Papa don’t cry… Please!

“Papa don’t cry… Please!” These words, when televised, were kind enough to sentimentalize me. These words hammered my heart, very deeply. The crying face of that innocent girl forced me to curse the God. Perhaps, she had lost her kith and kin in the horrible misadventure, triggered by the mighty nature, which shook many parts of Uttrakhand in the recent days. Although she was so frightened yet she can’t see her father with tears. She was trying her best to console her father and cannot get success to resist her scattered father from crying, then she used these words with grieve, at last. And then, tears also burst out from her eyes, streamed down from her face and fell on the earth to mark her tragedy. My heart, too, want to cries out eyes with her emotional moment but I eradicate this sentiment inside me. Because, that bolt form the blue has not fallen over me, that’s why I am not able to observe this tragedy litterly like her. At last, what was her fault? God had vanished the happiness from her fact just because of that she had decided to visit Him with her parents! That’s not fare, not at all in any aspect. If one believes Him and schedule a pilgrimage of hundreds miles only to catch a glimpse of His face. Then how He could be so cruel and punished them in such a way. What has had happened in Uttarakhand is an unpredictable event for the people, who became the victims to this wrath of mother nature and most of us will be certainly aware to the feelings of such disastrous tragedy but not completely. Unless, we would not replace them to our-self. I replaced that delicate doll with my elder cousin Priyanka, she is my doll, my soul and my precious thing. Then I realize that the wounds of such misery are deeper then I had ever thought and can never be healed. Then, I also cannot hold my tears in my eyes and let them fall to the ground. I am scattered like the father of that girl. Please God, bless every soul and never do such things to anyone and never to my precious sister, because she is my soul.
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