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Six Unexpected Ways Girls Can Make Themselves More Attractive

Six Unexpected Ways Girls Can Make Themselves More Attractive

Girls can be attractive for a variety of different reasons. But aside from fashion advice and make-up tips, there are other ways for girls to improve their image. Here's a collection of unexpected reasons guys say they have found themselves being attracted to girls. These reasons require no hard work to pull off, and some can even be effective in helping you transform yourself into not only a more attractive woman, but a more interesting person overall.

1. Wear a sundress

No really...sundresses emphasize a woman's natural curves. The straps on a sundress show enough skin, and the sundress itself wraps around the outline of a girl's body while leaving the rest to imagination. The bright colors on a sundress make a girl look playful and outgoing, which can subsequently make her look more approachable.

2. Showing passion and intelligence

Some girls have the odd habit of faking stupidity and ignorance in an attempt to act cute. Please don't do that. Men value girls who they can have a meaningful conversation with. Girls who are passionate about things like art, writing, film, science, exercise, or even just their studies are naturally more attractive to men.

However, try not to be too intimidating. Like with everything else, be open enough for other people's opinions and show compassion to other people's interests. A girl who has a dream and is currently making an active effort to pursue that dream is more attractive than a girl who seemingly has no idea what to do with her life.

3. Don't put down other girls

Putting down other girls (or other people in general) makes a girl look insecure and spiteful. Showing insecurity is one of the biggest "don'ts" of the dating world. Men like girls who are mature enough to keep their negative opinions to themselves. A girl who can acknowledge the beauty in others is confident and strong-willed. In addition to this, a girl who actively compliments other girls can be seen as someone who is humble and kind.

4. Naturally wild hair

Girls who have naturally wild hair are surprisingly attractive. Once in a while, try going out without brushing your hair too much. Girls whose hair is naturally wavy and curly stand out from the crowd. Girls with wild hair look fun and friendly. In contrast to this, girls who always keep their hair in a tight bun look uptight and always busy. Whatever your choice of hairstyle though, make sure to always have clean and well-kept hair.

A girl who can walk around knowing that she hasn't combed her hair, but still look and feel like she's the most beautiful girl in the world, is a huge turn-on because of the confidence she exhumes.

5. Be willing to try out what guys are into

Being willing to have fun and try out new things is an immediate turn-on. This tip works double for girls in a relationship. Trying out new things is a fun way to meet new people. Exposing yourself to hobbies that guys are naturally into opens up new avenues for conversation. Conversing with people who have more experience in a sport or hobby makes a girl look like she's really fun to hang out with. Climbing, cycling, hiking, working out, and playing video games are just a few things that girls should definitely try out.

6. Don't be afraid to show interest

Guys can easily get nervous in the presence of a girl they clearly like. Nervous guys make mistakes and often have a hard time saying the things they really want to say. Being cryptic and playing hard to get doesn't really help anyone. If a guy is into you and you're into him, send him some signals. You can subtly tell a guy that you're attracted to him by paying attention to everything he says, by complimenting him, or by laughing along at his jokes.

Did you catch him checking you out a few times, and is it clear that he isn't with a girl? If so, walk over and introduce yourself. A smile and a simple "hi" can go a long way to kick-starting a conversation, and may even lead to getting a date.

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