How to Get Girls to Notice You: 10 Steps for Men

How to Get Girls to Notice You 10 Steps for Men

Girls attract men like bees to honey. So, how can men attract women? Here are 10 great tips to help guys get noticed by girls. Use these tips to get the girl of your dreams to wake up and notice you!

1. Politeness and manners.

Show a girl your mom raised you right. Always be a gentleman. Women like to be treated like princesses. Open doors, pay for dinner, politely compliment her clothes. Being a gentleman also means no swearing or making crude jokes. Find a moment when you can actually call her a lady. You can say "I try never to swear in front of a lady" or "a gentleman always opens doors for a lady." Girls appreciate respect.

2. Don't talk about your ex.

Keep the emotional baggage in the closet and try never to mention your ex. If you do get asked about your ex, you can say she was a nice girl but it didn't work out. Never talk about how good-looking or adventurous your ex was. These are not things a new love interest wants to hear.

3. Be funny.

Use your wit to impress and make her laugh. If your funny bone is a bit rusty, try telling a joke you remember even if it's one from when you were a kid. Even a silly joke can be a good conversation starter. A good sense of humor shows her you can look on the lighter side and don't take things too seriously.

4. Ask questions.

Ask about her family or friends, where she is from and what she does for work. Chances are she will sincerely enjoy telling you all about her best friend or the people she hates at work.

5. Listen.

Give her a chance to talk about herself and what she likes. Listening will give you an opportunity to see what she's really like. If she's boring as hell, you will know you won't be able to spend a lot of time with her. Also listen to see if she has any hang-ups you can't deal with. You may also hear that she is not over her ex yet. If you do hear that, don't waste your time. Let her get over her feelings for some other guy before you try to get her interested in you.

6. Hygiene.

Always shower and use deodorant. There is nothing worse than a guy who reeks of body odor. Trim your beard or shave daily and watch how much cologne you put on. If she can smell you before she sees you, you are wearing too much. Casual is fine, but scruffy turns women off. Dress nicely in clean clothes that fit you properly. Girls do care about fashion and they like to see a well-dressed man.

7. Do something special.

Remember her birthday and give a small gift. Don't spend too much because it might scare her off. Buy a little gift that shows you know what she likes and listen when she talks. Giving a gift for no reason is also OK. You can always give her something and say it reminded you of her. Now she knows you think of her when she isn't around.

8. Be your best self.

Show her you're always trying to improve yourself. Mention you've been going to the gym or trying to learn a new language. She'll see you are interested in bettering yourself instead of being stuck in a rut.

9. Leave before things get boring.

If the two of you are having a great time, leave before it gets boring. Always leave before she really wants you to. Have a good excuse for why you are leaving and apologize that you have to go. Once you are gone she will be wondering when she will see you next. Give it some time and then give her a call and see what she is up to. It's totally OK to say you were thinking about her. Since you left early, she's definitely thinking about you.

10. Tell her what you want.

Don't just ask to take her out. Tell her you would love to take her hiking or to your favorite restaurant. Let her know you think she would appreciate the things you love in life. Being a little commanding is in the nature of men and women love to see it.

Use these tips to get your dream girl interested. Always be polite, she will really appreciate a gentleman. Never talk about your ex, be funny and sweet and ask her questions about herself. Listen to the things she says and think if this really is the girl for you. Practice good hygiene and always remember her birthday. Show her she is special and let her see you care about yourself. Leave her wanting more, but be polite when you go. Lastly, tell her you want to experience something with her, hiking, dinner, movies, sight-seeing, it doesn't matter as long as she knows you want to do it with her.

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