned in the title; romance scammers, con artists, predators and
pathological criminals are criminals who get involved in a crime, namely involved in internet scams. Similar to other criminals, one of their basic characteristics that they have no guilt or sense of shame, not even the slightest twinge. This kind of socially deviant behaviors where there is no observable mental or physical cause cannot be classified as mental illness or mental disorder; this is what is called a “moral insanity”. This term is used for a condition for various forms of social deviancy. Read more:

Psychologically, these con artists are quite simply missing that particular gene. The con artist has no inbred stops, no conscience. That's what it means to be a psychopath. If anything, these pathological criminals feel justified in taking your money, it was because that in their mind "You deserved to be taken, you asked for it."

These falls under the following group: of scammers:

Gold Diggers:

Is a woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain. One who uses her looks, body or sex to achieve money or social status in a relationship.


Is a male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. Many of these predators use the knowledge of the victim’s emotional vulnerability to take advantage of them to achieve their own sexual gratification.


Is a person that preys on the vulnerabilities of others, often referred to as a stalker, similar to a player but is also attempting to get money or a living from the mark (victim). In the military circles we know them as “Jodys” a man that hangs around military wives and takes advantage of her emotions after the death of her soldier husband, and helps her spend the government insurance money. This could be any person that uses the emotional vulnerability of another to take advantage of her or him ether for Sex, Living or Money.

Romance Scammers:

The “men” that hide behind an Avatar (fake profile and Picture) to lure and entrap unsuspecting internet user into a romance scam (also known as an internet Love Scam) in which the object is to steal the victims money after they have been ensnared in a fake romance.

Marriage or Green Card Scams:

Where the predator get the victim to marry them for the sole purpose of getting legal status in a country so they can immigrate and entrapping the victim for support until they receive legal status or longer.

All of these Criminals and Scammers use the best psychological techniques to entrap our hearts and minds, saying just what we want to here and grooming us for their scam. All the while on their part there is no real love as they have no guilt, morals (as we know it), or sense of shame. They can promise anything and everything knowing that they will never have to produce what they promised.

Why is this dangerous? Because it means that these criminals will pressure you to the end of your resources, regardless of the pain and grief it causes you. Neither children, nor the elderly, nor the fragile of health are immune from their attack. It does not matter to these criminals that they may be taking your last dime, nor does it matter to them that you may need the promised wealth to pay for a dire need. These pathological criminals will take your money to the detriment of your mental health, and financial well-being. They will promise you everything and anything, but never deliver, even knowing that their scam may ultimately cause your death.

There is never any love or emotion on their part, during any part of these scams, as the victims are just a “Mark” to these criminals and when they are bleed dry of every asset, these pathological criminals, just throw them aside leaving them broken financially, emotionally and many times without the ability to get or look for help. This is due to the psychological programming they had endured that left them in totally isolated and devastated and that is what makes this crime so egregious.

Their excessive greed takes control their mind and their demanding desire to make quick money has been given as major reasons why they fall into these crimes. They are living zombies in human bodies, heartless, ruthless. Just block them and delete them as soon as you find out that your Facebook "friends" are one of them or as soon as you identify them as a Scammer from any other social media that you are using. Be safe, Block, Delete and report.

“Do Not Feed the Scammers”

Comments (3)

If what you say has a shred of credibility than what does say about our "western capitalist societies" Legal con artists, predators, scammers .
Everyone knows even if they don't admit to knowing the LEGAL Businesses to which i refer!.
The big four banks here in Australia are a perfect case in point and lets not forget any and all insurance scams/companies.
And is that some huge white pointer sharks that i see masquerading as "Financial advisers" advising all of the untold NGOs on how to get their fair share of the federal Govs "Overseas Aid Budget".
If one was to check all these companies "Share registers" one would be sure to find a vast majority of our Honorable Members of Parliament and or their family/s names or the business entities name that they use to disguise their ownership, on the registers!.
In my books they are the real pathological criminals here.
The irony is that not only do we vote for them,but we interact /deal with and transact business with all these various entity's everyday.
You´r not different from the collective world consciousness in being and neither is any one else.
Thanks alot for all the tips and warnings.
It's so nice to read these articles and they are very helpful.

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