60 Fun Date Ideas

60 Fun Date Ideas

The purpose of dating is spending time together and getting to know each other in order to decide whether you want to take it further. Meeting often, taking time to learn about each other slowly and sharing fun experiences builds friendship and strong relationships. A coffee date is great to break the ice and meet the first time. But what if you hit it off and want to see each other again? Dinner and a movie is ok for awhile, but could get boring, and also expensive. So, what to do... what to do?

Here is a list of 60 ideas that members sent of simple things that would be fun to do on a date. Depending on your tastes and level of your relationship, you may find a few that will be right for you and your partner.

1. Go to a Museum- Take a tour around a local museum that has a inexpensive admission price. Create small talk about the paintings, pictures and sculptures present. Make fun or even critique them. Discuss dinosaurs, mummies, and ages past. The possibilities of talk at a museum are endless.

2. Have a Picnic- This may seem like a scene out of a cheesy TV drama, but women and men appreciate the little things. Picnics offer a more intimate scene as opposed to eating at a restaurant and the scenery provides you with unlimited conversation starters.

3. Laser Tag- Laser tag is a fun, care-free activity that can provide laughs and overall enjoyment when you're decimating your opponents in the arena.

4. Roller Skating- Taking a page out of the 80s here, but it's still relevant today. Whether you're novices or pros, both of you can still have a good time. Help each other from falling, and if one of you does fall, you can have a good laugh about it on the ride home.

5. Cook Meal(s) Together- Why spend money going to a restaurant when you can make a nice home-cooked meal with your significant other? Cooking together can spark up some competitive spirits to see who can cook better. Cooking can also provide laughs and good times to reflect on later in the relationship.

6. Go to a Thrift Shop- Take Macklemore's advice. Each of you brings a small amount of money and goes to town at the thrift shop. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff you're able to find there. You can also make a competition out of it to see who can collect the best stuff.

7. Go to a Local Play or Theater- See if your local theater is putting on a performance and go to see it. Many have an admission under $10.

8. Take a Hike- Get down and dirty with your partner by taking a hike. Hiking gives you a nice outdoor experience while still giving the ability to talk with your partner about each other. Also gives you some nice exercise with limited work needed.

9. Take a Drive to the Drive-In- Who wants to pay those expensive Cinema fees? Nothing better than going to the supermarket, picking out some snacks and drinks then sitting in the car watching a nice movie. More privacy than the Cinemark as well.

10. Play Board Games with Friends- Board games between the two of you may not be exciting, but invite some friends over and it could turn into a blast. Chill with friends and participate in some friendly competition (hopefully).

11. Go to a Petting Zoo- Head over to a local petting zoo and get up close and personal with natures creatures!

12. Go Bowling- Participate in some bowling to see who comes out on top of the leaderboard. This date can have some good laughs and good times.

13. Go to a Sweet Shop- Sweets can be a fun way to taste and see what sweets both of you like. Most items there are inexpensive as well.

14. Movie Night- Rent some old or new movies and have a movie marathon for hours on end. Snuggle and cuddle up on the couch with your loved one.

15. Wii or Xbox Kinect- Plain video games are boring. With the Wii and Kinect, both of you will be up and about having a good time.

16. Play 20 Questions- Get to know each to other better. You never know what might come out in a game of 20 questions. Share and discuss your answers together!

17. Site See- Travel your own city that you live in. Go siteseeing to places you've never been to before.

18. Volunteer- Whether it be soup kitchens or your local salvation army, volunteering is a great activity that brings the best out of both of you out to party.

19. Go to a Bar- Find one that has a good vibe to it and a nice atmosphere. Play darts, pool or just drink to your desire.

20. Plan a Trip- Plan a dream vacation amongst yourselves. See what you can come up with and let your imaginations run wild.

21. Gun Range- Challenge your partner to target practice at a gun range. Compare targets to see who gets to gloat on the car ride home.

22. Golfing- Go out on the green for a peaceful day hitting balls and seeing who can get them the closest to the holes.

23. Putt-Putt Golf- Less complex as golf, but same amount of fun. Grab a putter and a colored ball and race to the finish in an intense game of putt-putt.

24. Local Band Performances- Check out for local music performances as there are plenty of bands who need audience members. Take turns picking out the band and bring your own food and drinks.

