Girl Signals: How to know If She is Interested

Girl Signals How to know If She is Interested

Men in general need to have a better understanding of what to expect from women. They need to know when the ladies are saying something that means something else entirely. They need to be able to read between the lines and decipher subtle hints. When it comes to romance, a lot of men face rejection simply because they misread signals and receive mixed messages from the objects of their affection. In reality, certain actions and behaviors can give away a woman's potential interest in a man. They may not approach you with a direct statement objectifying how they feel, but they certainly have a way of making their affection obvious. Here are some signals that will betray what women truly feel inside:

Her Body Language

Never underestimate the importance of body language. Actions can speak louder than mere words and can scream somebody's romantic interest. Bodies do not lie, and humans naturally exude flirting signals that go on haywire every time a romantic interest is present. If you notice that a girl points her leg, shoulder, or foot in your direction, then that is a subtle indication that she finds you interesting. You should also look out for other subtle signs such as hair tossing, fidgeting of jewelry, or stroking of glasses or bottles. When conversing with you, an interested woman will also keep her eyes locked on you. She will also have a tendency to lean towards you while engaged in a conversation. She will also smile a lot and attempt to imitate your body movements.

If a woman is interested in you, she will likely be very nervous around you. She will be clumsy and will drop utensils or bump into stationary objects. A good way to test this theory would be to observe the girl in her natural habitat. She is definitely interested if she interacts well with others but is unusually fidgety in your presence.

She is Everywhere

If a girl finds you interesting, she will have a tendency to attract your attention by all means necessary. She will try to make you notice her and will give you several openings to make the first move. She will research about your daily routines and will create situations where your paths will conveniently cross. She will show up in the most unexpected places or bump into you on a regular basis. She will always pass by your desk at work, wait by the exit of your building as you are about to head home, or be at your favorite coffee shop when you start your day.

Your Life Story

A girl who is interested in you will want to know every single detail about your life. She will ask about your family, your hobbies, the type of movies that you like, your favorite food, the sports you play, and even your favorite cologne. She will get this information directly from you or from people who know you well. What she is actually doing is finding out what she can use to bond with you. If you are an avid fan of music, then she will play you like a fiddle by bringing up tidbits about your favorite band or showing up with tickets to a concert. If you like sports, then she is likely to research about your favorite team so you can have something to talk about the next time you meet.

She is Always Available

If you need someone to go with you to the mall or to attend Sunday mass, she will be available. If you need somebody to talk to in the middle of the night, she will spend hours chatting with you over the phone. When you make yourself available in Facebook chat, she will be the first one to send you a message. An interested woman is never too busy for you. She will always make herself available and will be quick to respond to your calls or messages. If she is legitimately busy on a certain day, she will decline your invitation but will offer to join you on another date or time. She will also be open to future plans and will likely agree to having dinner or going to the movies with you "sometime soon." Any uncertainty on her part would be because she is waiting for you to make your first move.

Acting Like a Girlfriend

You may not be dating yet, but an interested woman will act like a jealous girlfriend especially if you show interest in another woman. She will watch her competitor's every move and will always have something to say. She will also give you the cold treatment if she sees you flirting with other women.

Women may have the tendency to show signs of interest, but most of them adhere to society's expectations that men should make the first move. For the most part, it will be up to the guys to spot these signs and take the opportunity for all it is worth. Noticing just one of these signals is not a great indicator of interest, but seeing multiple signals from the same girl will increase the probability of a successful pursuit.

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