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The 3 Don'ts of Relationship Breakups

The 3 Donts of Relationship Breakups

So you just went through a breakup and are not quite sure what to make of it. What was once a major and defining part of your life is now gone, and you may be feeling confused, relieved, and heartbroken all at the same time. In the aftermath of a breakup, people are bound to act a little crazy and do things they will regret down the road. Here's some help to make sure you don't do those sorts of things. There are 3 things you shouldn't do following a breakup so your road to recovery won't be any more difficult than it needs to be.

1) DON'T stalk your ex's social networking profile.

This is a big one. Many people after a breakup are unsure how to deal with the transition from seeing their significant other every day to not seeing them at all. They will become curious as to what their ex is up to and will want to take a glance at their Internet profile. They may think this is a harmless thing to do, but really it is anything but. If you look at your ex's profile, there is a very real possibility of becoming obsessed. You may end up wondering who that person is who keeps making flirty comments on their wall. You also may get upset at how happy your ex looks in the pictures they post. To keep yourself from becoming the jealous and obsessive ex, stay away from your ex's Internet profiles.

2) DON'T beg your ex to take you back.

This is just asking for disaster. There are a few reasons why you shouldn't beg your ex to get back together with you. For one thing, you'll look desperate and maybe even a little pathetic. For another thing, if your ex is certain that he or she doesn't want to get back together with you, no amount of pleading is going to change their mind. Even if it did change their mind, would you really be comfortable knowing that you had to resort to such desperate means to get them back? You're better off showing your significant other that you can do just fine without them. Do things that make you happy. Never become so dependent on any one person that you feel like you can't go on without them.

3) DON'T try to remain friends with your ex.

The line "We can still be friends" is often used during breakups. It is intended to make the breakup hurt less for the person being broken up with. Despite these seemingly good intentions, trying to stay friends with an ex will rarely make a breakup less painful, and very often will have the opposite effect. This is because if one person still has feelings for the other, they won't be satisfied with just friendship from the other person, even if they try to be. Instead of attempting to stay friends with an ex after a breakup, you're much better off not having contact with them for a while. It's always possible you could be friends again once you both heal from the breakup, but only after that time.

Breakups by their very nature are confusing and painful. You may not know where to turn after a breakup. But hopefully this list will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that often accompany breakups. The most important thing to remember about breakups is that though they're difficult, you will get over your ex in time. What it takes is time, and discovering that your happiness need not depend on them.

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