25. Bookstore- Go to the closest bookstore or library and look over your favorite books together.

26. Carnivals or Fairs- Wait for the fair or carnival to come to town and head out to let both your inner child out. Try to win each other prizes, share food, and ride rides until you get nauseas.

27. Car Dealerships- This is sure to catch the guy's attention, ladies. Ask him what his favorite cars are and he'll drag you to the car dealership where you both can test drive together.

28. Haunted Houses- Haunted houses are a great way to connect on an emotional level, but try not to get too scared guys or she'll be the first one out the haunted house.

29. Take Community Class together- Find something you both like to do or have always wanted to do and see if your community offers a class.

30. Head to a Sporting Event- Find a game that offers cheap tickets and head out for a day in the stands. Share stories from family trips to games or just enjoy each other's company.

31. Garage and Yard Sales- Who knows what you could find at a flea market, yard or estate sale. Head out with your girl or guy and see what both of you can dig up.

32. College Events- Head on to a local university's event schedule to see if anything interests you or your guy.

33. Ride Bikes- Get the dust off your bike and go riding through your city. Look around the city and get some exercise while you're out.

34. Go for a Walk- Take a nice stroll through your local park and just relax and have a calm day.

35. Exercise- Go out to the local gym and participate in numerous activities from swimming, yoga, weight-lifting or playing basketball.

36. Stay in for the Night- Feel like staying in for the night? Go for it. Grab a couple blankets, chips and drinks, and plop down on the couch for a day of laziness together.

37. Comedy Club- Like comedy? Of course you do. Look up some local comedy clubs and have a good laugh together.

38. Joint Hobbies- Everybody has different hobbies. Take each other's favorite and do it together. Share a connection by doing what each of you love.

39. Look at the Stars- Go to a secluded place and lie on top of the hood of the car and gaze into the sky. Admire the star and just have a normal conversation between each other.

40. Sledding/snow tubing- Experience the cold and snow by going out sled riding down some local hills. Have a blast and then have some hot cocoa afterwards.

41. Group Date- Invite another couple or just friends over and eat food, talk with each other, and just have fun. Simple as that.

42. Explore- Rent bikes, snowmobiles, scooter, motorcycle or whatever else you can explore on. Find cheap rentals.

43. Theme Night- Pick a theme and stick with it throughout your date.

44. Spa Night- Don't go anywhere fancy, just have it at your house. Have some bubble baths, massages, walk around in robes and maybe even have hot rocks present. Sleep in the morning after.

45. Bed and Breakfast- Depending on your relationship level, go to a local bed and breakfast for cheap or have one at your house. Cook your favorite breakfasts and relax in bed.

46. Bucket List- Make a list of things you want to do before you die and try and make them happen!

47. Go to an Arcade- Grab a few bucks and head out to a nice little arcade to win prizes for one another.

48. Watch the Sunset Together- Sit on a dock and look across the water at the sun glistening off the water. Sunsets have an intimate mood and just give you a chance to be alone with one another.

49. Learn a New Activity Together- Pick an activity that you haven't done before. Who knows, it may become a favorite hobby of yours.

50. Spend the Day at the Beach- Play in the water or lounge around together in the susnset.

51. Paintball Together- Fun, fast paced game that both of you will enjoy. Free if you have your own equipment. If not, have a water gun fight instead!

52. Clubbing- Go out and show off your dance moves!

53. Go-Karting- This one's self-explanatory.

54. Work on a Project Together- Build something together or just participate in a community or charitable project.

55. Rock Climbing- Race to the top to see who gets gloating rights.

56. Go out for Ice-Cream- Get outrageous toppings and sundaes and try to see who made the most delicious dessert.

57. Karaoke- Take turns getting up on stage for karaoke. Even do a duet just for laughs.

58. Learn a Romantic Language- Practice talking to each other in a foreign language like French or Spanish.

59. House Hunt- Go to open houses, just to look, or to dream out your lives together or to redecorate to fit your wants.

60. Draw one Another- Try your luck at sketching one another. This is bound to provide comical moments.

Whether you're in a relationship or just dating to get to know each other, you can try any of these inexpensive date ideas to spice up your relationship or just get it started. Whatever the case may be, go out and have fun!

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